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3 years old

    I can't believe I missed my new-birth anniversary! This is sad, a sign of old age I am sure!

    A week ago, my lungs turned 3 years old! Can you imagine that? I've been smoke free for 3 years. I didn't even take a single puff!


    To be frank, at times I felt weak and in need of a nicotine laden, lung filling tar puff. But I didn't, and trust me, if you have never picked up smoking you wouldn't know how tough it is to quit! It's almost impossible!

    Laws didn't make me quit, taxes didn't make me quit either. I doubt these have any effect on people who really want to smoke!

    The only thing that can help  you quit, really, is you. Add to that the support of your family and friends and you're on your way to success!


    Remember this counter? 

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    و الله بحبّو لله في لله!

    يا عمّي ليش الحكي، عنّا مواهب رائعة و واعدة حتى لو العالم ما عرف عنها! بس كل الشكر و التقدير و الحب لأعزّائنا في تلفزيون عرمرم اللي سمحولنا نتواصل مع ناس بالفعل رائعة

    هاد الإنسان بخلّيني احن لعمّان بكل شي فيها، و اهم معلم من معالم عمّان ... تاكسي مان! تفضّلوا استمتعوا عن جد... بهذا الشب المبدع بدون تكّلف! بسيط و عميق لكن اهم شي... من الواقع الأغبر، احتمال يعبّر عن نبض الشارع احسن من 1000 كاتب في صحافتنا الــ و اللا بلاش

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    #B4JO: Blog for Jordan Day 2010

    It's hard to believe that it has been a year already since we last had our second Blog about Jordan day and two years since the first Blog About Jordan day. They were couple of the most amazing events I ever had the honor in participating in. I couldn't have felt any more pride than that day. It was one amazing festival. Everyone participated with great enthusiasm, it was just wonderful.

    It's that time of year again. March is is the month of Blog for Jordan day. March 12th to be exact. This year it's going to be even more spectacular than the last two years.

    "This blog is proud to participate in Blog About Jordan day activity"

     To help you get the badges, I've setup this page, feel free to wear proudly on your blog

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    Will the Red-dead ever get the go-ahead?

    If you haven't heard of the Red-Dead project, here it is in a nutshell. It's a project to connect the Red Sea with the Dead Sea. Of course, the very first reaction is usually, ah-huh, why?

    Well, there are many reasons to actually do such a project, (and many more NOT to do it). In a recent article in JO magazine. There seems to be a lot of official reluctance from the government, and dodging any official responses to the whole matter!

    Of course, it's really not news, nor is the government reluctance to go ahead or shelf the project. But it's interesting to see that that government isn't making any statements about it. Is it going to happen or not!!?

    My personal opinion on it is that this project isn't really worth doing, and here's why...

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    Latest Tattoo craze!

    I've been seeing this almost everyday, the latest in Tattoo, it's not a new ink, it's not glow in the dark material, it's not protruding parts of the skin, it's Tattoo removal! Yep you heard me right, REMOVAL

    It appears that the short lived fad is subsiding and more people appear to be regretting ever getting tattoos!

    So is this fad still on the rise in the Arab world? I bet you it is!

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    الغالي سعره فيه؟

    شنّت الصبايا هجوم عشوائي على الشباب على مدوّنة اختي العزيزة سمسم، و ما صدّقت ويسبر و ميّاسي اللا و اجو شلّوا عرض الشباب اللي الله يخزيهم[الشباب] فشّلونا. لأن كلام و نقد الصبايا و الحق يقال فيه شيء من الصحة.

    لكن للأسف راح ضحّية هذا الهجوم كل الشباب اللي يا غافل الك الله! ما الهم خص و لا ذنب. بل بالعكس هم الأغلبية الصامته، اللي اجا اكمّن ولد و فشّلوهم.

    بصراحة بديت اكتب رد عند سمسم لكن بعد ما صار طويل استحيت، فـقررت احّوله الى بوست ارد فيه على ما جاء في المقال الأصلي

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    Brain washing wives

    Sometimes, I feel sorry for some women. Usually university graduates, from good families. Then the minute they start talking you realize that they have been brain washed by their husbands. Turned into copies of their men. Saying the same stupidities, and cancelling everything about them that makes them individuals!

    It's sad really!

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    You asked, and I listened

    Not too long ago I got a special request for QwaiderBlogTweeter, here's the text of the request:

    - Read the tags in the post and use them as hashtags. There might be 100 tags in a post, maybe you can figure out a way to choose the first two or three and use them as hashtags, depending on how many characters are left for the tweet. People will tend to put the important tags first anyway.

    - Have the auto tweeter NOT tweet if a specific tag is present. It defeats the purpose since the post is going online anyway, but sometimes there are post I don't wanna over publicize. If I put in a "no-tweet" or something of the sort in the tag, your invention won't spread the word.

    Today, I announce that both feature requests have been implemented

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    مآسي صلاة الجمعة

    نفسي من زمان اطلّع اللي بقلبي من اللي بشوفه كل مرة في صلاة الجمعة! يعني و الله لولا انّ الإنسان قاصد ربّه في الصلاة، كان ما رحت! بس من وين ابدأ؟

    من الإمام ماشالله عليه اللي كل صلاة لازم يتأخّر! و لازم يُسهب في خطبته العصماء ساعة كاملة في لت و عجن و كلام قديم و مستهلك و معروف للقاصي و الداني؟

    و اللا من المصلّين الذين يفتقدون ادنى مباديء الإنسانية و حسن التعامل و الجوار؟

    يعني و الله مش عارف من وين ابدا!

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    Limitations as means to succeed?

    Take two examples, and think...

    iPhone and Twitter, both have more limits than you can imagine. iPhone doesn't allow you to change the battery, on older generations it didn't allow you to take videos, or even install applications not blessed by Apple. Twitter limits your breathing to 140 characters...

    But here's the trick!

    While competition were hard at work addressing these "issues", people didn't care at all! 140 characters limit? So what, send 2! Can't swap battery? Who cares how many people swap batteries daily?

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