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HDTV, when you really don't need any

    Have you taken a look at the most amazing old Cartoons? I'm telling you, they really don't make them like they used to.

    Yesterday, I felt that I need to see something from my childhood. I remember buying a ton of DVDs from downtown Amman for a JD each for really old classics, Sindbad, Grendizer and a few others. The quality was perfect, until I brought up the on screen details and .... the horror...

    Or should I say, wow, what a fantastic surprise!

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    People are so evil!

    Childishly, for three decades of my life. Despite being bitten a million times, I honestly always thought evil people are not really evil. They're just confused about things. They're really not evil. They're just pretend kind of evil.

    Well, I turned out to be dead wrong. There are evil people out there. So evil, you can't really imagine the length they would go to to cause you harm. Completely out of their way, completely uncalled for.

    But the question that bugs me is, why! What satisfaction do these evil people get? Do they feel better about themselves? Does it help them sleep better at night?

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    Spinning Plates theory

    Have you ever seen those awesome shows where a juggler would spin few plates in the air?

    This can be the base of a major new theory in time management. Not only that but it can have an immense effect on business in a way that could revolutionize the way we look at prioritization of efficiency as we "get work done".

    Sure, we can take the most important task first, or the easiest one first. But what happens if all 15 things you have to do are ALL top priority? The ability to properly prioritize might not be useful at all in such conditions. The "Field hospital Triage" concept no longer holds, if no patients turn out to be "expendable" or acceptable risk.

    So what do you do in such a situation?
    ... You spin plates!

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    One year in heaven!

    Today is my anniversary, and I have decided to break my silence to wish the most amazing person in this universe a happy anniversary. It's been a wonderful amazing year. I wish my whole life was just like it

    I thought, if I had time to blog during our wedding, I will find a few minutes to blog during my hectic Monday. Here's what I came to the office to find...

    Office Anniversary


    Office Anniversary 2

    Office Anniversary 3

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    يا عيني على هالأكلات

    مرّات الواحد بيلاقي حالو في موقع من المفترض فيه انّو يكذب. لا و يتمادى في الكذب كمان لأبعد الحدود...

    ابسط مثال اذا كنت معزوم عند ناس، وجابولك هالأكل اللي حتى الحيوانات بتهرب منّو! بتلاقي حالك بتلذّذ في مدح المصيبة اللي عمّالك تاكلها ... و طبعا علشان ما تنكشف، بتقعد تلعب بالأكل اللي في الصحن على اساس انّك عم تاكل. و طبعا قمّة الشطارة انّك تلخبط الصحن و تعيد توزيع مكوّناته بطريقة هندسية تبيّن انّك ماشالله عليك آجرت في الأكل و ان الباقي هو مجرّد "بواقي" طبيعية ممكن لأي انسان يتركها

    السؤال اللي بطرح نفسو، اذا انا، و كل الناس كذّبت بالطريقة هاي على ست البيت اللي طابخة، كيف بالله ممكن تستوعب ان اكلها ما بينبلع و انها مو شيف، و لا بتفهم بالطبخ من قريب و لا من بعيد! و اذا اعفت العالم من اكلها المقرف بتكون رحمتهم!؟

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