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Unlearning what we had learned - 2

    Part 2

    I clearly remember my mother throwing cans of goods, packets of products and a ton of stuff away because they have "expired" steering nervously around cans that can cause you to get sick. Even blaming shop owners for selling merchandise that is close to it's "Expiration date". I also remember the horror stories about people who got poisoned because they ate a bad can of tomato paste. I'm sure many have heard those stories too. (Tomato paste has interesting properties, I might revisit this point later)

    I'm not going to say anything about these stories, they could be true. After all, canning has come a long way from the early days of canning while soldering with poisonous lead and tin. To what we have today. But, you never know.

    For many these days, expiration date have completely lost its meaning. It became a horror that awaits you as consequence for consuming something "spoiled" or bad. When in all frankness, it might still be edible, not even that, but even "better" than it first started.


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    Silence of the Lambs (not the movie)

    I keep hearing amazing quotes on how Silence is the best answer, the best response, serves the greater good and how it is the best answer to ... oh just about anything from shouting and anger and perhaps even epilepsy!

    Quite frankly, I'm not fond of all these pacifist approaches to resolving conflict. A more direct approach [shouting?] might serve the purpose faster, and specify how and why someone is upset with something.

    However, I do admit, there are few cases where silence is really the best answer, but they are all stem from the same origin, a point of power, or a post of authority.

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    Review: Clash of the Titans

    The thunderous voice of Zeus in the scene where he half-turns like Clark Gable in the 1940's and roars: "Release the Kraken" is probably the only thing I'm taking home with me from this movie. Zeus performed by Liam Neeson, who played one of my most favorite characters Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jin in addition to being the voice of Aslan in Narnia. But everything else was pretty much the usual superlative visual effects with ... emm ... emm ... let me get back to you on that.

    Of course, the movie is released in yet again, 3D which brings absolutely NOTHING to drama after just about every movie and his cousin have been released or re-released in 3D. To add insult to injury, there are 3D TVs coming up soon. But I'll spare you my hate speech for another post.

    Of course, it's partially my fault going there expecting to watch "The Odyssey", when what I saw, in-spectacular-3-D was a very flat, 1-D story that's not only predictable. But feels like a Lamborghini with an engine made of a little girl on a tricycle!

    This Trailer, is better than the whole thing....

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    Dear Imam....

    Forgive me dear Imam, for I have a lot on my conscious to let your ill Khotba of Juma go without a few words

    I say this hopeful that you will read this, and understand that I wish you nothing more than to be righteous, but to first "be RIGHT".

    In the day and age where the Catholic church is publicly showing great if not brilliant commercials, you are degenerating in your preaching mechanism to lower levels than medieval slave-driver screaming feverishly atop his scabby mule!

    It doesn't help the fact that you prolonged the prayer to display your mastery and your memorization of the Holy Quran, while people praying outside the mosque were shaking and shivering drenched in the cold showers, may they be rewarded for putting up with this.

    It doesn't help that you were, yet again, boasting how your daughter and your wife are veiled, and how, mashallah, you conduct morning prayers from your own parking garage until that amazing pure intention is finally getting translated to a new Mosque/Center, with your efforts undoubtedly, but before you boast those, remember the thousands that paid their hard earned money, to stand outside, shivering in the rain, while you flex your memorization skills.

    I could have completely forgot about the whole thing, if it wasn't for ONE thing that you said... And forgive me dear Imam, you COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG...

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    Single lady's horrible Father!


    You know why he's a horrible father? Who the hell is driving while shooting that Video?

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    Unlearning what we had learned

    Over the past century or a little more. The human race has gone through a dramatic shift in perception and culture. The world started to shrink and tremble at our growing knowledge and our growing mastery of the elements. We have grasped technologies so delicate, it is unimaginable. While harnessing some of the most powerful and violent natural phenomena. To put it shortly, we have come a LONG way in so little time.

    But with all our achievements, certain areas have actually suffered, many things that humans have learned over thousands of years, passed by generation after generation started to get forgotten, and many were left to decay away from human consciousness. It might take us hundreds or even thousands of years to re-learn what we have lost

    To be completely honest, this is not the first time this has happened in human history. The burning of Alexandria library had such catastrophic results. Where the amazing work of thousands or even tens of thousands of scholars reducing the complete human knowledge was lost. The same thing happened again with the burning and ransacking of Baghdad over a thousand years after that.

    Luckily, with modern technology, these things are a thing of the past. Or at least, let's hope they are.

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