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All Flash, is NOT 2.0

    It amuses me at times to take a stroll among the upcoming and promising Jordanian radio stations and their websites. Which I have criticized in the past as being, backward, non-functional and stuck in the 1990s.

    So what do 80% of them do? Not due to my criticism, they decide to redesign their sites using all flash.

    Bravo, it's flashy. It still sucks!

    (Jordan radio guide courtesy of Nasimjo)

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    The Jewish professor

    Just about every term, I come across someone who flunked a very easy subject, with the very same excuse..

    "The Jewish professor". It became sort of a given that Jewish professors are going to make you fail the class. Not the fact that he doesn't even know how you look like because you hardly show up.

    And not the fact that these students hardly studied or know anything about the very simple subject!

    "The dog ate my homework" sounds like a good excuse now, doesn't it?


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    Trust me, you're not that attractive!

    This is my advice to all the young men out there, BEWARE OF EVE!

    Son, unless you're already a movie star, rock star, or you commonly have women throw their underwear at you, as the scream their name hysterically, or as you drive by you find teenage girls with your picture drawn on their faces or hanging in their bedrooms. Then you're really really really not that attractive. Despite what everyone tells you.

    Now that I offended 99.99% of all the guys out there, here's my advice. NEVER, EVER trust a beautiful woman who shows interest in you. If it's too good to be true, it usually is.

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    طول ما انتي جمبي

    عارفين كيف لمّا اغنيّة تعلّق في راس الواحد و خلص مش ممكن تروح؟

    خصوصا اذا كنت حاسس كل كلمة في الأغنية لانها بالفعل كأنها جزء من حياتك؟

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    Never get a Tatto!

    Trust me on this...

    They "might" sound like a cute idea at some point in life, it might sound adventurous and attractive. But believe me, they're not. Chances are they will be the very thing that people will identify you by. What does that mean?

    Forget finding a top job, forget landing that great position. Forget about ever achieving anything above lower management.

    That's exactly what happened to Julian, a good friend of mine!

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    It's the law, stupid!

    It's sad when people abuse anything to push their own agenda onto unsuspecting (or less educated) people. No matter how benevolent the goal is, it's exactly like some religious clerics misrepresented religion by passing on their own interpretation as the world of god!

    It happened, and it will continue to happen, but in the past 2 days, it has happened to me twice! Since I'm not the type of person who gets worked up about coincidences my only other explanation is that it happens more than we can even start to imagine.

    From Males asking for "divine" rights over their wives, to parents asking unimaginable achievements because it says so in the book somewhere, to evil companies trying to up-sell other services because "Your phone needs to access a special kind of internet which is more expensive than the -other- internet". Oh and mind you, neither is free.

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    Bumptop, organize your life, and some rumors

    Oh my god, this a better UI than any released OS out there ... Just give it a spin. It's free (if you have the hardware to support it, and chances are, you already do)

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    Who would you like to buy today?

    Everything is for sale! Yep, that's one of the grown-up facts that we try not to think about! But it's true!

    Apparently, Google is in gearing up to devour the tweety little twitter birdie, from the very same folks that brought to you, (and sold to Google) Blogger. Do these guys ever run out of stupid ideas that make billions? [Stupid here is not being used negatively, but rather with great admiration]

    Rumor has it that Facebook tried to guy twitter for ... drum roll... Half a BILLION dollars. But that didn't work. But it's really dumb from both sides. WHY would Facebook buy something they already have? Remember those annoying status updates? That's Twitter for you FB! Tsk tsk tsk ... shame on you!

    So in 140 letters or less tell me, What are you buying today?

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    We might be the last generation

    Over the weekend, we installed our first all LED light bulb in our house. These are the latest in power efficiency and conservation. Not only that, they live up to 60,000 hours of operation. Howe long is 60,000 hours? Almost 6 years 10 months of 24 hour use.

    Here's the best part, they consume about 1.5w. Just to put this in perspective. A typical light bulb consumes about 60w. A compact florescent about 15w.

    Since I haven't made any futuristic predictions recently. I am going to predict things that we might be the last generation to see. One of them, is the light bulb!

    Yes, the good old Edison invention is on its way out of history. Why? What would replace it? Simply think "Why do you need a light bulb when you can generate light in just about any shape there is?". With the very low power consumption of LED lights, imagine the office of the future to have Light generating panels on the ceiling. Or walls. The whole office can illuminate if need be using paper-thin illuminating tiles!

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    I remember when I was looking for a graduation project. I was walking the streets, asking people what problems they had.  I only received one answer, "Ahamdulillah". (Thank god)

    Fine Alhamdulillah, but what problems do you have? Can you let me in on what pains you? What frustrates you? Anything that can make your life easier? Better? faster? more efficient?

    Again, all I heard was "Alhamdulillah"...

    Minutes later I would often hear something like, those Japanese geniuses know how to invent awesome little gadgets. Did you see this little thing that looks so cool and flashy? I have no idea how to use it. But it's fascinating

    I guess, that's because the Japanese don't know how to say Alhamdulillah!

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