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The myth of the perfect wife

    There are people you meet along the long journey of life, that feel like an epiphany. You start feeling, where have they been all your life. Why have they just showed up.

    You suffer a lot, and taste the bitterness offered to you by those who don't care, don't matter, and don't really make any difference. Other than the fact that with time, you learn to appreciate what you have been blessed with. Perhaps, a bit too late...

    I've lived my life, not regretting a thing. Every obstacle served as a wonderful lesson for me to heed. Every mistake was an experience.

    If there is one thing I've learned, it was to really appreciate what I have. How it got to be, and how far I had to go to get to it. Those are little things that make me, humble and grateful.

    I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that the greatest reward, for this long lesson called "life" has been my dear wonderful wife.

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    Dating tips #4: The art of listening

    Women like to talk. That's a fact of life. That can be viewed as both positive and negative. But just as that is a fact, another fact is that Women are more communicative. They're able to share, spread and recall events a lot more quickly, accurately, and they can recall them more vividly and in a lot more detail.

    It's that capacity for recalling events and places that causes women to describe with greater details the events. It exactly the thing that drives men crazy who are mostly interested in the summary of the whole thing instead of every little detail.

    Here's the tip that will save your life, LISTEN. It is that simple! You have to actively listen to what the woman has to say. Consider it a privilege that she is actually sharing with you. Ask about events and details during her monologue, and don't get caught distracted. Occasional nodding in agreement is also advisable... 

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    Sweet victory ...

    The winner takes all
    it's the thrill of one more kill
    the last one to fall
    will never sacrifice there will

    Don't ever look back
    on a world closing in
    the only intent
    with your wings on the wind
    Oh the things that we did,
    and it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory, yeah

    And it's ours for the taking
    it's ours for the fight
    and the sweet, sweet, sweet victory, yeah

    And the world is ours to call
    Sweet, sweet, sweet victory

     And now ... for the actual song ...

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    Why #entrepreneurs -might- succeed!

    If you have a steady job, great! You're better than many. You can rely on the comfort and security that comes along when you do what you're told. At the end of the day that's what the very definition of "Job" is.

    But how many people actually love their jobs, or even like it? I wouldn't be very far of if I say, very few. In fact, most people like certain aspects about their jobs. Love the perks and the benefits, but for the vast majority... A job is something to put bread on the table, people tolerate it because of that.

    This is not the case with Entrepreneurships. Who would start something if they didn't truly, madly and deeply love what they're doing? In fact, it's one of the downsides of entrepreneurs that they actually love their "babies" a bit too much to see that they're not doing so well, until it's too late!

    The results for start-ups are really grim. Less than 10% make it through the first year. Of those, less than 10% ever reach a good operational size, and of those, less than 10% reach an IPO. Of those, perhaps less than 1% reach the status of Google or Microsoft.. So thinking about it, it's rather bleak for anyone...

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    Finally, a good use for Twitter!

    I'm not a twitterholic! Although, due to my recent interest in developing applications for the new and insanely growing platform, some people might actually think that I am!

    I am not!

    In fact, for the longest period of time, I thought of twitter as stupid and a complete waste of web-space and time... until I discovered the first 'legit' useful use for twitter... Especially if you live far from friends and family... Here's how Twitter can actually help you and be useful.

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    Is #Google hurting?

    Last night during the super bowl (if you're not versed in American pop-culture, the Super bowl is like World cup for American Football). It's also the time were some of the year's best and most expensive commercials are aired.

    In an interesting twist, Google, the dominant search giant, whose name became synonymous with searching the Internet, aired an interesting commercial, for what I believe is the first time EVER! (I don't recall seeing any commercials for Google search on TV, there were a few for Android, and even Chrome, but not Search).

    However, I have seen interesting (and controversial) commercials for Bing, Ask, Yahoo and a bunch of the now completely forgotten bunch. But never for Google Search, since it's usually the "losers" who try to get some time in front of the consumer eyes.

    I might be reading too much into this but the way I see it, Google appears to be hurting, at it's top game... or is it?

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    King of hearts

    One place I just can't get used to

    The god-damn-locker rooms!

    If you frequent gyms in the US, you will undoubtedly start and end your routine with a visit to the all-male or all-female locker rooms.

    I understand that people in the US and western Europe are generally more liberal with their bodies and nudity isn't an issue. However, it's really disturbing to see a man, completely naked. It just feels awkward!

    Especially if you happen to know that person!

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    a piece of home...

    Today, marks a glorious moment in our life. The day we satisfied one huge craving nothing other than a simple meal that anyone in Jordan can have for less than 1JD.

    Today, we made Shawirma. AT HOME from scratch and it tasted EXACTLY like shawirma you buy from the eateries in Jordan or any other country. To tell you the truth, all the burgers in the world aren't worth a single bite of a good shawirma sandwich

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    Engaging the #IDF in cyber warfare

    The news appear to be true. The Israeli IDF appears to employ some "kids" who have nothing better to do than spread a "positive" pro Israeli propaganda on the web. Most recent engagement? I guess it was me from @QwaiderPlanet against some of the brain-washed, history-forgetting, lie-spelling "hottie" from the IDF!

    It's a well known technique to tell you the truth. Had she engaged with someone who knew a little less about the history of the Atrocities and the genocide committed by the Israeli forces against unarmed civilians. She would have probably won!

    I like how everyone loves to throw the word "Terrorist" like it meant nothing. When the very first bombings in Palestine were carried out by Jews against the British. They didn't consider that "terrorism"

    And now they equate the Qassam fireworks, with the 2000 pound daisy cutter-bunker busters they've showered Palestinians with! How sad!

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