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Updated thoughts on circumcision

    I know it's healthier, cleaner and is recommended by the world health organization.

    I know it stems from religion

    I support it and would recommend it to everyone...

    But there's nothing that would make me cringe more than the traumatic experience of a baby who's going through circumcision. After watching it on Zavaine's show. I started to wish I never did!

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    Belated Happy birthday!

    It's been a full month since Qwaider Planet has started its 4th year.

    I don't want to make a big deal of this, since a bunch of people started complaining to me that I talk too much about these "updates".

    So Happy birthday Qwaider Planet, followers, readers and planeteers. Thank you for your support into making it what it is today.

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    Dating tips: #1 Be assertive

    A great friend of mine caught me on messenger this evening and asked me what to do with the woman of his dreams. As many guys around the world, he's really great. Successful, and very decent. But in that lies his problem. He is a shy person in general, and exceedingly shy with people he has feelings for.

    While I was talking to him, a few tips came to my mind. I decided I should share them with a greater audience. I will let the female readers of this blog judge what I've got to say.

    My goal here is to help, after all, I have my own success story as credentials. I landed the woman of my dreams, not traditionally. But following these tips that I will share with everyone.

    I have to stress, there is no competition here. It's not about keeping score. What it truly it is about is breaking the ice, and succeeding with the woman of your dreams...

    Let's get started with Tip #1: Be assertive!

    Unlike Diana King, most women don't even notice Shy guys

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    في النساء

    مجنون من اعتقد ان نهاية الجدال اعتذار امرأة، فنهاية الجدال لا تتبع سوى اعتذار الرجل خصوصا ان كان على صواب

    My thoughts on entrepreneurship, and common delusions

    Entrepreneurship: It is the new buzz word in our part of the world. It's all over the place. In the news, on the blogs, events and activities and just about everywhere

    But what is missing from this picture is far greater than what is being communicated.

    The truth is, 9 out of 10 businesses end up failing within the FIRST YEAR. Some people cite innovation as a way out of this. But innovation alone own isn't enough. I can give many example of major companies who focused mostly on innovation and ended up barely able to compete.

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    My creative act of the day: New Blog submission form

    Actually, two acts today...

    First, I decided I'm going to revamp QwaiderPlanet's Blog submission form. For years, the default Contact Form has been doing a fantastic job. Allowing me to know about new blogs, either from owners, or through referral. I thank you all for the wonderful suggestions you made.

    The job turned out to be more than I bargained for. You see, the server application I use is quite complicated. It would have taken me 20 minutes to create a form like that from scratch. But I needed it to integrate tightly with the server. So I had to basically reverse engineer many parts to finally achieve the goal.

    I'm proud to say that now, the new form is up and running, and now has fields for Name, Email, blog link and Twitter ID for those who use twitter.

    My second act, which I finished last night is...

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    Free phonecalls, thank you Google!

    If you have been following me, long enough, you would know that I'm the last person to jump on bandwagons of idiotic brain farts from anyone (A dictionary picture of Brainfarts should show Google Wave)

    But this time, I think the almighty Google are on to something. HUGE, as amazing and impactful as Gmal. Remember what Gmail did? It brought the whole concept of Free Email to the rest of the practical world utilizing fantastic new technologies (at the time) like Ajax and offering serious storage with a whopping 5 GB at a time when the next best thing (Hotmail and Yahoo mail) offered a suffocating 2MB. Crap, my non-digital watch has more space than that!

    Soon after, everyone followed. Yahoo, Microsoft and just about anyone able to compete with true Mega services with Millions, and Gigabytes per user storage.

    Now, Google makes the rest of the Computer world appear foolish, yet again, with Google Voice...

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    Creative act of the day: Twitter Column

    My first creative act of the day bitter sweet. I've been too distracted today to finish what I set out to originally do. It sort of worked, but sort of screwed things up a bit. So I backed out the changes. (If you absolutely must know, it's related to changing the RSS feed format for QwaiderPlanet) pretty tricky!

    So as a conciliation, I added a twitter column to blog administration dashboard. Helps me know at a glance which blogs have been associated with twitter accounts, and which ones didn't. Simple, but needed to be done.

    My creative act of the day

    Everyday, I try to have a single act of creativity. It can be anything no matter how small it is.

    For some reason, it gives me a great feeling, as if my whole life is setting the stage for something...

    The days I end up doing nothing, feel, well kind of missing, lacking, wasted without getting a step closer.

    So starting today, I will be documenting my creative acts. No matter how small, I will document them and see how they go from there


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    Hey Microsoft, Fire this guy!

    Some visionary designer at Microsoft decided that, well, If you decide to remove Exchange from your phone. You should also delete everything you got from that server.

    I mean who would want company property (AKA, emails) to be left on someone's Windows Mobile phone. If it wasn't for the fact that they're already there.

    But why did that STUPID designer decide to DELETE ALL THE CONTACTS from my phone along with the EMAILS? How stupid is that?

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