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Article removed

    As requested, this article was removed. I'm posting this place holder in place of that article.

    Please don't be disappointed

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    Going on a date

    I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!

    I'm going on a date today and the whole world can crash and burn for all I care, we're hitting the town and going to enjoy a very well deserved night out around the town and some romantic Italian food.

    I don't think any other food is as comforting yet as romantic as Italian food. It might not be as yummy as say Ma7shi, but it sure has a romantic side that Ma7shi can't match. For some reason, to me, everything else is mommy food, but Italian isn't.

    We might still end up eating some Moroccan finger food while watching a belly dancer contort to the Americanized belly dance music... Hmm, I think I will check that out!

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    محدثي النعمة

    يعني على اي اساس يتم ضمي الى اسامة الرمح؟ و انا لا ناقة لي و لا بعير في كل الموضوع! كما انّني لست من المشاركين او حتى انصار ما يسمى بحملة ضد الشواذ. و لا اروّج ابدا لأي نوع من العنف او التمييز ضد المثليين او غيرهم. بل على العكس طالبت و اطالب بالحريات و العدالة الإجتماعية لكافي الفئات المقموعة و الأقليات العرقية في كل محل. و حقوق غير المواطنين و حقوق المرأة و حرية الأشخاص في التعبير بكل اشكاله

    لكن هذه الأخيرة، حريّة التعبير، صعبة المنال، فهي كسؤال البليون في برنامج ليلي، محتاج ل400 عقل من وزن اينشتاين حتى يفك رموز هذه العملية الشائكة

    منذ عدة ايّام، طرحت تسائل حول اجراء عملية ديمقراطية لحذف المدوّنات، و خصوصا المسيئة للديانات، و التي تدعوا للعنف (ضد الطنطات مثلا، او ضد المرأة)و العنصرية بكل اشكالها و التي تروّج للأعمال اللا اخلاقية، و القرصنة، و ترويج الإشاعات، و ذوات المستوى المتردي. و كنت اتمنى لو وصلنا لحل مجدى كأن نقوم بالتصويت على الأمر بطريقة ديمقراطية. تساعد الجميع و تحل الأزمة بشكل "حضاري" فمن الواضح ان العديدن باتو مقتنعين ان حق الإضافة الى المجتمعات التدوينية هو حق منصوص عليه في الدستور و ميثاق الأمم المتحدة و اتفاقية جنيف لحقوق الإنسان

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    BAJD: Supporting our homegrown efforts

    For a small country of 6 million people. Jordan doesn't fall short in creativity, having broad and very bold visions. Striving to take a place among the stars in a sky that is becoming exceedingly crowded.

    It would have been a bit easier to achieve these bold vision had we -as Jordanians- supported one another, and initiatives regardless of how or who is taking the time and effort to do something that helps this country.

    In fact, if you're Jordanian, you're most likely to find more acceptance and appeal outside Jordan than inside it. With the exception of the Royal family which is mostly supported unconditionally. Possibly for very good reasons (like fear or hypocrisy), but never the less supported by the majority.

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    BAJD: Follow up on the EVENT Live, right here

    Dear All
    This is a place holder, everything will be tracked in this post and a follow up post will be added for the summary.

    If anyone is interested in following up on their own blogs, please let me know

    Queen Rania launches Ahl El Himmeh initiative

    The ever creative HM Queen Rania launched a new initiative to reach out to the unsung heroes of the nation. People who work hard, to make a difference. People who strive to better the conditions of the society around them, despite the hardship. Despite the impossibility of the task, they never falter, and press on with their dream towards a better society, a better Jordan, and change..

    I think such initiatives are really needed kingdom-wide, we need them to become a common staple in our society and part of our daily lives. Recognition and gratitude to people who go out of their way to be the best they can be

    This all comes under a pretty catchy name, and website:

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    Three strikes system, Vote now!

    Hey folks...

    Recently, a number of people have expressed concern over the quality and type of articles being posted on Jordan Blogs and Qwaider Planet. Therefore, I decided to reach out to the readers and democratically establish some new rules. This is the first one of these

    How it works...

    1. Majority wins, as simple as that.
    2. The vote is completely anonymous
    3. Anyone can cast their vote.
    4. ANYONE can host it on their site, if they have any interest in influencing this democratic process

    It only takes one request to get included. It will take way more than that to get removed...

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    2012: Would you really want to know?

    Some are saying the end is nigh, and the due date is sometime in 2012. Some claim the Mayan civilization have foreseen the future and based on their calendar 2012 is the year. Similar ominous prediction was made by Nostradamus.

    Many others said the end is near more than once in the past. Dates have come and gone, (remember 1999/2000?) These massive hallucinations/Panic have happened several times past. But we're still here...

    The question that comes to mind, would you really want to know?

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    How to detect fake democracy advocates

    It's beautiful how people seek every opportunity to brag about Democracy and to attack Islam as being "Anti-democratic" yet at every democratic display (as in anti-Israeli demonstrations) they start talking about "Civilized" forms of protesting.

    Forgetting, or conveniently omitting the fact that demonstrations are actually a form of democracy. A form of demanding change. A human right. A form of expression that is protected under the Geneva conventions, and a simple human right.

    But of course, we know that such people are really not proponents of Democracy or anything. They're just full of hot air!

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    Have you ever imagined human life as being parasitic? Not only human, but life in general, appears to be parasitic and overwhelming nature with "unnatural" chemicals eating away of planets, and consuming natural resources, and later on polluting nature as we pump tremendous amounts of chemicals into nature and causing it to suffocate and die. Although, death is an attribute of life only.

    But we can still consider planets, and stars alive as they do appear to go through cycles of what constitutes life.

    How do you define life? That's a very difficult concept to define...

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