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God got me laid off!

    It sucks when your whole existence is reduced to being a single digit in a government statistic! On the desk of some official or in a journal online.

    Seriously though, it would have taken an act of God for me to leave my job. But in all frankness, it wasn't doing me any good; too much stress, too little appreciation. Even worse, I think I was getting depressed not seeing an end to the very frustrating situation.

    Then, I was told that I'm being laid off, just like millions who lost their jobs everywhere...

    I left my building where I've spent the last 10 years of my life, with a box of worthless memorabilia of how great I helped make that company...

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    Expatriate dream come true... PhotoJoNet

    Here's how you can distinguish a FANTASTIC idea from a stupid ones. Especially in online services domain.

    I'm not going to spend your valuable reading time reviewing THIS great Site/Service, many have already done that.

    It's the amazing potential of a service with great business model from the ground up. Putting the horse in from of the carriage from the get-go. Instead of starting a business, waiting for it to become successful THEN look for ways to monetize and make it profitable (a HUGE problem among start-ups including giants like Google, and twitter)

    Best part? It makes a dream come true for Expatriates, instant delivery of photos to loved ones back home! I bet even the creators didn't even know they were making such a fantastic scenario possible. That distinguishes a great idea from a FANTASTIC one

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    10 things you shouldn’t do on your first day at work

    Samer posted a cool video on the top 10 things not to do on the first day at work, I think I can come up with a more updated list

    So Top 10 things you should never do on your first day at work.

    1. Do not access your Facebook account

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    eArabGirls?? Is there some sort of catch?

    A site dedicated to "Arab Girls"?

    I'm really confused, is this thing for real? I'm a bit skeptic (as usual)

    Especially when I read something like:

    Arab girls is search that made by Internet users on search engines at daily basis. But when they see dummy Arab girls pictures on so many free sites, they feel unhappy and go back unsatisfied. Therefore to satisfy the surfers we have decided to launch a blog, which will present 100% pure Arab girls photos with their complete biography. 

    So what do YOU think?

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    Latest developments

    So, @QwaiderPlanet, tool is officially in Beta, so you can follow it. With a lot of provisions in place to prevent flooding, handle faults, etc. It's completely automated and is doing a pretty good and stable job so far.

    Under the hood, QwaiderTweets (The application), keeps track of all the links it generates on Twitter, and counts the exclusive hits (value that it adds) which is pretty interesting. I might create a specialized analytics page to show this soon (Vote?)

    But the real value is for Qwaider Planet blogs that don't have a fancy Wordpress plug-in to re-tweet their posts, these folks are getting the added boost for free. A +1 for Qwaider Planet as a community aggregator.

    I also added Link shortening as a "first class citizen", so all links look the same way, using the same API and land at the end of the tweet (like?) truncating the title of the posts (which I assure you was no easy arrangement, since some like'em really really long)

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    Here it comes, my Ramadni Rant

    Why is it that everyone who doesn't fast expects everyone in Ramadan to be lazy and not doing their Job -because- of Ramadan?

    Like we "set the universal standards" on employee efficiency in other months of the year!

    Then comes the idiots who think everyone is "faking" it. Or have been partying year round, drinking and what up-to the last night of Ramadan. As an added bonus, just to show how ignorant they are, they would start issuing "fatwas" on how other people's fasting is not acceptable! What the ....?

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    Remember what I said?

    It came through, again ...

    Just to recap:

    My money is on an online service that lets you update your stupid status for all the voyeuristic morons who want to get updated on what you are doing in the bathroom. oops, there I go again, read all

    And, yep ... It came true, from No one other than Microsoft Live, check it out... The holy grail of social media tools. One status, anywhere you go, fro messenger to facebook, to twitter ...

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