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Seriously, ONLY IN JORDAN!

    Only in Jordan you have adult people struggling with concepts as rudimentary and as simple as Corruption.

    Only in Jordan, you have people marvelling at wasta and even DEFENDING it, what a disappointment!

    Jad and Nas have teamed up to defend the ugly face of Jordanian corruption, our "promising" youth are blaming EVERYTHING but the real cause of the issue

    Corruption is only viewed as "good" by those who are corrupt themselves. Or benefiting from corruption. In other words, CORRUPT. People who are looking at the status quo and wanting it to stay the same are only benefiting from it. That's all

    This is not directed at Jad or Nas in particular. This is directed at corruption. Jad and Nas are presenting an argument that is in support of corruption.
    Also, this in NO WAY means that Jad or Nas are corrupt. Or involved in, facilitating, benefiting, or enabling corruption in any way shape or form.
    I'm Generalizing, to make this impersonal, these are universally known and agreed upon moral values

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    Kill or be killed

    Would you kill someone to save your life?

    Sorry, this was just a place holder, Article Updated!

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    Jordan's dirty little secret

    Or perhaps, it's not that much of a secret... But in my personal view I find it to be the greatest threat to the prosperity of the Jordanian society and its progress. 

    This secret is called Wasta (nepotism), traditionally used to further draw wedges between Jordanians and Palestinians since Jordanians typically have Wasta and Jordanians of Palestinian origins didn't.

    As the society grew, and intertwined, the clear distinction grew fainter and the society mingled to the point it became almost impossible to distinguish between the two. But, that didn't stop Wasta.

    If you dig deeper, you'll discover that Wasta is rooted way deeper in the society, and the government in so many levels that for the new generations, it it's quite common to ask the "uncle" or the "cousin" for favors that often mean breaking the law, or bending the rules.

    Jordanians against wasta

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    Office picnic

    It's been snowing like mad for the past few days. I've never seen so much snow in my whole life. We've been practically stressing over stashing supplies in case the storm goes on for more days. So whatever time we had during the day we would go out, and get food, firewood and anything that we need for the house.

    The sad part, the weekend is over. Maioush needs to work on Sunday.

    huhhhh ... the weekend is so short when you're married. I swear, I remember when the weekend was so long that I would sleep to my eyes' fill and slumber around doing absolutely nothing while walking around the house in my underwear and long beard

    I still walk around the house in my underwear :)

    But that's not the point, today, we wanted to do something special, she still had to work, and I still want to spend some family time. So the solution dawned on us. Office Picnic!

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    Mohamed Marwen Meddah of StartupArabia named among 'Top 100 Most Influential Marketers'

    This is great news. Talented and humble Mohamed Marwen Meddah, has been named one of the top 100 Most influential Marketers of 2008. His amazing work with Startup Arabia in both Arabic and English languages.

    Marwen, a veteran blogger, assisted by his wonderful (and also blogger wife Eman) have achieved a level of proficiency and talanet that a relatively new site like Startup Arabia has achieved great success in relatively a short period of time

    Startup Arabia helped propel a big number of Arab startups, websites, Online communities and helped them spread the word about them. With great level of professionalism and credibility.

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    وأحسن إلى من أساء إليك

    صل من قطعك وأعطي من حرمك وأعفوا عمن ظلمك وأحسن إلى من أساء إليك

    -الإمام علي، كرّم الله وجهة

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    You can never -really- quit smoking!

    It's been 22 months since I've quit smoking. 22 Months and I didn't even have a single drag of a cigarette. 22 months without a single micro-gram of nicotine, and you know what? I STILL have cravings for it.

    Quitting smoking has got to be the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. It's just one of those things that no matter what you do, it's still somewhere in the back of your mind pulsating like a neon flash light.

    Truth is, I get these urges from time to time to just grab a box of my favorite brand, and just chain smoke it ALL. Especially when I see people smoking, or smell that wonderful second hand first drag of a cigarette! Wonderful. It's like lacing your lungs with velvety arsenic but asking for more.

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    Foods I'm not proud of eating

    I know, I always post about great meals, and savory dishes. But this time, I'm posting about dishes that I didn't enjoy eating, they sucked and I wouldn't eat or recommend them to anyone...

    First, Geoduck (AKA Gooey-Duck)

    This little bastard is chewy, gooey and puke inducing form of sushi. It SUCKS, you chew it and it springs back right into your mouth, it kicks back!  You try to swallow it and it gets stuck half way. YUCK!


    geoduck gooeyduck sushi

    But the worst part is the way it looks ...

    Geoduck for real
    Geoduck (gooeyduck) the world largest Clam

    If you think that was disgusting, wait to see this next one...

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    Reply by Email - Exclusive!

    Ever since I introduced the Whisper feature to this blog, I felt that I'm at a disadvantage. I couldn't reply privately to comments and whispers. I did manage to later on allow registered users to see their own whispers, but not any private replies. It made the situation a bit awkward for me.

    Copying and pasting comments and placing them in Emails was cumbersome. So, I decided to add a new feature (and as far as I know exclusive to this blog until wordpress steals it from me)

    Reply by Email
    Thanks to KJ for assistance in testing the new feature

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    Compassion over justice

    Community over individual

    life over everything

    Knowledge over righteousness

    Understanding over knowledge

    Future over past

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