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Awesome Idea for new year's Eve in Jordan!

    The party is going to be at 1st circle. For a moment here we can consider it Jordan's Time square!

    This awesome idea sparked on Humaid's blog, and echoed by Nas on the Black-Iris

    Thoughts and festive ideas are welcome of course.

    Amman 2010 New year's celebration

    I am telling you if I was in Jordan, that's where I will be taking my family to spend the new year's eve.

    Here's my "Idea contribution": Get some fireworks, and organize a night to remember at the 1st Circle!

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    A new twist on an old scam

    Remember the Nigerian scam where someone would send you an email promising riches beyond your wildest imagination just for helping him get some money out of a trapped account? Well, these folks have not died, but their techniques sure have evolved. Here's the latest incarnation, playing on the very foundation of Islam and being good...

    ==== Actual message bellow =====

    Asalamalekum Dear Friend,

    I got your contact email through your country global international network and after going through your contact, my spirit tells me to contact you to assist me to build mosque in your country because i have promised Allah that i will build a mosque in any of the Arab land and i have now make up my mind to build it in your country.

    My Name is Mr Ibrahim Ahmed, i am working with the American government.this is a little about me for now and i will tell you more about me as soon as you respond to me.

    Lastly, i will want you to make inquiry of how much it will cost to buy a land in a good site in your country and as well, how much it will cost me to build the mosque and then you get back to me immediately.

    Hoping to hear from you soon,

    Best Regards,
    Mr Ibrahim Ahmed.


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    That new baby smell

    Makes you go numb about everything else...

    Suddenly you feel it was all worth it, and nothing else matters

    Baby Mira
    Say hi to baby Mira

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    50 Google wave invites up for grabs!

    Need an invitation to Google's latest brainfart em, Google Wave?

    50 are available ... Let me know if you're interested

    I guess since everyone is sharing... I might do so too...

    Dating tips: #3 Be generous

    If you ask all women to list all bad things about a guy, the most common property would be a guy being "miserly" or stingy. In fact, many other personal pitfalls might be overlooked if this aspect is not there.

    The cave woman again, thinks that a stingy mate would end up making her and her offspring dye of hunger while he eats. Or that he will not share the spoils of hunting (meat=rich in protein, essential for baby making, and more important than the vegetables that she can gather). So a miserly mate is one that is unattractive. It has been the case since the dawn of humanity.

    Once again, I apologize for the ladies who find this analogy offensive. But please understand that I don't equate the modern woman to a cave woman. I'm simply drawing an analogy of the origin of hatred to a specific human property.

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    عمانا! عمى يعميه

    يعني قاعد بنص الإجتماع ... و نازل يطقّع.. مش مشكلة ... بس جد عميتنا ... بطّلت شايف .. فقدت الإحساس بالشم! حتي اصابعي لحد الآن منمّلة ... ولك شو ماكل!!؟ الله يخزيك

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    Opinionated bastard

    B: Hey Y, Have watched a movie in the IMAX?

    Y: No!


    B: You're such an opinionated bastard!

    Me: What's good about a theatre with only 2 good seats? All the rest have twist their necks and spines to be able to see the action!

    B: You know where you would be if you weren't so opinionated?


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    Am I the only one who remembers this?

    I remember waiting for the weekend to watch every episode! I didn't even understand what they were saying, but I still loved and enjoyed it....

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    Here's why I want to work for Google...

    Google Confirms Employees Have 'Google Phone'

    Google confirmed Saturday that their internal developers are using an unreleased Android based phone, as contradictory rumors about a "Google Phone" flew back and forth across the Internet.

    On an official Google blog, vice president of product management Mario Queroz said that Google employees are using "a device that combines innovative hardware from a partner with software that runs on Android," but that this phone is "exclusively for Google employees," not for consumers.

    Unlike other brain-farts, this one is actually pretty darn good!

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    You didn't miss much...

    True story...

    A friend of mine was madly in love with the girl of his dreams... He would spend hours writing her poetry, and doing everything he can to make his dream come true

    Few years and several failed proposal attempts later. The girl accepts to be married to a suitor who was a better choice according to them...

    My friend was heart broken

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