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How dumb Dawkins really is

    Richard Dawkins, one of the most outspoken obnoxious Atheism prophets you can ever hear of. Boasting famous words like "God Delusion -his book" and harboring frivolous pursuits like advertising on buses in London that God is unlikely to exist.

    He thinks, it's "liberating" for people to go atheist. A fact that is really remains to be proven. However, what we know as a fact is that people with religion appear to live fuller, happier lives. As far as anyone is concerned...

    But it's fantastic to see how stupid and truthfully ignorant. If not utterly and completely stubborn this Dawkins really is. The Quran (and I really don't want to get into religion), mentions these stubborn people. Kuffar, which really means denial more than anything else

    Case in point, how he would embrace anything, however unlikely, as an explanation. But not God...

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    عنجد .... تحشيييييييييييييييييييش

    ايش بالنسبة لأغاني الأطفال الملوّثة بالبورنو؟

    معلش بس ... في حد غيري عندو مشكلة مع اغاني الأطفال الملوّثة بالتوريات الجنسية و الحركات المثيرة؟

    و خصوصا في حالة هيفا وهبة... االي من الواضح انها بتعاني من انفصام حاد في الشخصية بين نجمة الإستعراض، و المغنّية "البريئة". يعني خلطة صعبة!

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    On twitter followers...

    Does the total number of followers even mean something or another? Does it mean that you're a better or more esteemed "Tweep?"

    Sadly, and shockingly, I just received an email from an "entity" that will remain anonymous... Boasting that number on my face

    I had to look and see who these thousands upon thousands were... For an English service with a face could barely spell, let alone write proper English or provide clear punctuation, I just couldn't help but dig!

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    Could any article survive forensic inspection?

    I got an interesting Ad on my blog today from for a pro Israeli "donations" to your favorite Israeli "charity". Just out of curiosity, I decided to investigate a little bit more...

    What I found was interesting. It's what everyone has been saying all along, but this time it's from the "other" side... First check this out...


    The so called "Honest" uses nothing less than scare-tactics to influence and MAKE the new liberties and freedoms into the dark ages with inquisition like crusades against anyone who dares speak in any capacity against Israel. Which sparked the idea, could ANY article in the world, survive forensic inspection? I know many will, but the second you mix influential, rich people behind the opposition. You can cast doubt on anything under the Sun.

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    Supporting Jordanian Media | @QwaiderMedia goes live!

    Following @QwaiderPlanet tweeter, I decided to expand the franchise to include other forms of Media. Currently @QwaiderMedia follows JordanTimes, Alrai and Sheehan in near real-time.

    Go ahead, follow, and spread the word

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    Female Saudi Journalist gets 60 Lashes!

    Outrageous! A part time Saudi journalist gets 60 lashes for "suspecting" that she has something to do with an interview with a Saudi male who publicly boasted sexual "adventures".

    [the dude got 5 years in imprisonment and 1000 lashes] Which I'm unsympathetic towards. But what have the lady journalist done to be punished!? [full story]

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    Arab web sucks!

    Today, I was going through the "guts" of a few Arab sites. I came to a sad realization. Our websites SUCK so badly it's not even funny!

    I'm not going to point to these sites, but it's enough to say that if you have a blog on Wordpress, or Blogspot. Your blog is MORE ADVANCED than many government run and even private owned sites in the Arab world.

    It really gave me a sad, bitter taste in my mouth!

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    Seriously... Why so bright?

    My good friends in the industrial engineering department appear to be engaged in this pissing contest on who will install the brighter LEDs in their appliances. Which completely puzzles the heck out of me!

    Remember way back when high intensity LEDs were too expensive and it would be almost impossible for anyone to see them in appliances? Well, these days they're EVERYWHERE, and quite cheap. But that doesn't mean that they should be used for everything.

    Many have a simple idea of relaying information on the state of something (on or off). 99% of the time you don't even need to know if the thing is on or off because the freakin 50 inch TV is visible from the moon! Yet, Samsung (for example) insists on damaging our retinas with high intensity LED in the front to let you know that the TV is ON. The TV IS ON. THE GODDAMN TV IS ON. Even when the TV is not on, that LED is there to let you know that THE TV IS IN STANDBY! It's bright enough to be used as a night light!

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    Born to be ungrateful!

    You know, some people are just ungrateful by nature. Seriously, they think everything that comes their way is a birth right. Or worse, that people are obligated to help and serve them

    I sure hope I don't end up like one of those...

    I'm so worried about that, for some reason, I'm in constant fear that I didn't thank someone who did something nice to me. So if I ever forget to say thanks, please accept my apology and gratitude!

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