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يللا ...كلّنا في الهوى.. سوا

    كما تكونوا يولَّى عليكم! لكن ظاهرة الرؤساء "العرب" من فئة "اللغة العربية كلغة ثانوية" على ما يبدو في ازدياد، و كما قال دريد لحّام: و الخير لقدّام

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    Kiss your ipod goodbye

    The days of portable music devices are numbered. But they're not the only gadgets that are marching steadily but surely to the shredder.

    These devices came at a time of great technological convergence. They narrowed a gap between the old and the new. The old being analog music devices and the new being the ultra new portable wearable computers. For that, many generations had to be developed and many had to go, bye-bye.

    Don't get me wrong, the iPods are not completely going to disappear. But this whole market is going to shift and evolve as technology gets cheaper, smaller and better. They will be eventually as small as a MicroSD card. With everything on a single little chip that can be hooked up to anything.

    But what is this "anything" that is in such a position to take on the world?

    Microsoft, ehm, Zune, pay attention please since this concerns you!

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    When you Quit smoking...

    Do you think thoughts of smoking will go away?

    The short answer is no!

    How long does it take for a person who quit smoking to stop thinking about it?

    Another short answer, NEVER!

    Smoking is one of those habits that, once you develop, you will never be able to totally escape! The thoughts keep coming back to you. They keep wanting you to take one last puff!

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    Dating tips: #2 Be confident

    Confidence is the best chick magnet there is.

    Women gravitate towards three main things, Strength, Influence and wealth. Not that women don't seek other qualities in a man. But certain things can be considered secondary. For example, Male's handsomeness can be sought after but if the male doesn't show one signs of strength, influence or wealth. They're usually dumped tragically!

    If you come to think about it, the way males were shaped over the eons made them grow in these categories.

    To understand why these three and not anything else, I'll explain some more... However, I'll tie all of these to confidence upfront. Confidence is a byproduct of the above. A strong guy is usually confident, an influential man is also very confident, same goes for wealth.

    Tip #1

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    Put some cloths on!

    I beats the heck out of me why do some ladies think it's "OK" to come to work half naked!

    Just consider what would happen if a guys shows up to work showing some extra skin? I bet you throw-up bags would be standard issue at the work place.

    I remember many years ago when I worked in Jordan. I remember the boss at that time, asking one of the ladies to go home and change. I know he had no right, but she had no right either!

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    Would you tell?

    If you have a very ill family member...

    Would you tell his aging mother?

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    Google DNS, friend or Foe?

    Anything that has to do with Google, somehow ends up translating to being Fast, speedy or quick. Which are all good. People demand more speed. Faster responses and lightning fast communications.

    Somehow, Google "discovered" that DNS is the bottleneck here and therefore they decided to, well, speed it up.

    So what is DNS? (Domain Name System) is one of the fundamental internet services that converts the friendly-human-readable-names (like to the geeky-computer-understandable-IP address of the server which hosts a specific service. In short, it's like a phone book directory of the internet. It associates easy to remember names to easy to forget numbers.

    So is this a good thing? Or a bad thing? Let me explain both sides, but trust me. If you're a conspiracy theorist, this is a feast you won't want to miss!

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    Always thought an "oncologist" is a doctor that is "on call". Now I HATE it that I actually know the meaning of the word!

    Difference between junior and senior

    The difference is knowing what to do, when you don't know what to do!