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To my dear friends at Maktoob

    Congratulations ... I'm so proud of you and of all your hard work. You've been burning the midnight oil and deserve to be congratulated on the amazing work.

    I haven't had the time to say, "Good Job" on so many things, but it's better late than never. Well done my friends. Not only because someone like Yahoo recognized you. But because you have actually made it. It was your hard work and dedication that made it. Having someone recognize it is just icing on a very yummy cake. So well done

    On the same congratulatory note, I should extend this also to Jeeran, who raised the interests of Intel. Zain and One world who few years ago paved the way for everyone else when they wooed Microsoft

    YES, this is a fantastic step on the right way ... We can do it.

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    Enough with the beating of women statistic!

    85% of Jordanian women "support" beating of wives by husbands

    I keep hearing this stupidity every few days from every unqualified source there is. Quoted as the unequivocal truth of life.

    However, I haven't found a single "reliable" scientific source that presents the methodology that was taken to come up with this figure. The source of the sample, the type of questions and who the heck even sanctioned such an investigation!

    Could this be a calculation error? It's VERY VERY likely that it is, but that's NOT the only error in such a flawed "study".

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    QwaiderPlanet Tweeter-er

    Not to be passed by the overwhelming flood of Tweets, I decided to write a little service to automatically send all articles on Qwaider Planet to followers on Twitter

    @ToAll Just check it out @QwaiderPlanet

    This is still an early beta, so bugs are all over... Hopefully not that many though

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    While businesses are closing... Zoka

    While businesses are closing, good business ideas are thriving!

    The recession is upon us. What worse time could anyone pick to start a business. Right?


    This is the BEST time EVER to start a business. There's one caveat though, you must have a FANTASTIC idea to be able to survive, and thrive. That's exactly what is happening at my new most favorite coffee shop in the world! Zoka

    Built on the ruins of legendary JJJ cafe

    Just look at this masterpiece and let me tell you something. It tastes a MILLION times better than it looks!


    (And trust me, that's an understatement)

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    Funny Disclaimer!

    People are getting -rightfully- paranoid over what they're saying online these days...

    But this guy tops the charts!

    "The views expressed here are mine and do not reflect the official opinion of my employer or the organization through which the Internet was accessed."

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    الإجرام على الإنترنت... الحقونا

    تعددت الأساليب، و النتيجة واحدة. اجرام بكافة اشكاله و بلطجة حقيقية بكل ما تحمله الكلمة من معنى. و للأسف، الحكومات بكافة اشكالها و تطوّرها عاجزة عن اي شيء يذكر في مواجهة طوفان الإجرام العنكبوتي! هذا بالطبع ان نفينا عنها تهمة التواطيء و تسهيل اعمال المجرمين.

    مجموعة جارتنر اصدرت احصائية مفادها ان خسائر البنوك و الشركات من قراصنة الإنترنت عن طريق خداع العملاء بالمليارات سنويا. هذا فقط من خداع العملاء. فتخيّلوا سيل الجرائم على مستوى العالم. من السخام الإلكتروني، الى الفيروسات و برامج الإختراق و حتى التجسس و البرامج "التخويفية" التي تخدع الأفراد عن طريق محاولة اقناهم ان جهازهم مليء بالفيروسات و ما عليهم الا دفع مبلغ بسيط للإشتراك السنوي ليقوم البرنامج بإزالة الفيروسات. (في حين ان الفرد المسكين قد دفع ثمن تحميل برامج ضارة). و في احصائية صدرت مؤخّرا، فقد تجاوزت ارباح شركات البرامج "التخويفية" 34 مليون دولار شهريا! فضلا عن اعادة بيع الأجهزة "المقرنصة" لشبكات بث البرامج الضارة، و نشر المواقع الملقلّدة للبنوك لتقوم بسرقة حسابات العملاء

    و كل ما نعلمه حتى الآن، لا يتعدى قمة جبل الجليد، و ما خفي اعظم

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    What's better than being right?

    It's well known in research, that people will rarely resist something right. Anything that is clear, and straight forward is always appealing and "easy" to transmit to the audience.

    There's only one thing that's way more important....


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    آخ بس.. لو الناس تتعلّم شوية فن

    اوّل مرة في حياتي سمعت هاي الأغنية .. كنت مراهق، سمعتها من صديق لي، ياسر جبر الله يذكره بألف خير. كنّا نحب العزف الراقي على العود...

    اسمعوا.. و ادعولي... من اخطبوط العود.. او افضل من يعزف العود في العصر الحديث

    كل عازفي العود يقدّرون السحر في الأنغام المنبعثة من عود عبّادي.. حاولوا تسمعوا و تكتشفوا العجب في عزف عبّادي.. شهادة من عازف عود

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    غيّرت رقم التليفون

    من عشر سنوات او اكثر. و رقم هاتفي هو ذاته. لم يتغيّر تحت اي ظرف من الظروف! و قبل ذلك. هاتف اهلي، لا يزال بذات الرقم منذ اكثر من ثلاثين عاما باستثناء الحالات اللتي تم فيها تغيير الرقم من الشركة بإضافة رقم مثلا...

    امّا اليوم، اثناء لقائي بأصدقاء قدامى.... الكل قد غيّر رقمه، ثلاث او اربع مرّات من آخر مرة تكلّمنا فيها، من سنوات!

    لا ادري مالسبب!

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    The stalker, and the obsessed!

    It's amusing how we like to label things. Especially when describing the very same behavior

    Take for example the act of excessively following someone. If a guy is doing that, he's immediately labeled a stalker, a weirdo or simply sick!

    Have a girl do that, and she's just obsessed with someone. Or even romantically attached. It doesn't matter that the other person doesn't even know about it. Or that his privacy and every detail in his life is being violated. What matters is how amazing and romantic she is.

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