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The land of inspiration - #B4JO

    If you are in the creativity business, look no further than Jordan to find your fix of Inspiration. It comes in the truck loads here.

    A country, scarce in natural resources, but very rich in it's human resources appear to have successfully carved a wonderful spot for itself, just as one of the world wonders, Petra, was carved out from the solid rosy rocks for all of us to marvel at the majesty and beauty thousands of years later.

    All you need to do is take a little stroll in down town to be inspired with some of the most amazing and entertaining scenes you can imagine. Where the traditional and modern clash so violently, you can almost feel the shock wave, no, savour it. For it's one of those last remaining locations on earth that still have not lost its identity to glass and steel.

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    #B4JO: Live coverage, right here

    Real-time coverage last year was a great success. This year we'll be doing the same thing

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    Supporting: World Day Against Cyber Censorship

    Censorship is bad. In a country like Jordan we know how these limitations have hurt us gravely in the past. These will likely to hurt us more in the future. It might mean the end of the vibrant Internet community that exists today.

    Cyber-Censorship is far from being our only problem in Jordan, We're suffering from a plethora of problems and challenges that continue to obstruct our way to progress and prosperity. From issues as simple as honor killings to poverty, to water shortage to climate change

    Jordan is in a position to change all that, and make some good strides on improving the quality of living, enhancing freedoms and pushing forward to more liberties. From Women's right to grant her children the Jordanian citizenship to Freedom of speech on and OFF line.

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    Blog for Jordan day, on the first page of Ammon - #B4JO

    Funny story, did you know that in the first draft for the design, the Jordanian flag had Green on top!?

    Isn't this wonderful? Doesn't this feel like an amazing national festival? That's how it felt like last year, and this year, It's starting spectacularly already.

    Tomorrow is the big day. Prepare your pens, prepare your thoughts and let's all celebrate a Blogging day for Jordan... I couldn't be more proud of you

    B4JO Blog for Jordan day

    Thank you Ammon

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    Drilling holes

    Would you just take my word on something?

    If someone drills holes in your argument, or in your work. Or if they point out to you things you missed, forgot or didn't even think of. Don't think badly of them. They're might not be doing this to belittle or undermine you or your work.

    They might just be trying to help.

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    A thousand days have passed, a million will pass

    Imagine a thousand days with no access to, well, just about everything we hold "normal". Not only that, but throw in a war in the middle, a few skirmishes in those 1000 days, a bunch of political assassinations, few thousands dead, millions starved and unemployed and you might get 1/1000 of the picture of what is truly happening in Gaza. Worse than Nazi Ghettos of the WWII, orchestrated by the same people who claim to have suffered in those ghettos.

    Gaza under siege

    Can you imagine how life for you, your children, your aging parents would be like under these conditions?

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    #B4JO: Blog for Jordan in 3 days, Tips and ideas to blog

    3 days to go, if you're struggling with writers' block on what to write on the big day, I hope these ideas can help. But please, do not limit yourself to these. Be as creative and as talented as you are.

    Also, who can guess the most important celebrity who's going to Join us this year in blogging? Make the wildest guess you can


    1. Make sure your title says, Blog for Jordan day. (or #B4JO for short, and for topic to get tracked in Twitter)
    2. You can alternatively add the tag B4JO to your post, it will get automatically "Hashtagged" in Twitter
    3. Be creative while selecting your title, I recommend having the word "Jordan" in the title somewhere
    4. If you can add pictures, make sure you tag them with "Blog for Jordan day:" or B4JO for short
    5. You don't have to link to the original article or even mention it, but it would be great if you can
    6. If at all possible, add one of the Blog for Jordan day gadgets in your article. It's completely up to you though

    Here are some ideas to consider...

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    Get to know QwaiderPlanet Twitter

    I got 3 or 4 emails asking me about QwaiderPlanet Twitter and what exactly it is, what it does, how to get on it, and how to use it.

    To save me a bunch of copy and paste steps, here is how it works, how you can use it.

    QwaiderPlanet Twitter is a service that Tweets your articles to the ever exploding platform of Twitter. It's no secret how Twitter's success has spawned so many other dependant technologies that are built on top of it.

    How does it work? Every time an article is posted on QwaiderPlanet. That article is also tweeted to Twitter, with the blog name, the article title and most importantly a link to the article. After all, QwaiderPlanet and all services exists for a single purpose, to bring fresh articles to readers, and promote writers by connect them to straight to readers. With nothing in between, one click is all it takes to get to your favorite author.

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    The best Jordanian online service IS BACK!

    The reincarnated (review, shutdown) is back! Yep, operating under a new name, new site and same old fantastic idea is now Live!

    If I had to rank the most innovative Jordanian companies Snap2Shop would be right there at the top. Created in the true spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship and adventure... Wow!

    Let me state once and for all, I'm not affiliated with Snap2Shop in anyway, nor is this a paid advertisement. I'm just supporting our home grown youth on their wonderful endeavor.

    I know photo-frames, and computer screens are reducing the need for printed material. But for old folks like mine, there's nothing like a 1,000,000hz flicker free hard-copy of memories in their hands. Or displayed proudly on their wall. In fact, just yesterday my father asked if I was going to send more pictures. Now, I happy that I, once again, can.

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    مش طلع الإمام، بيقرأ لي؟

    فاكرين يا ولاد، هه؟ فاكرين من اسبوعين كنّا بنتكلّم عن صلاة الجمعة؟ و مآسي وويلات صلاة الجمعة بسبب تصرّفات البعض، و جهل الآخرين؟

    في خطبة الجمعة التي تلتها قام الإمام، بإلقاء خطبة عصماء! كأنني انا و الله الذي كتبتها! في كل انتقاداتي، من وصول الإمام متأخرا (وصل قبل 10 دقائق من موعد الخطبة و بدأ الخطبة قبل موعدها بـ 5 دقائق) شيء في قمة الروعة اتمنى من الله ان يدوم

    ثم تحدّث عن الحالات التي يسن فيها الإطالة في قراءة القرآن في الصلاة بالضبط بنفس ترتيبي لدرجة ان بعض الأصدقاء اثناء الإستماع للخطبة و بعد الصلاة سألوني ان كنت قد ارسلت للإمام ملاحظاتي على ما يحدث في الصلاة!

    ثم تابع كلامه عن فضل يوم الجمعة، و كيف يستحب فيه الإغتسال، و التطيّب، و لبس الثياب النظيفة الجميلة بدون زيادة و لا نقصان. و كيف انّه لا يجوز اكل البصل و الثوم حتى لا يتأذى المصلّون من الرائحة. شيء ابهرني بالفعل.

    ثم تحدّث عن آداب الحضور الى المسجد للصلاة، و كانت خطبة لذيذة جدا! و سريعة و خفيفة. احبّها الجميع و حتى الصلاة كانت سريعة و انتشر الناس بعدها كلّ الى عمله.

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