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@Qwaider back to it's rightful place

    Someone decided to "squat" my name on Twitter, little did they know that it's against the terms of use. But that's not how Twitter support proved to be stellar! They responded in due time and cleared everything up. Now, the name @Qwaider is with its rightful owner

    Sure, I had to send a photocopy of my driver's license, last 4 paystubs, 3 electric bills and confirm through an SMS message. But at least they responded and, get this, evicted the person who was squatting my name on Twitter. How much better would this get?

    Well, it got even better. The change was seamless, painless and my followers didn't even notice a thing. They're now just following me!

    Did someone steal your Twitter name or any other identity? Have you felt that someone has impersonated you? Don't just stand there, do something about it. Contact support and just as you can see it works, it really works!

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    Just what the world has been waiting for! Another search engine

    For god's sake, don't we have ENOUGH search engines? Isn't it clear who the winner is? Well, now we have a new contender


    No not kidding, it's Bing, as in "Chandler Bing".

    Chandler Bing

    It's one letter short of "Binge" and that's something that the web appears to be heading for. Is there such a thing as Search Binge? Yes, it's called too many search engines!

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    I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC, and I'm er, an IBMer!?

    Not to be out-done in idiotic stupid rivalry, IBM launches a moronic Ad Campaign to differentiate itself from PCs (IBM practically INVENTED the PC) but still, the moronic ads are airing and asking people to "join us". But it's not very clear what they want people to join them in doing!

    It's not like the average Joe spends his days contemplating the universe and how to crack the formula on faster than light travel or greater than unity power generation.

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    Like Google doodles? You'll LOVE ShinySearch

    I'm totally in love with this thing. I know search pages (as independent pages) are so 1999. Especially now with toolbars, and little search fields in just about every modern browser. But ALL of them, with no exception are absolutely really old concepts.

    Enter ShinySearch, a new gorgeous twist on the little search page. Check this video to fully grasp the concept

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    The best thing that ever happened to me

    Was delivered to this world on May 26th.

    A year ago, this was the most precious birthday, ever.

    The day that my soul found it's mate

    The day that changed my whole life...

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    ملح الأرض -الجزء الأول

    تجربة حديثة علّمتني معنى مقولة "إن الله يحب الفقراء". فبالفعل، وجدت بين البسطاء من شعبنا على تواضع امكانيّاتهم، ترحيب و اقبال و دماثة اخلاق و كرم ما لم اجده لدى العديدين. لكن سبحان الله  يتوفّر و برحابة لدى ملح الأرض من الناس.

    لا يهتم رشاد بالكثير من الأمور العصرية. بالكاد يستطيع هذا الشاب و رب الأسرة المتواضعة استخدام الهاتف النقّال. مع انّه يعيش في الغرب، و يجاهد ليبقى و عائلته الصغيرة مستقلّين و بدون حاجة الى سؤال احد.

    اختار الغربة، على حنان الوطن، علّه يجد كملايين من الشباب فرصته التى طالما تحدّثت عنها الأفلام و كل من عاد من الغرب ببرنيطة. و انطلت عليه الأحلام ليترك ورائه كل شيء حتى الأهل و الصديق  ليحاول ايجاد ضالته و يحصل على فرصته. لكن الكلام اسهل بكثير من التطبيق. كذب الكثيرون و صدق القليل في وصف هذه البلاد. بلاد الفرص و الأحلام. و لعل التركيز اكثر على الأحلام و ليس على تحقيقها.

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    Couple of weeks ago, I talked about over-succeeding. But on the flip side there is such a thing as over-tooting, over celebrating, over showing off, over promoting.

    If you work with people in Academia, this appears to be clearer than other places. But rest assured, it's everywhere.

    Someone would just publish a paper on how to do something trivial, stupid, or unimportant... Few years later, you find people coming to the office with champagne bottles and confetti celebrating the ratification of the new method of tying shoes as a new ISO standard. Then the long and boring congratulatory emails on how amazing someone's brain farts were...

    Then you go to read the new "breakthrough" and it turns out to be nothing more than a horribly written paper on something that anyone with half a brain would have done on their own!

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    Previewing: Night at the Museum 2 | Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)

    Ben Stiller goes on to build on the success of the first installment of what appears to be a very long and less glamorous sequels.

    The new installment fails to deliver the goods where it counts. Excitement with a little mystery. Especially when the new driving force behind the movie is to raise interest in museums who are suffering immensely under the weight of the economic crunch. With less funding and thrifty visitors. It's been a hard year on Museums.

    No surprise, we had our screening tonight at the Museum of History and Industry. Followed by a fantastic night at the museum using glow-in-the-dark-torch lights courtesy of Daley Devices. (You'll know what I mean when you watch the movie). [Yes, we were allowed to keep the flash light, and it really does glow in the dark]

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    HELP! My blog has popups!


    I received this cry for help from a fellow blogger (who will remain anonymous) and upon investigating the cause, it turns out, they have installed a little flash control that looks really cool, but has a major problem. It comes Free, with POPUPS!

    Not the simple kind of popups, but those that are really hard to detect. Like the one I outlined here

    The new culprit appears to be, another one had, which was wreaking havoc on another website in the Arab sphere. A third had (Links broken deliberately)

    Now, here's how these evil dudes work

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