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Live from KJ's dream!

    (9:43:36 AM) KJ: wlaaaaaaaaa
    (9:43:48 AM) Qwaider: sho ya amar?
    (9:43:52 AM) KJ: 7alman feek
    (9:43:54 AM) KJ: :D
    (9:44:13 AM) KJ: ma yroo7 fekrak la b3eed :P
    (9:44:30 AM) Qwaider: no it won't :)
    (9:44:30 AM) KJ: it was awesome actually, want me to narrate?
    (9:44:46 AM) Qwaider: sure :)
    (9:44:50 AM) KJ: great
    (9:45:09 AM) KJ: we were living on a small landmass with two cities merged into each other
    (9:45:17 AM) KJ: amman and, of all places, washington
    (9:45:28 AM) KJ: but not the washington u know, it's just symbolic of east and west
    (9:45:51 AM) Qwaider: aywa
    (9:45:56 AM) Qwaider: khair allahyumma ij3alo khair

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    It's more likely that the universe doesn't exist

    So live your life and enjoy God's bliss.

    In fact, If you're a Muslim, you're actually ASKED to Live and Enjoy your life. Not only that, but to enjoy every day as if it was your last.

    Scientifically speaking, the probability of the universe existing is far less than it not existing. It's scientifically documented that it's improbably that energy and matter can spontaneously come to existence.

    Let alone matter existing, combining, making larger-cooler matter, compounds, molecules, interacting with other molecules, creating stars, galaxies, planets, and more complex matter, then spawning life, not just any life, but life that grows, flourishes, combines to become multi-cellular and grows and diversifies to the point it eventually and out of no where, has a spark of intelligence. In fact, enough intelligence to question the very essence of this universe and how it came to exist. This is so highly unlikely that most evidence proves that we, seriously, should not exist! If it wasn't for a very LONG and interesting set of coincidences.

    Coincidences, is God's way to remains anonymous. (Albert Einstein)

    Humans have a tough battle. We know, and can sense -almost- everything on our planet, we can visually see few light-years away, and few hundred light years away using radio astronomy. We think we understand parts of the creation. Unfortunately, we really don't. At least not yet.

    In this one million page book of the universe, we have barely seen the first ink-dots of the first letter of the Title. It's hard for us judge this book when we have not finished even the name of this book

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    I hate Captcha

    And yet again, my hate for Captcha has been realized in what is clearly a "breakthrough" that hackers managed to achieve against the STUPIDITY of Captcha.

    (I use it because I absolutely have to and only after ALL other data intelligence that I perform when collecting comments fails)

    But Captchas are stupid! They are stupid BY DESIGN.

    Ok, enough ranting. Now to some information.

    Apparently, some hackers managed to crack the latest and greatest hotmail Captcha. Have you seen it? It's MAD in its complexity. But, yet again, it was broken, and trust me. So have EVERY POSSIBLE CAPTCHA you have seen online.

    Why Hotmail? Because despite Gmails success, it's still #1 trusted Email source (conditions aren't that much better at Google by the way. Spam is just all over the place) My Gmail account is totally overrun by spam and I never even use my Gmail account for anything!

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    Ignorance, is the root of all fears

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    My theological disclaimer

    I received many whispers, emails and private instant messages from my friends who urged me to explain my position on other religions (no not from Kinzi so stop asking)

    Anyway, I would like to assure everyone that I have utmost respect to all religions, and lack of. However, and on an equal level of candor, I view my personal beliefs to be superior to all others. I think there's nothing wrong here. If I thought Hinduism is the answer I would have followed it

    Also for the couple who keep telling me that I'm a Muslim because I was born and raised Muslim. Again, I make most of my choices without any interference. In fact, I disagree with more religious people than I disagree with atheists. (And my local Muslim friends can vouch for that). I was even kicked out of the Muslim alias because of my views. But that doesn't define who I am or dictates my response. It doesn't shake my faith because, and this is important, it's based on other people's actions.

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    We are all Muslims

    We are all Muslims about most of the other religions, ideologies, philosophies or lack of, that societies have believed in, some of us just go one ideology further.

    Having faith that there is are no God(s) is faith itself. It comes with all its luggage and tax. It has its zealots, and idiots. It also has its moderates and sensible pacifists........ Just like every faith in the world

    Atheistic Zealots? Am I nuts? Could there be such a thing?
    Look around you, it's everywhere... Truth is, no one can infer the meaning of life from science, philosophy or anything else for that matter...

    We think we know... We have theories and models. We work really hard to prove them only to have them completely discredited and disproved a century, a decade, a year later.

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    Dressing up kids

    Couple of days ago, we were out having a yummy Valentine's day breakfast, between the strawberries, chocolate mousse and whipped cream toppings, while laughing at couple of Indian guys committing blaspheme by eating some beef, something weird caught the corner of my eye and really got me upset.

    I have said in the past that I'm against having little girls in the Islamic religious hijab. Now, I have nothing personally against hijab. But having 5 year old walk around all covered up, without even knowing, or understanding why. Isn't really my idea of "proper raising". Nor does it have anything to do with Islamic tradition nor is it mandatory by Islam.

    Equally as bad are those who insist on dressing their 5 year old 'princess' in slutty little bratz outfit. I mean, yes, these are kids and should be able to do whatever and dress however they please. But there is a certain amount of cover-up that should be required here. It's really improper to have these little kids, walking around, half naked wearing what can barely cover up their skid mark filled underwear!

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    Maintaining radio silence

    This has been the greatest Valentine's WEEK, EVER!

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    Synchronize your life

    If you've had to share files, pictures, music, favorite radio stations or -whatever- recently you, have probably received them through this AMAZING new technology that has been -literally- long overdue. But in this connected world. There is no such a thing as too late... This Amazing video (check the awesome MacBook Air in it), shows how you can simply and easily synchronize (and simplify) your life

    And that's how it's been for us for the past few weeks with Microsoft live Mesh. Oh by the way, this service is FREE! Not a promotion, not a trial. It's totally and completely FREE!

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    Do you feel the need?

    The need for Speed!

    Over the past few months, this blog has become increasingly slower due to the number of visitors and the size and other services that rely on it.

    So today, I took the plunge and updated the hosting for this site, and I would really appreciate it if anyone could tell me if they feel any change in performance

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