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Things we learn...

    The little kid inside me refuses to acknowledge certain lessons in this life, and just refuses at times believe that this is how the world is. But, some good quality time I spent with a very interesting high ranking official made drove it home for me.

    I must have herd these words a million times before, and possibly you have as well. But the number of times doesn't really matter as much as actually listening. Understanding and applying what we hear from others.

    There are people that will never like you. EVER! It doesn't matter if you're the best person on the face of the planet. These people will just never like you. The consequence of that is also pretty simple, but it's equally as important, so learn this. Don't try to please everyone for you will most certainly fail. Don't waste your time trying. It will just not happen.

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    Never forget, it's payback time!

    What do all the honor murderers try to accomplish with murder? To wipe out the shame and the name of their victims from history. Right?

    Here's a good way we, as a society, help thwart that goal. Let's all keep their memory alive!

    Do you know the name of an honor murder victim? From anywhere in the world? Well, here's your chance to avenge her tormented soul

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    Failure to plan..

    On your side, doesn't constitute an emergency on mine!

    I'm completely perplexed by the way some people work. It's so stupid and counter productive to wait until the key person on a project steps out to start a fire-drill that only that person can fix.

    I am really surprised how some people think, or work!

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    The weird side of homosexuality

    Things I don't get, no matter how hard I tried to rationalize...

    First, I'm not against homosexuality, I believe everyone is free to make that a choice and I don't want to get in discussions regarding that being a choice or not. I think it is. And I will not change my mind about it (Just like priesthood where people choose to be celibate)

    I'm also all for giving rights to homosexuals. Even allowing them to get married. But not adoption (Just I don't agree to give such a right to single parents). I think it's a job that needs two people. One male and one female.

    What I also believe is that if someone has gone through transgender operation, then he/she becomes the new gender. And gets the full rights (and obligations) of the new gender.

    Now with my disclaimers out of the way, (since this is one topic that simply can't be written without a lot of disclaimers), here comes my thoughts..

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    Call for action: Jordanians against Honor Killings

    Let me be completely frank with you, I'm not a lawyer, and I don't know the specifics of the Jordanian (or any Arab) law against so called "Honor" killings. But I know one thing. Rights are not bestowed by royal decrees. Although, those help, or hinder sometimes.

    What I know is that we as people need to all come together and start something. A campaign, a demonstration to protest the unjust, inhuman, and extremely degrading dishonor killing pardons that are spelled out in the law. It's time for action

    I'm POSITIVE, I'm not the first to call for such action. And I'm positive I'm not going to be the last. I'm also positive that this campaign should be carried out, online and offline. In shops, streets, radio stations, on billboards, on sides of buses, in social gatherings, in TV ads, during cigarette breaks, in weddings, funerals, churches, mosques, collages, universities and schools. Focus on that last part the most. We need to educate people. In all possible ways.

    Isn't it time for all of this to end? Why are we waiting for divine, *cough* royal *cough* intervention to protect our daughters, sisters and mothers. To protect our future generations, but most importantly, to protect the innocent from the looseness of the law which allows people to walk away from paying judge, jury and executioner based on mere suspicion?

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    When can we expect graduates to know

    How many people who graduated with you, know anything about the major they're studying? Yes, they got the marks, they passed the classes, the fooled the professors (or not), but they managed to game the system into receiving a degree.

    Well, good for them. But what happens next is what's important, and what happens? We end up with the greatest ratio of illiterate degree holders in the world, if there was a measurement for such a thing.

    Truth is, many people go to school to achieve a certain social status, to help them get married, to give them the proper networking circles. But not getting a real education or building on that education in anyway..

    Worse yet? Some even go to the ever growing number of post graduate programs all over the place to be worse illiterates, with higher degrees.

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    It's finally HERE!

    The long overdue Internet Explorer 8 is FINALLY released

    Today, we’re excited to release the final build of Internet Explorer 8 to the web. It’s now available for download from It’s available in 25 languages, across Windows Vista, XP and Server in 32-bit and 64-bit versions

    -Dean Hachamovitch


    More secure

    IE blocks over a million phishing attacks a month. It also has a huge impact on protecting against malware – our data shows that one in forty users running IE8 have been protected from malware each week. An independent study shows that IE8 protects against twice as many malware attacks as any other browser. IE8 has click-jacking protection, per user ActiveX, cross-browser scripting attack prevention and many other security enhancements that will make end-users’ online lives safer.

    And works! (for real), out of the box, and protects it's users!

    We discovered that users don’t care about why a browser crashes when it fails, they care about getting back quickly to where they were and minimizing downtime. In IE8, we now have tab crash isolation – when one tab of the browser fails, it doesn’t bring down the entire browser

    There are over 1,200 accelerators, web slices and visual search providers out there already today, including Digg, ESPN, OneRiot, Amazon, Sina, TaoBao, and Yahoo.

    Here's where you can get rid of your old stupid IE7 and get IE 8

    (Did I mention that it's free?)

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    BAJD: The Star

    Thanks to Hatem for pointing BAJD coverage by the amazing Ebtihal Mahadeen (Who also covered Bajd for GlobalVoices Online) has been also echoed outside the blogosphere on the pages of printed material. The Jordanian weekly Newspaper (The Star), published by Jordan Press & Publishing Co (Addustour) has run this nice article about BAJD

    Here's where you can read the whole thing:(You can zoom in and out, and drag around to see other parts of the images)

     I have it in this format so people can actually enjoy reading the print like they would a newspaper, however, if you would like to read the full text, follow this link

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    Previewing: Duplicity

    What do you get when you cross Julia Roberts with Clive Owen in a Mr & Mrs Smith crossed with Ocean 11 flick?

    The answer, A romantic-comedy-thriller.

    Pretty interesting concept

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    Our problems, and our self censorship

    We have a problem

    Over the past few years, many Arab bloggers have been detained, prosecuted or harassed by their own countries. Worldwide, bloggers have been fired from their positions or had charges thrown at them by the companies they work for.

    Many started to self censor their articles. Not only to make them better suited for the masses. But also for the red eyes watchful eyes of the "security" agencies around the world.

    What this clearly means is simple. We have a problem. A HUGE problem, it's bubbling underneath. Sooner or later it will explosively erupt and explode spilling out lava rivers of issues that continue to be pending resolution or even consideration.

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