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T-Mobile HTC HD2 released today, Sold out today!

    I guess, not since the iPhone debuted almost 3 years ago, have I seen people lining up to buy a new Phone! Today, HTC HD2 hit the US market, the result? SOLD OUT in all stores I've seen in the area. Lines, people camping at the door, and worse, more people were turned away than people who actually got their hands on the this Gem!

    But what is the BIG deal anyway? It's just a touch screen windows mobile phone!

    Truth is, the phone is gorgeous! 4.3" screen (yes, 123% larger than iPhone's screen) that is crisp, bright and super responsive.


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    Travelling = SUPER Excited!!

    There is this electrifying feeling that energizes your day when you wake up in the morning knowing that tonight you will be sleeping over a thousand miles away!

    Travelling brings this tantalizing feeling that crawls under your skin the day of your departure. I almost didn't sleep last night.

    I feel like this kid...

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    فن الردح ... الراقي؟

    بصراحة الأغنية قمّة في الروعة، مؤثّرة جدّا و تتحدث عن قضية جدّية و ربّما لم تطرح من قبل..

    لكن خلف كل الكلام المنمّق، و الألحان الحزينة المؤثّرة و حتى استخدام الكليشيهات الشهيرة في وصف الرجال بالقسوة. ووصف احساس الأم و التضحية و بقيّة الشعارات، فالقصة لا تعدو كونها عبارة عن ردح علني راقي جدّا و على اعلى مستوى. لدرجة ان روتانا ذاتها اذاعت الأغنية لايف، مع انّها مسجّلة في استوديو. و لا اعلم ان كان لروتانا مآرب اخرى من وراء اذاعتها بهذه الطريقة!

    على العموم استمتعوا معي بأفضل ردح سمعته في حياتي، ردح من الجودة بمكان انّه قد يفوق الكثير من المديح!

    و أتسائل، من يقاوم امرأة جميلة، ترثى حظّها العاثر، و غدر الزمان، و ظلم الحبيب؟

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    Missing ...


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    On Management, and hardware upgrades

    If you manage to say the same thing, to two different people, and have each one of them interpret it as a victory over his rival. Then you have mastered the art of Management!

    Clear, crisp communications are only required moving up-stream. Down-stream it's mostly nebulous, vague and open for interpretation. Why? Because if the person does what you want -up to your liking- and not necessarily exactly what you asked. You would accept it. Otherwise, no matter how herculean the effort was, you can reject it, worse, fault people for it.

    You gotta love management, eh?

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    #B4JO on Global Voices

    You didn't think the spectacular event would conclude without it echoing everywhere...

    Enjoy this great article by Ebtihal Mahadeen on Global voices.

    More to come!


    I'm not sure about you, but there are these bunch of idiots on twitter whose sole purpose in life is to follow people then un-follow them. In Twitter terms this is churn and believe it or not, people get penalized for it by twitter.

    But they still do it... They find it an easy way to gather more followers. The simpletons who just follow back anyone who follows them out of courtesy.

    What exacerbates the problem even more is the fact that Twitter doesn't provide a[n easy] way to find out who's following you back. Follow-ers and follow-ing are just two separate lists, and you will need to rely on 3rd party applications to find out. Even those are not accurate enough (mainly because Twitter isn't accurate enough in giving this information back)

    Why is this a problem? Here's why...

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    Jordanian puzzles

    1. Those who get it, don't talk about it. Those who don't, brag about it day and night. What is it?
    2. Those who supply it, deny it. Worse, they accuse people of it. What is it?
    3. If you can't drive, you would:
      a. Blame the car manufacturer?
      b. Blame the roads?
      c. Blame your Wasta
      d. All of the above?
    4. If you know nothing about something but everyone says it is great you would:
      a. Recommend it to people like it's your dad's company
      b. Brag about it to people you don't know
      c. Look down at people who are not using it
      d. All of the above
    5. For Jordanian guys. If a girl never smiled in your face you would
      a. Tell all your friends how she slept with you
      b. Tell all her friends how she begged you to sleep with her
      c. Brag about having her AND dumping her on the same nigh
      d. Tweet about your amazing encounter with her last night
      e. All of the above

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    Blog for Jordan day 2010, the harvest

    It has been an amazing season for bloggers, and quite an amazing festival of amazing celebration our beloved country. On so many scales, the whole event has been unprecedented in success. For so many people it brought so much joy and quite strong emotions. Love was certainly in the air. You could feel it electrifying our senses post after fantastic post.

    To humbly put it, I felt a great sense of honor to be a servant of this vibrant community. But there's nothing humble about my sense of pride of what we have done. You people were the stars of the day. Everything else dwarfed to oblivion.

    The day has come and passed, but the memories we made, will last for ever, I couldn't be more happy to have participated in this glorious day.

    To put all articles under one roof, I am collecting them here below, just as a simple token of appreciation to this amazing community that has honored me by serving it.

    For the first time in 3 years, people were racing to post their articles at 12AM. I haven't seen such enthusiasm about any single topic on the Internet. Not even once, on any of tons of initiatives.

    Not only that, but even after the event officially finished, we had to go into After hours so people could continue to follow on articles, tweets, and wonderful comments going on. Amazing is putting it lightly.

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    #B4JO After hours, live

    I'm very sorry to all the wonderful people who have sent me emails, and tweets telling me that in fact March 12th has not ended for them yet in their time zones.

    So to make sure these wonderful people are not left out, we have for the first time in 3 years, an After hours session. Yep!

    Click here to join us

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