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A sad day in Jordanian entrepreneurship history

    PhotoJoNet, the Amazing service that prints and delivers your photos your house in Jordan is closing it's doors. How sad is that?

    This wonderful service has great potential. I'm so surprised that no venture capitalists in Jordan decided to pick them up and support them until they're big enough to make it on their own.

    While trivial sites that bring absolutely nothing to the landscape, continue to get support and flourish... How sad!

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    شويّة غبرة -2- عبد الحليم في الخليج

    من اجمل ما غنّى بالألحان الخليجية... من العندليب الأسمر

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    شويّة غبرة

    في احيان كثيرة ادهش نفسي من ذاكرتي الموسيقية. و خصوصا في الأغاني الخليجية التراثية، لدرجة اثارت استعجاب زوجتي ... و حتى زملاء الدراسة...

    و اترككم مع بعض جواهر الزمن الماضي...

    صوت السهارى.. غناء عوض الدوخي

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    استحوا على دمّكم شوي

    يعني بالله شو بالنسبة للإذاعات الأردنية اللي ما فيها اردني واحد على الهواء؟

    ما شالله عليهم الشباب و الصبايا عنّا ما في اروع و لا اوعى من هيك. و عندهم قدرة كاملة على ادارة احسن حوار او برنامج سواء بالعربي او بالإنجليزي

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    Wake up!

    You should never accept or believe that people will underachieve just because they're poor

    You should never treat people differently, or have pity on them because of where they live.

    You should never think that someone is "lesser" because they're less educated or they were raised differently

    Most importantly, if you have tendencies to think in this way, DON'T ADMIT IT.

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    H1N1 (Swine flu) and my conspiracy theory friends

    A friend of mine, is one of those believing in every possible conspiracy that involves pharmaceutical companies. She would argue for hours on how vaccines are bad, and how the companies are deliberately taking actions to "reduce the human population" starting with the young, the weak and the ill.

    I know it sounds too Nietzsche, a conspiracy theorist dream come true. But, many people are starting to fall victim to these poorly communicated, and mostly inaccurate, unproven and bogus claims (and accusations)

    What makes people so hostile to modern technology, and the amazing advances in healthcare?

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    What makes us - human?

    If you try to define or quantify the least common denominator that could be used to scientifically give a proper definition of human. You will be in for a little surprise!

    Truth is, we've landed on the moon. We've seen 14 billion light years away. We've charted the human genome. But we still can't get the definition of human right!

    Some might say, well, it's easy. We can speak! Perhaps that's what makes us human. But speech is a form of communications. Scientists have proved that animals can communicate. Sometimes with fascinating ways ranging from sounds, to gestures, even chemically or through production of light! It's that fascinating! As fascinating as it is diverse!

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    You know, the universe could have ended 10 billion years ago...

    And we would still not know about it for another 3.8 billion years

    That's enough time to build the entire human history, 380 thousand times!

    QwaiderTweeter breaks 700 in 40 days

    I have great news

    First, @QwaiderTweeter broke through the 700 followers mark in 40 days. With 100 new followers every week. I know, many of these are spam. But never the less the quality continues to rise. The best part is that it selectively follows users who don't have "bad" words in their names.

    If this proves anything is that automation is key for anyone tackling social media as a way to reach more people

    Next, I finished coding a fantastic new feature, BlogTweeter!

    Select few beta testers are now enjoying a fantastic new feature ...

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    On believers...

    Believers are not "trapped mind" to be liberated, trapped souls with no guidance, ignorant humans with no knowledge, "closed minds" sinking in the ocean of the dark ages, or simply were born believers and don't know better...

    Most of the modern day believers are people who choose to believe.

    Denying people this choice, is the epitome of tyranny. Ridiculing THEM because of it, is as bad as any other form of racism and the complete opposite of all modern liberties

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