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    Seriously speaking, I can eat Mansaf every single day.

    Mansaf, if you're wondering is the staple national dish of Jordan. It's comprised of emulsified-sun-dried-yogurt in a meaty broth (usually Lamb, but can be beef, goat, camel or chicken) Ordered by Ewwness factor from the most authentic to the least non-Jordanian

    The dish is simple, the Mansaf (as stated above) is loosely sprayed over a plate of rice sprinkled with fried almonds, pine nuts and sometimes raisins with a hint of parsley.

    But even though it's easy, and traditionally it's cooked by men (Men still claim their Mansaf to be far superior to that of women), you'd hardly find a single guy who has enough patience to actually do it. I know I have done it in the past,  but it was very time consuming.

    But thanks to the wonders of Marriage, (look-up "Domestication"), you can only imagine the look on my face when I opened my lunch box to find, yes yes ... Mansaf!

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    To die for one's people

    is a great honor

    To live for one's people

    Is an even greater honor

    -- Star Wars, the clone wars (Animated)

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    There are two types of people....

    There are those who are always stuck on details

    And there are those who only care about the big picture

    Both suck!

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    Microsoft Songsmith, the greatest addition to Comedy in history

    This is the greatest piece of software EVER created in History, it has somehow struck the "Funny" chord. A feat not even Startrek Lt Data managed to achieve with his 25th century positronic brain.

    Oh, there's only one problem. IT WASN'T SUPPOSED to be funny! But Listen to this and tell me this isn't just off the scale hilarious!

    (And an improvement on the original I might add)

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    You'll never learn

    If you only hear your voice when you debate

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    Find out who blocked you

    People for god's sake don't fall for this scam!

    No one, (I repeat) NO ONE can know if someone has blocked you or not, all they're trying to do is take your credentials. Hijack your hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, facebook account and go to town with it!

    Stop being too nosy, you will not get anything out of it!

    (Read more for additional vital information and a free game, no seriously, learn more about Phishing through a game)

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    Democracy and Islam

    Does Islam contradict democracy? The simple answer is no, but here's why

    First, let's draw some broad definitions; Islam is a religion. Democracy is not. In that sense, they can't directly be compared to each other. Strict logical thinking dictates that this reason by its own is enough ground for both to coexist easily and peacefully. (than say two religions)

    Democracy is a governance system. That means that it's a method of electing a government that is usually from the "Citizens" (contrast with people, since this is a common misconception). Citizens under democracy have a some rights, and obligations (voting for example is an obligation).

    Democracy comes in so many different shapes, sizes and weirdness. For example, many tyrannical systems claim to be democratic. While some monarchies also claim to be democratic while violating some democracy principles. In short, PURE democracies exist ONLY IN BOOKS. There isn't a single nation that is 100% democratic (understandable since every person's interpretation is different)

    With that notion, I find it extremely juvenile from Anti-theists to barge religions into these matters to gain some points and smear the image of one religion or another. I say Anti-theists and not Atheists because true and real atheists don't usually engage in promoting what doesn't exist at the same time, they don't try to prove religions are wrong. Many examples exist of these folks.

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    Human evolution

    I'm one of the people who believe in the theory of evolution, and think of this last leaf on the whole tree as being the interesting but so far dead-end humans.

    But have we really stagnated? Are we really stuck? We might be orchestrating the tools of our own demise by massively suppressing the natural selection method and allowing individuals that would otherwise die to live, but not only that to procreate and with that we reintroduce weak elements into our pretty much stagnating gene pool.

    Before anyone jumps to any conclusions; NO, I'm NOT turning Nietzschian.

    For the first time in the history of this evolution tree (that we know of), a species have mustered the knowledge to defy natural laws. Weak and sickly individuals are being allowed to go on living and have offspring who inherit their own weaknesses.

    Compassion isn't necessarily limited to humans, animals have been seen performing amazing feats of compassion. So that's nothings special. What is special is that humans are the first species to actually have the technology and knowledge to save people's lives who would otherwise not stand a chance

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    تعالو نتفلسف

    أن علينا أن نتفلسف، إذا اقتضى الأمرالتفلسف، فإذا لم يقتضِ الأمر التفلسف، وجب علينا أن نتفلسف، لنثبت عدم جدوى التفلسف

    - ارسطو

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    In pursuit of success

    Success comes to those who are left standing when everyone else have given up

    Success comes to those who persevere and over come obstacles. Not the ones who are frustrated by them

    Success comes to those who find ways, not excuses

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