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اوّل ايّام الأسبوع

    هناك علاقة كره غريبة بيني و بين اوّل ايّام الأسبوع. قديما كنت اكره يوم السبت كره العما! و ليس نوعا من معاداة السامية. لكن لأنه كان بداية الأسبوع القاتمة مما يعني ان الأسبوع ما زال في بدايته! لدرجة انني كنت اكره يوم الجمعة لأن بعده السبت

    ثم اصبح الإثنين بالنسبة لي هو بداية الأسبوع. و ايضا اكرهه كره العما! مش طايقة! لكن على ما بيدو ان اوّل يوم في الأسبوع هو الذي يكرهني! فكل شيء في الإثنين بغيض! لا شيء يسر البال و لا حتى من بعيد!

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    Distinction of humans

    Perhaps the only thing that truly differentiate humans from Animals is, the desire to enjoy things, and have fun. Just consider all our senses. With animals surpassing us in just about any individual ability, humans turned just about every sense into a joyful endeavor.

    Take taste for example. Science tells us that Humans are not unique in having taste buds. In fact, some animals might be more sensitive to taste. But only humans would reshape the basic needs from pleasant, unpleasant and indifferent to create an Olympic championship of tasting and savoring different taste. Not only that but marvel at the ability to reproduce such complex mixtures and cooking methods (basically physical and chemical processes that alter the taste of food to enhance certain flavors, suppress others, and transform food to a completely different properties)

    The same applies to just about everything. Humans appear to add a level of vanity to just about everything they do, say or experience. We are probably the only creatures to have "fun" with our food. Don't get me wrong, taste might have been very essential in the early history of humans to distinguish between what's edible and what's not. It might have meant the difference between life and death. But now, it's only being used as an indulgence, not survival.

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    Tabbouli makes me shake my bootie

    LOL! First there was the Lahmeh song, then Hommos, then Haleeb(milk)

    Now, Tabbouli!

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    Tweet this, tweet that!

    Alright, due to the insane popularity of Twitter, I had no choice but to add the ability to tweet your favorite articles straight from this blog.

    Now you can "Tweet this", for any article you like (it's that little blue t button below)

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    [Blog about Palestine day] The Lies and myths machine

    God promised us this land.
    Land without people, for people without land.
    The old will die, and the young will forget.
    Peace will come to the Arabs when they learn to love their children more than they hate us.
    They want to throw us in the sea
    The Arabs prosecuted the Jews for centuries
    Jews Living in Palestine were massacred in Hebron in the 1920s
    Jews were not allowed into Palestine, Jerusalem ...etc
    Mohammad slaughtered, Murdered, expelled, raped and stole from the Jews in Madina and Khaibar
    There are no Palestinians, these are just nomadic Arabs
    Arabs are all Muslim. All Barbarian, ride Camels and want to destroy the west
    The holy land (sites) are all Jewish
    The holy sites are better off under Jewish control
    Arabs started terrorism in the holy lands

    These are just the tip of the ice berg on a history long filled with lies, myths, half truths. Generated none-stop by the Israeli propaganda machine to draw compassion and sympathy to their blood thirsty aggression against the true owners of the land.

    A differnt kind of war, not using guns and battle ships. But through twisting and deforming history of the land and the people to serve the ultimate goal of defacing the true face of Palestine and substituting it with the ugly demonic entity that now occupies and spreads like cancer in the "promised land"

    Blog About Palestine Day
    Proudly supporting Blog about Palestine Day

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    Previewing: Angels and Demons (2009)

    Ron Howard finally redeems his lost soul from the atrocity he committed while directing, The Da Vinci Code

    It's hard to believe that it's been three years since that monstrosity mutilated the masterpiece of clever problem solving and clue hunting between the covers of the Dan Brown super best seller.

    But this time ... He did EXACTLY what he was supposed to do the first time. Focus on the strength of the book. Not the stupid dramatic handling of the story. Screw drama! There's a story to be told here, and this time ... He did it in what I am happy to call a sequel that is WAAAAY better than the original. You don't get to say that often you know

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    How Microsoft can beat Apple and destroy Linux

    First ... The awesomeness of this commercial

     Huh? Did you get it?

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    5 Million hits, One million visitors four three years and counting!

    May 13th was the day this blog saw the light of day.

    I've had many online "presences" before that, since 1996 where I started what looks like a blog today. But the concept wasn't well developed. I guess that's why I naturally gravitated towards this platform.

    As I start my fifth Fourth year, I look back at the thorny road behind me, and can't help but wonder how the heck did I make it so far? How in the world didn't I quit a million times already!? Especially after suffering so many disappointments. Near and far!

    I thought of having the title of this article be "Goodbye world". But thought, that's unnecessarily dramatic. Besides, I still have a lot to say as I embark on many new new and exciting experiences in this life. So I decided to "Thank YOU" instead.

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    Beware of Fake blogs!

    The success of blogs is undeniable. It's so widespread and overwhelming that advertising has taken an interesting twist on ways to promote their products through, yes, blogs.

    Here's an example of how this industry is thriving:

    "I lost 47 pounds using FREE products"

    Of course, anyone who claims miraculous results, and if anything sounds too good to be true. It usually is (too good to be true = false)

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    Women you can never believe!

    I know someone will come up with a male version of this, or, you know what? I'll START with the male version then jump to the actual subject...

    Males you can never believe

    • A guy who has been away from home for too long (An expatriate, and his stories)
    • A man who's generation has died (An old man, with no one left to challenge him)

    That's it (according to the Arab proverb)... I'd add:

    • A guy talking about love (to a girl) [Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to say don't ever believe, you just need to be sure]
    • Any guy living in the bay area (aka Garfan)

     Now, let's jump into the female side.

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