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Closing down Guantanamo Bay

    It hasn't been many hours since Obama assumed presidency until he took the very first humane act contradicting the reign of terror that preceded him.

    Obama will be signing 3 executive orders Tomorrow (that's Thursday) that in effect will shut down one of the darkest spots in the American history, Guantanamo bay.

    This is to happen over the course of next year.

    But not only that, the new orders go over the treatment of detainees and the use of Torture! A serious blow to Jack Bauer and other Bush era, torture loving, sadistic blood suckers.

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    Site Preview

    I've been so busy, it's not even funny...

    But, in between scheduling very long jobs, I had couple of minutes to tinker with an old idea that I had for a while. Adding little site preview pictures next to the names of people leaving me comments. Think of it like "Gravatar for the websites"

    As far as I know, there's no other blogging engine in the world that has such a feature

    What do you guys think? Good? bad?

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    The Arab's biggest chance

    Looking to Massively influence everything in the US? This is the best time ever to do so.

    I'm not talking about good relationships with Obama (Although, that goes without saying), what I am talking about is the global financial crisis that is facing the US, and everywhere else in the world, and the fix is simple

    Arab investments have lost 2.5 TRILLION dollars over the past year according to one Kuwaiti Analyst. That's "Lost". How would the world look like if only 10% of those 2.5 Trillion were used as bailout for: Banks/Mortgage companies in the US. Car manufacturers and all other struggling industries?

    The first question would be, so what are we getting back from all of this?

    The simple answer is, A LOT!

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    مع القلعة


    الله يلعنك مطرح ما تروح

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    The biggest losers

    After the genocidal regime of the illegal occupation Israeli entity have finished their ethnic cleansing campaign against the unarmed people of Gaza. I think it's time for us to look around and collect who are the biggest losers other than the people who played the ultimate price for "EXISTING" and practicing democracy. The helpless, but defiant people of Gaza. May they rest in peace and may the souls of the dead and injured continue to haunt the murdering bastards of the Illegal Zionist Entity.

    Loser #1: Hosni Mubarak

    Hosni Mubarak's dictatorship has emerged as one of the biggest losers after being slapped by at least three scandals. First when he was implicated with the start of the Zionist mad campaign against women and children. Second when he was accused of providing cover and time for the Zionist war machine to mow down more innocent lives. And finally, when the murderers in Tel Aviv (A suburb of Arab Jaffa) declared their so called "Unilateral cease fire" without first consulting or even informing their "Allies" [Other than those mentioned in the Murderer Olmert speech, which were either European or American]

    But all of that is nothing compared to the world wide view of the person. He's being viewed with the same level of disrespect that George W Bush has earned. Even children are more respected than the Egyptian dictator aka the "Laughing Cow"

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    Gaza war - OVER! Yeah right!

    The murderer Olmert just announced an end of hostilities. He apologized and sympathized with the downed and injured 13 Israelis in these "Hard times"

    He didn't mention a single casualty in Gaza or if there were humans living there. They were there to just kill Hamas, there is no one else over there. They "accomplished" this objective, and thinks they "won". Oh and in passing, at the end, he says that he sympathizes. What a liar!

    Not only that, they have accomplished all objectives. Let's see how long is this going to last

    In my view, in war, there are no winners. There are losers, and murderers.

    By the way, this "cease fire" doesn't mean they're withdrawing. It's a continuation of the occupation... Let's examine the lies

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    Are we really alone?

    Every day, Muslims around the globe face Mecca, and utter the following words. "Thank you God, the Lord of the Worlds". Muslims have been saying that verse for 1400 years. Exactly unchanged. Uttered in language that has it's very powerful and accurate subtleties. So every letter or even intonation serves a purpose and a meaning.

    There's a very famous equation, called "Drake equation", here explained by the one and only the late Carl Sagan (one of my personal heroes)

    At the time of this recording of his amazing series "Cosmos" back in the early 80's he didn't know Pluto would be downgraded from its planetary status and we'll be left with 8 planets instead of -- did he say 10--? I guess they were more hopeful at the time. Or he had a different interpretation for the word "Planet" that the IAU.

    Also at the time of the recording, advances in finding extra-solar planets were still at their infancy and as of today more than 300 hundred such extra-solar planets were found and the number is rising rapidly.

    What I love about Carl Sagan, is unlike many he litters his sentences with probabilistic words. Like, "May", "Could", "Conceivable", "Probably", "At least one", "Chance" ..etc and takes nothing as a given fact. A trait common among real prominent scientists. Especially when talking about theories.

    Now Carl Sagan turned out to be wrong, and the formula he explains (A theory that was taken as a given for a while) turned also to be wrong. Based on how rare earth-like planets appear to be..

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    How to end your Career with a Bang

    And tell the whole world to F' OFF!

    It took only 3 hours to create this "MOU", it's taking Arab Leaders (and the UN, and the rest of the world) 22 days, and they STILL have not done anything to convince Israel of anything. Bias?

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    Just in case you were doubting the resistance...

    In 1967 Jordan, Syria, Egypt, with 280,000 troops lost:

    1) Gaza, area: 3602Km

    2) The whole west bank 57602Km

    3) Golan 12002km

    4) Sinai peninsula 61,0002Km

    Total: 683202km

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    نوّاب ... كلاب

    يا نوّاب
    يا غُيّاب
    ما ان دقّت ساعة الرجال
    حتى انقلبتم اذناب
    تخلّيتم عن شرفكم
    و فاقتكم في النخوة
    قمامة فوقها ذباب

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