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Ads or no Ads, that is the question

    Have you thought of monetizing from your blog? Have you been contemplating with the idea of accepting ads to help with the costs? Are you struggling with what to do, and if you should do it? Are you trying to know if it's worth your while?

    Well, after running ads on my blog for a good while I can confidently say, go for it. Run ads, Monetize on your blog's success and help offset those costs.

    Here, I will help demystify some of the common misconceptions about running Ads on your blog/Forum/Social Network or any kind of web presence that you might have. It's free, easy and almost guaranteed to make you money.

    It has been ... for me. If it wasn't for binding contracts, and policy of the advertisers. I would have revealed how much. But I can't. Let's just say it's considerable. Enough for me, to positively recommend it.

    Anyway, on with the tips, and some thoughts

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    BAJD: It's time for action! Calling all Jordanians

    Only five days left for Blog About Jordan Day II, and it's time for Action!

    Jordan might not be your own country. Or your homeland. It might be your neighbor. It might be the country of your friends or distant relatives. However, it is a part of your world, and for that every Jordan loving person should take a moment to take some action in support of Blog about Jordan day. Regardless of our views, regardless of our ideas, and regardless of our personal feelings towards anything other than this effort.

    This is the time where we all stand together in solidarity, forgetting all our differences and focusing on one thing and one thing only...

    Our love for our country

    This year, I hope to see Queen Rania among the people Blogging or Vlogging about Jordan. Yes, it's what we do all year round. But this day, is our special day on the vast blogosphere.

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    There's something about the rain...

    That drags you out of your warm bed in the morning to enjoy the pouring bliss. Something about the little tingling droplets as they smack the glass of my skylights and make that wonderful, comforting sound that feels like a short circuit between your heart, and your maker

    You can't be kneel in awe and make a little wish...

    Ya Rab, help my mother through these tough minutes as she goes under the scalpel...

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    Schizophrenia Emails

    For some odd reason. The same people who are polluting my inbox with tons of religious "Miracles" and less controversial "spreading the blessings" emails. Are the very same people sending me extremely hot emails with pornographic content, naked women, and "funny" clips of guys undressing women in the street as a "Joke" and running away

    I really can't help but wonder, what goes through the minds of my friends (and relatives) who send me these things? How can the two extremes reconcile and coexist at the same time in the same brain

    The only answer was, schizophrenia!

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    If you want to wear Hijab

    Then wear it!

    If you don't want to wear it. Then DON'T

    But walking around THINKING that you're wearing Hijab when half your bust is showing, and I can clearly read tattoo on your lower back while walking like you're god's gift to this earth and worse, judging other women who are not wearing it as being sluts, is ... what's the word... Ghrrr ... I can't write it on my blog!

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    Wordpress Blog About Jordan badges available

    As promised, Blog about Jordan II Badges for Wordpress are now available. Please update your links

    When congratulations get stuck in your throat

    I'm by no means a supporter of Nietzschean supremacy of healthy people over those less fortunate, and I would fight to the death for any disabled or sick person to have their rights including but not limited to every single right a healthy person has.

    But, there are couple of occasions that I just feel pain as I utter the mandatory "Congratulations" words.

    What complicates the matter even more, is knowing, ahead of time, how miserable people will be after you "congratulate them" but have nothing better to say.

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