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Due to bad economy, we're cutting back

    Memories documented will be cutting back on flattery sentences for its readers. We hope you will understand that this was a tough decision during these hard times. It was just no longer feasible to keep calling readers fantastic and amazing when many were anything but!

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    Action: Blog about Palestine day -- 2009

    This is what blogging is really about. Rallying behind a just cause and putting all you intellectual abilities behind it.

    I can't claim not to have personal motives behind this. But I'm gaining nothing personally from it. The cause is just, worthy and deserving. Every decent person should be easily able to see that and support it, even identify with it.

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    Pregnancy myth #1: Stretch marks!

    Oh stretch marks are real. But the myth is...

    Use some creams and you can delay or stop stretch marks.


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    Ever done something so well that caused the whole underlying system to crumble?

    It's like someone inventing a car that you can buy for $200. Runs on water vapor in the air and gives 5000 miles per gallon of water. Goes 0-60 in 1 second and has an unlimited range. What would happen? It would destroy the oil companies, the road systems, the metropolitan areas and would be really harsh on the raw materials these cars are made of.

    Sometimes, things like that happen. You did something so well that the whole underlying system would start to come apart at the seams.

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    Busy, Saving the world!

    You know how your life appears to go through these cycles of extreme boredom and WAAAAY more than you can handle?

    That's exactly where I am! Under tons of work! I can't even remotely imagine the numbers!

    But it's all my fault! Yep, I did this!

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    Woman's age...

    Is a closely guarded secret because...

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    Previewing: Star Trek (2009) (Aka Star Trek XI)

    If there is one prequel, in existence that you would watch (outside of the Star Wars prequels) this is certainly it. J.J. Abrams scores top marks for his amazing work on the upcoming Star Trek movie in any and ALL categories you can imagine.

    From being faithful to the legacy of Star Trek, to the intricate and masterful work of the makeup artists. Everything was choreographed in one perfect symphony of masterful direction under Abrams. It's beyond explanation. It's something you have to witness with your own eyes to believe... Yeah ... It's that good.

    Even the goddamn movie poster is out of this world.

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    Living with family

    For the past couple of days, our family grew to include a new member. Who is sadly about to depart and leave us in 7 hours from now.

    It's hard and painful to see a member of the family leave like that. Just when you got used to having them around. Just when you got used to feeling their presence. Just when you got to feel the comfort of sharing ideas with them.

    And just when we started to get used to that and enjoy every waking moment...

    Jano's vacation ends ...

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