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Cold beds

    Gosh, I've been so damn busy, it's not even remotely funny!

    It's so weird how the bed turns out to be the coldest spot in the house, it's just puzzling!

    Last night, I had the bed warmer on, I had two blankets on and a comforter on top and I still felt like I was sleeping in a freezer!

    It truly sucks to be all alone in your cold bed!

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    Blog About Jordan Day Widgets ready

    Hi everyone

    The widgets for Blog About Jordan Day for 2009 are ready. You can pick them up from here

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    BAJD: Blog About Jordan Day 2009

    It's hard to believe that it has been a year already since we last had our first Blog About Jordan day. It was one of the most amazing and successful endeavors I've every undertaken. I couldn't have felt any more pride than that day. It was one amazing festival. Everyone participated with great enthusiasm, it was just wonderful.

    It's that time of year again. March is is the month of Blog About Jordan day. March 12th to be exact. This year it's going to be even more spectacular than last year.

    "This blog is proud to participate in Blog About Jordan day activity"


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    Do you believe in Voodoo? Black magic? Or magic in general?

    Science tries to disprove that there is anything supernatural, or meta physical. All I have to say to that is, "What do you call a supernatural thing that you can explain? ... Natural"

    Everything at a certain point was supernatural. The sun, the earth, the oceans, Fire... etc, everything was supernatural. Until we were able to unlock its mysteries

    Maybe this Voodoo stuff is real! Maybe we haven't yet unlocked it's secrets. From the things that have been going on with me recently, I'm starting to feel that it's possible and that it exists!


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    A day from hell!

    In the past 24 hours...

    My uncle passed away, may his soul rest in peace

    My father in law was admitted to the ICU

    My mother was admitted to the hospital to have an exploratory surgery in her arteries. Later she was diagnosed with poor perfusion in some arties and she is going to undergo 4 surgeries starting next week!

    What else is about to go wrong?!

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    ريحتها بصل

    الكليشيه الشهير، رخصة كل رجل من حياة زوجية بائسة بعد ان مَنّ الله عليه بثروة لم يكن يحلم بها. و بعد ان افنت زوجته حياتها في خدمته و خدمه ابنائهم.

    ريحتها بصل!

    و مباشرة تجد الناس، تحرّك رؤوسها انّها "تتفهم" مأساة المناضل، الشهيد الحي، الزوج المغلوب على امره الذي تحمّل المصاعب، و اهوال الحياة. مسكين! يعاني فــ(ريحتها بصل)

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    Add Qwaider Planet to your Live Messenger

    It's been a while since I last introduced something new to Qwaider Planet readers. New, Messenger integration.

    Now you can get notified anytime there's a new article on Qwaider Planet. Through your Messenger Account, all you have to do is click on the image below and sign up, you can later select to have the notifications go to your Messenger, your email or even (if you're that savvy) to your mobile phone

    Windows Live Alerts
    Add Qwaider Planet Alerts

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    Democracy vs Freedom of speech


    Who do you think should win, Democracy or Freedom of speech?

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    Two years old

    Today, is the first day of my third year without a single puff of smoke entering my mouth. I kicked the habit and so can you

    I have to admit, at first, I wasn't sure it's going to last, and look at me today ..  No Cigarettes, no hookah, No Cigar, No-a-thing that makes smoke.. NOTHING!


    Remember this counter? 

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    Best Commercial in the Universe

    Are you sure they're not In Basra?

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