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Buffed jerk!

    It's really interesting to monitor the behavior of steroid pumped dudes with their testosterone (from concentrate) takes control of their higher brain functions.

    Shouting, frantic gestures and upset looks on their faces for nothing more than someone passing next to them. Weird! But if you're under the influence of those steroids, I guess all bets are off!

    And your arm (or other vital organs) can spontaneously explode!

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    Marwan, from college

    This morning, I was pleasantly surprised with a call from one of my very best friends. We've been out of touch for a very long time. He's gone to Dubai to make his billions. For all I know, he's almost there, and I'm couldn't feel any happier or prouder.

    It was funny and shocking to exchange ideas on what happened in these years. How the dirtiest guy ended up with the school's slut. How our friends ended up where they are now. How the guys lost the hair they used to boast. How the girls lost the battle to gravity. How the guys became more "attractive" after they made a few bucks. And how the plumpy, chubby, sweet chicks could only get married after they lost their baby fat.

    It was a good healthy dose of "historical" gossip. Most of what we exchanged was hot news few years back but pretty much.

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    Impending Disaster?

    I was flipping through the few Arabic channels that we get over here and landed on Dubai Satellite TV as they were showing the economic report. Everything appeared peachy and profits are up from the same quarter last year (2008)

    The problem is that you don't need to listen to the government run TV station to realize that there is a huge discrepancy in the story here. The world knows that this economic crisis is large, deep and far reaching. There's no escaping it! No matter where you are

    Even if you were in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. So is there a disaster in the works?

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    Mean parents

    It cracks me up when kids' innocence show the true colors of their parents...

    Especially those parents who are really really mean.

    But particularly those who try so hard to appear as sweet, nice and innocent

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    The end of an Era: RIP Geocities

    Yahoo finally did it, after acquiring the "Facebook" of its time "Geocities" over 10 years ago for a whopping $4B. It has successfully managed to turn that to a waste land of sites riddled with Phish, malware and exploits.

    It saddens me because I recall my very first site online back in 1996(?) hosted freely on Geocities.

    Without Geocities, free web hosting, or services like free blogging pages that most of us are enjoying these days wouldn't have ever materialized into anything. Yes, that includes you on BlogSpot, Wordpress, Jeeran and any other platform free hosting platform

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    Reason 2345432 why homosexuality is a choice

    If certain people can fight with their demons for a life time and never have sex...

    So can people who enjoy homosexuality

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    The Arab Bill Maher?

    This is -sadly- hilarious...

    If you're having trouble accessing the video, try going here

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    New preview thumbs at Qwaider Planet

    As I'm always trying to find ways to make reader's experience more pleasant and easy. I thought I would enhance Qwaider Planet with a feature that I've had on my mind for a very long time. Thumb previews for posts.

    Qwaider Planet Thumbnails

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    Way before google!

    Before the word google became a common household name. I knew what Googol means (not a typo)

    Thanks to this man... May "God" rest his soul, for all his contributions to mankind

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