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Democracy is the worst form of government

    except for all those others that have been tried...

    -Sir Winston Churchill

    It's also worth mentioning that Churchill was beaten by a Palestinian, in Gaza!

    Democracy today, is a big fat lie, something that doesn't exist, and never really existed. Although, many would rush quickly to condemn me as Anti-progress, I'm not, I'm more progressive than you can imagine. But, not mindlessly. I think, I weigh, and I understand how the world works.

    Let me explain what I mean, but before I start, I want to reaffirm that I love democracy. I would love to live in a Democracy. I would like to have my children grow up in a democracy. A real democracy, and not a fake lie like we have today.

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    On making mistakes, and fixing them

    To err is human, to forgive is divine

    I'm only human, and I make mistakes just like everyone else. However, being in the awkward position that I'm in right now. There are certain mistakes that I simply can't afford to make. Not only that, but certain rights and liberties that I can no longer practice.

    I consider myself a responsible member in the blogging community, however, that doesn't allow me to free myself from my human shell, my human tendency to make mistakes. Although, the world looks a little more forgiving towards junior members, and with a lot more scrutiny to others.

    Let me be candid on this one, no aliases. No insulations.. I made a mistake, and it was simple, I abused the power I have, there is no politically correct way to say this. I screwed up! I disappointed myself before anyone as I really hold myself to a high bar. But this time, I screwed up!

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    Don't be humble

    Don't be humble, You're not that great!

    I would say, simply ... Amazing!

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    Definition of a scientist

    Is a man who understood nothing until there was nothing left to understand

    XBOX + Netflix = HEAVEN!

    We just spent the past couple of hours watching a movie we missed in the theatre. It was one heck of an experience. I signed up to the service, and in 2 minutes flat I was streaming HD quality video to my TV.

    No late fees, no DVDs to return, no driving up to the video rental store. NOTHING ... just few clicks and the video was playing in full glorious HD quality!

    I was totally blown away. Something I don't usually say about any Microsoft product, but this time. I WAS really blown away!

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    The uncivilized Swiss

    Damn anti-globalization uncivilized rioters ... Chanting Globalization SUCKS!

    Just in case someone thinks it's only Arabs who are "uncivilized"

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