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Google wave, not making any splash anytime soon

    I've seen so many people, so eager to get an invite to the new thing that is going to change the face of the internet... Again!

    Turns out, there's nothing really worth the hype! Not a thing!

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    No disrespect intended to anyone, but am I the only one who feels that many people appear to jump to conclusions rather quickly?

    Scientifically speaking, conclusions can only be drawn after intensive research is done. This research takes into account the reproducibility of the issue being studied, among many other things.

    For example, if you clap, and a bird flies to the right. You can't simply conclude that all birds will fly to the right when you clap. If you repeat the experiment a 1000 times and record your findings. You might be close to formulating a conclusion. But this is still not enough!

    You will have to take many birds, from many species, in different stages of their life, in different surroundings and using all possible clap noises, from different directions over a period of time to be able to come close to coming up with a conclusion that can be considered scientific. Even the lack of a clear conclusion might be a conclusion by itself. You might end up with a percentage of cases. Or specific patterns in specific birds.

    I don't mean to complicate things with this example, but truth be told many things in our lives are quite complicated to think that one thing that we did, caused something -completely unrelated- to happen!

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    Allah got me fired (2)

    As I said, it had needed an act of god to get me to leave my job. A job filled with pressure, stress, under-appreciation, daily fire-drills, being blamed for everything, not having time to scratch my head, buried under tons and tons of endless nags from worthless incompetent "bosses", oh and 4 bosses to satisfy, bad pay, hopeless outlook and absolutely no way out?

    What's not to love!?

    Apparently God has other plans for me...

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    What do you facebook about...

    When you're facebooking at 3AM?

    I'm a bit surprised (little bit) mainly because the "next" generation in the family appear to be burning the midnight oil facebooking or performing some form of online activity...

    But at 3AM! On a school night? In Jordan.... That must raise some eyebrows

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    Qwaider Twitter v0.2

    Ok first a little history!

    Few weeks ago, I finished QwaiderTwitter, it worked great until something catastrophic happened, and I lost my code. That meant that I had to start from scratch. That's why I couldn't make any updates for the little application. Worse, twitter changed something few days ago that caused major issues. A rewrite was a must...

    Today, QwaiderTwitter v0.2 goes live. It's not an update really, it's a complete rewrite. It took this long because, well, when you rewrite your working prototype, you try to avoid all the issues you fell in the first time. Anyway, things are looking better.

    Of course, I didn't want this to "just" be a rewrite to reach the same kind of features, so I went one step further and added couple of features, hopefully you'll like them.

    [Follow @QwaiderPlanet]

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    Jordanian Doctor in "Bones" Episode 96!!?#JO

    What the heck is going on with Jordanian characters on Prime time TV shows?

    First there was a Jordanian Family in "The Simpson's"

    And now a Jordanian Doctor on Bones?

    First what the heck is up with "Jordanian accent" as in, do Jordanians have a "Special" accent that apparently everyone can distinguish from "Iranian" or any other accent!

    Worst yet, what's up with the name, Arestoo? When was the last time you heard that name in Jordan?

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    انا افهم في الدين اكثر منّك و من اللي خلّفوكي

    انا بصراحة لست مع النقاب... لكن ... شر البليّة ما يضحك

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    العز في اوراك النسا

    يا من يسمع الأعمش و يطيع شوره
    عيبٍ على اللي ما يحضر المنايا
    ويشتري في سوقها و يبيعِ
    العز في ظهور الصفايا
    و العمر عند الله و ديعِ

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    It's never a good time

    There are so many things that we put off until it's "time". When in fact, there is never a good time to do these things

    Take for example taking a vacation. Do you think there is ever a good time for someone to take some time off? From business point of view, there never is!

    Same goes for having kids, there is never a good time to have them. We're either busy with our careers, or making money to support them, or waiting for the next summer to travel, or still too young, too old, too poor, too busy ... [fill in your futile excuse here]

    All of this makes me wonder, when is it EVER a good time to do anything?

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