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Sneaky life!

    You know how sometimes life sneaks up on you and when you least expect it dumps the universe on your shoulders?

    Maybe you know, maybe you don't. It just happened to me. When I least expected...

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    1 vs 100 live!

    Game shows are fun! Just look at the phenomenal success of something as stupid as Deal or no deal, (no offense to fans) and you will know how luring these shows are.

    All you need is a lot of glitter, dramatic music, contestants and the most important thing, prizes! And you have your own amazing show.

    Now, how would you feel if you were able to PLAY from the comfort of your own living room in a LIVE SHOW that shows your name, you wackiest dance moves and has your friend from all over the world looking at you?

    Welcome to online gaming 2.0, welcome to 1vs100! It's real, it's live, it's in your living room and guess what, people are already proposing to their girlfriends through it!

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    It's true, bloggers make the best radio shows!

    I'm not sure if this is a trend or something, but from the looks of it, bloggers appear to be proficient at other forms of expression. Namely radio shows

    The examples are abundant,nasimjo, Mohammad Omar, Bashar, Osama, and recently the hilarious crew of one of the funniest Arabic sites 3alarasi.

    Frankly speaking, I think every single one of these good folks have done a fantastic job.

    But, I can't help my self reminiscing over one of the earliest, and most well done jobs I've ever enjoyed few years back. It was probably the very first show that was broadcast by Jordanians. Not only that but give credit to the hilarious great work of JameedKast. With two of the funniest guys behind it. Iyas and Lait Majali(Jemeed, and Bataranzi) (Sadly, JameedKast is no more)

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    Modern women and contempt

    Something about modern women makes them a bit alien! I have no idea why...

    It's rare, as in almost non-existent that I hear a woman talking about her husband without contempt of some sort. I'm not sure what happened or how it happened. But I'm noticing guys paying respect for their women -in their absence- more than ladies.

    This is completely the opposite of engaged and "dating" couples. Where the girl would be talking fondly of the guy, over inflating him in so many ways. (While the guys also appear to downplay their girlfriends)

    So what is exactly that makes men and women react like that after marriage?

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    زبالة فنّية

    انا متأكد ان في ناس قالت لواحد مثل مودي ان صوته جميل! يمكن كانوا حابّين يتسلّوا عليه شوي!!

    اعتذر لأي شخص ممكن  يقرف لدرجة الغثيان من هذا الكليب

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    Great experience at the drive-in cinema

    Last night was a night to remember!

    It's been over 25 years since I last went to a drive through, I remember it so vividly as it was one of the greatest nights ever.

    We were still living in Kuwait, when my folks took the whole family to a drive-in cinema, and we watched a movie from the comfort of my father's car. I can never forget that night. Sadly, there were no drive-in cinema's in Amman, and people who lived in other areas in the Gulf had too many restrictions on cinemas. All of this and financial factors rendered the drive-in experience of Kuwait a unique example in the middle east.

    Last night, we had the same awe-inspiring experience. We went to a drive-in cinema, a relic of the 60's and the 70s and we watched triple features. UP, Night at the museum and Terminator. You cannot believe how wonderful that was! It was a ton of fun and excitement!

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    Project Natal, it actually WORKS! And how Microsoft can kill the iPhone!

    Yeah, I know the buzz is all around, Natal is a success. But nothing better than Jimmy Fallon demonstrating how it actually WORKs

    And I am getting one FOR SURE, there is no doubt about that! No XBOX360 would ever be complete without it

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    Conspiracy on your health?

    Can you feel how certain companies and organizations appear to be conspiring against making people live a healthy life? Let me share a little experience that made me think about this more than I usually do.

    After watching a documentary titled "Shrinking the world's heaviest man", where the guy weighs 1230 pounds (half a ton!), I had a sudden urge to eat nothing but carrots and celery! Seriously. I felt grossed out food.

    Warning, this video is EXTREMELY graphic, please do not watch if you'd be grossed out easily by EXTREMELY obese scenes


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    Ok so I was wrong about Bing!

    I've been trying Bing for a few days now, and quite frankly, it's been doing a great job. I really didn't expect it at first, but I am seriously getting what I need when I'm searching.

    At first, I was off to try to give it a spin, just to see if it's worth all the fuss. Couple of days later I found my self doing it without even thinking about it. But here's the interesting part, I was getting the results that I've grown to expect, EVERY TIME! A huge leap forward in my opinion.

    So I admit it, I was wrong...

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    Friends come and go...

    But enemies accumulate...