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Tasteless advertizing

    There are great ways to advertize things, and then there are stupid ways to do it, just look at this AT&T commercial


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    Victoria's dirty secret

    It's no secret that every woman on the face of this planet has some insecurity regarding the way she looks. She can be the pretties woman on the face of this planet, and has the perfect look, youth and body, yet still be insecure about the way she looks.

    Feeding off these insecurities, every possible beauty commercial you can think of. But none of them is uglier than Victoria's secrets. With women running around with their plump bosoms barely covered by the most revealing bras. You can't stop yourself from wondering, (a) How can men be content with the average woman? but worse (b) How can women feel any level of confidence when men are indulged in views of such women who apparently have no shame or problem in revealing most of their bodies to millions watching

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    If you can read this, then your computer is at risk

    Yes, you, reading this. Right now. Your computer has a 98.5% chance of having one vulnerability (or more) as the sobering statistical numbers from the amazing folks at Secunia indicate.

    Earlier this week, Apple announced that they "recommend" installing anti-virus software on their computers (a first), of course running an updated anti-virus is a good idea regardless of which operating system you're running. Mac, Linux or whatever. It might be worth mentioning that Apple has actually retracted this statement, claiming that it's "old news".

    The total number of PCs/users included in these numbers are 20,000, out of these 98.09% have 1 or more insecure programs installed on their PC, hence: 98 out of 100 PCs that are connected to the Internet have insecure programs installed!

    read more here

    Get the Secunia Personal Software Inspector here

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    Do you think I'm a bully?

    I'm really surprised at the reactions of some people. My spidey senses tells me that people think I'm a bully. Many fear that I will use my sites to either attack someone, or retaliate against them.

    I don't know what I've done to deserve that. But at the same time, I have no idea what to do to convince people that I'm not that kind of a person. Let's set one thing straight, people, no matter how much you think you have figured me out, YOU DON'T KNOW ME! So please stop judging ME with your own scale of insecurities.

    If I disagree with your idea, this doesn't mean that I will attack you! I will attack the IDEA. I am entitled just like anyone else to like or hate your idea. Why does that make some people insecure?

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    JordanBlogs, GirlyGator down until further notice FIXED

    Dear Readers,

    I regret to inform you that Jordanblogs and GirlyGator will be down for what I'm being reassured to be only 4 hours. Due to a hard drive failure.

    During this time, you may continue to use Qwaider Planet, without any interruptions.

    Apologies for this unscheduled interruption in service and hopefully everything will back back to normal in a few hours from now

    UPDATE: 4:48PM Jordan time
    The harddrive has been replaced, and the sites are being repopulated at this time. The process is expected to take an additional 7 hours from this time.

    UPDATE: DEC 4th - 4:48 Jordan Time
    Everything is back to normal.

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    The best quote ever!

    Duct tape is like the force. It has a dark side, and it has a light side and it binds the universe together!

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    You poor pathetic life form, AKA Blogger!

    Just as the last few years have seen the rise of blogging as a serious contender to the more mainstream media, and winning the hearts and souls of people around the world, but also carving a place in popular culture from sitcoms to newspapers. The world Blog and Blogger have become almost as "Googling". Maybe not as mainstream as googling, but nevertheless it's there.

    Blogging has broken into the social norms in ways "forums" could only dream about, which I'm afraid have come and gone without gaining any respect or credit.

    But, what's the future for blogging? Just as we've seen the dawn of this amazing new medium, I guess there will come a time when people will look at bloggers as criminals, thrill seekers, liars, rumor spreaders and just about anything negative you can imagine.

    But that's not enough, there are people who will try to mandate what a blogger should talk about. Either by force or by downplaying all other forms of blogging. Which in it's simplest definitions is a creative process like music composition, like painting. In fact, the most prevalent from of blogging is composition! A creative process

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    The importance of family safety

    This is one amazing French Ad, watch it first, then read the rest. You might not know French, but I guess the message is pretty clear in any language..

    Now, some thoughts ...

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    My shopping list

    When I was single, shopping was really a bunch of guess work. For some reason, I always thought I was running out of soap. And ended up with few tens of soup bottles under the sink. But all of that is gone now. Shopping is no longer guess work, and indulgence of all the unneeded senses. Now, there's something new, a long list of items that the house needs. Or a shopping list

    Ever since I started following these shopping lists (neatly organized, and prepared by my lovely wife) things have changed dramatically. I'm only getting what the house needs and not what's (a) on sale, or (b) had a hot chick next to it or (c) had a hot chick promoting it.

    My shopping skills became completely domesticated and focused on pleasing the hot chick at home :). Alright, alright, no mushy stuff! I know.

    Anyway, today I felt amazingly impressed as I finished my shopping list in an hour's time to get to do other more interesting stuff. Like ... My Shopping List, an online tool that is going to help people exactly like me.

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