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    I've realized long ago that many conflict represent nothing more than failure to listen, properly phrasing the message, or correctly representing the idea or a combination of the three.

    The sender, receiver and the content can all have points where the meaning can actually fail to travel from one mind to another.

    I guess, a definition of "Communication" is the process of transmitting data from one mind to the other. Regardless of the medium or the language. Communications are a greater concept than the method, or underlying protocol being used to ensure inteligible ideas are received with fidelity.

    The consequences of failure at any of these three levels can catastrophic! At least historically that has been the case.

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    Greatest scenes in movie history - Godfather

    The contrast of religious icons, church organ and sheer violence all collaborate to make this scene absolutely out of this world one of a kind masterpiece. There's more art in this one scene than in a whole genre of movies. Seriously, this is what movies were meant to be like

    Enjoy this one of a kind masterpiece...

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    Bloggers and Top secret meetings

    For some reason or another, I got bombarded with questions and emails asking about the top secret meetings. Some "inquiries" were borderline accusations. Some were trying to stir storms where I see nothing to remotely mention!

    As you know, some of the prominent Jordanian bloggers have been invited to meet the Jordanian Prime minister His Excellency Samir Rifaie. The list includes Nas, Roba, Ahmad, Mariam, Lina, Mohammad Qaq and others (please forgive me for missing the rest).

    I would first start by saying, with all due respect, to everyone. I don't think anyone who would receive such invitation would pass on this opportunity. It's not like you get these everyday and you don't care about them. Some people said they wouldn't go, since that's a hypothetical situation that may or may not happen, I think most would in fact go.

    Second, there's no fair person I know that would deny these leading bloggers their rightful position at the upper echelon of Jordanian blogging. We have to be fair and give credit here. I'm not defending anyone. I'm just saying my personal humble opinion.

    Third, I do believe this bunch was representitive of the blogging community. Perhaps not 100% of the blogging community but, that's the idea of picking a "sample". They're also among the oldest, most experienced and most influential.

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    Fearless @QueenRania takes on the mighty @Oprah

    September 11, that infamous day that shall forever live in the minds and conscious of humanity for ever. A date, that strikes anxiety in the most maverick veterans of politics, especially if they're from that part of the world branded as "Middle" and "East". That date was attacked again this time by the stunning, glamorous,  and ever radiating, the humble, sociable and lovable Queen Rania Al Abdallah.

    This time the velvety attack was at the animosity and hatred that erupted in the aftermath of the horrible mindless atrocity. Turning man against man, tearing the fabric of the global village that was still in it's infancy

    Queen Rania on Oprah

    What I can say is, simply, Bravo Queen Rania, Bravo... You managed to, once again, "shock and awe" everyone into attention, then masterfully navigated your way out of that minefield. Scoring a few positive messages on your way out. Where rarely ANYTHING positive is ever heard in the western media. Let alone a prime time show like Oprah

    Quick links:On Oprah, Tour Jordan with the queen

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    The state of the Arab Forums

    I'm so happy I missed the whole rise, and golden days of the Arabic forums (between late 1990's to about 2004). Where Arab forums, mostly hosted outside of their native countries and away from the curious and watchful eyes of the governments (back then) when they were too backward to employ or even understand what is going on. At the same time, I guess forums didn't register as a threat in this exciting new cyberspace! Everything was a cool game back then.

    It's 2010 and pretty much nothing has changed in the state of the Arabic forums, in fact, they have multiplied and sprung just about everywhere with thousands, even hundreds of thousands of followers at times. But nothing has changed, the same annoying flashing marquee from 2004. The same annoying Ads for OTHER forums while you're visiting one form. The chaos, poor security, confusing UI and pitiful experience.

    If you want to really know what I feel whenever misfortune makes me land on an Arabic forum... Watch this video, and you'll know why I'm so happy I missed the whole thing.

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    Stay at home dad!

    This morning while I was getting ready to head out to work, I bumped into our neighbor who was taking his son to the bus stop.  I was planning to ask our neighbor about a nice modification he did to his house, so I walked with them while chatting about the house.

    One thing lead to another and I discovered that my neighbor doesn't work! He has no job, he has not had a job for over 6 years. I was a little bit shocked, but when you live here, there's little that could shock you.

    Anyway, turns out, his wife was making more money than he did, so he quit to "stay with the kid" while she went out every day to get the dough.

    Stay at home dad

    I was thinking on my walk back how this is quite the opposite of everything in my culture. Totally!

    But then again, why not?

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    Sex and the City ... Of Abu Dhabi????

    Looks like Sex and the City II is set up to be in Abu Dhabi!!?

    I understand Abu Dhabi and Dubai having a reputation for being Sin Cities of the Gulf, but Sarah Jessica Parker Sex and the City!!!!?

    Give me a break!

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    Previewing: Kick-Ass (2010)

    Quite frankly, despite my eternal love for great super-hero movies. For the past few years, I grew sick and tired of them. The flicks just don't have it anymore. Regardless of Batman's great success, or Spiderman's unprecedented sales. The whole genre is becoming more and more boring and pretty predictable...

    Until now!

    Kick-ass is one of those extremely unlikely flicks, with a very great start, deeply rooted into reality and modestly acceptable Comedy/Drama bordering on Action but sticking to the basics of good story telling. Developing the characters, setting the stage for what's to come, setting the expectation, building towards the climax and then ... EXPLOSION! In what appears to be the best progression of a story I've seen in YEARS.

    First a few ground rule, the movie is rated R (In case the title didn't tip you off on that) So make sure, no kids watch this. It's NOT for kids.

    Now, watch this cool trailer, and read the next part of the review below, I promise you will not be disappointed! Promise!

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    Jordanian domain registry - You gotta be kidding me!

    Just out of curiosity, and after the astonishing success that the .ly ccTLD (country code Top level domain) with great products like and using it (If you don't know or have not heard about this .ly is the ccTLD for Libya). I thought, so what are folks in Jordan doing with the awesome .JO ccTLD. It could be hip! Someone might want to Register Ban.JO or Fro.JO or MO.JO or any other catchy little domain.

    so I went to the Jordanian registry and found ... one of the best Jordanian products in the flesh ... Bureaucracy!


    I almost fell off my chair of laughter!

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    Religulous, Bill Maher at his worst!

    If you know me, you'd know I LOVE Bill Maher, his anti-religion jokes are fantastic. For the most part they are very funny. Taken at face value they appear true.

    Last night, I decided to watch Religulous, I've had the DVD next to the TV for at least 5 month. Wify has been upset that I didn't return it to Netflix yet. She has a point you know.

    Anyway, I decided to finally watch it, I never used to miss a single episode of Real Time with Bill Maher until I unsubscribe from HBO.

    Anyway, I was shocked at the poor Michael-Moor-ish docu-comedy. It was pathetic! Not even that it was way worse than pathetic, it was completely bankrupt.

    Bill Maher appeared to find the least likely subjects for his interviews, and then go ahead and mock them. I'm not sure what he was trying to prove, but he was exactly like the wannabe-bully picking up a fight with the smallest kid in class while dodging the big guys so he won't get a bloody nose

    And when someone proves him wrong..... Then they're either liars, or ignorant!

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