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Simple men

    Men accept illusions knowingly, because sometimes even the real thing is just an illusion.

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    Science proving miracles?

    I just finished two interesting documentaries aired on the Discovery Channel and the BCC last month. These are no hocus pocus programs going over myth, miracle and magic to explain the unexplainable. These were very scientific and very well documented features going into details and examining biblical stories (also in the Quran) and going over the historical evidence and scientific proof that supports the "plausibility" of such miracles.

    The two I watched were Sodom and Gomorrah (قوم لوط) and Exodus. With great deal of detail scientific scrutiny. Taking into account the historical side, scientific side and even the social side. The results were astonishing to say the least

    Now, I'm not saying these discoveries are going to make a believer out of everyone. But what they provide in Miracle has some bases in scientific fact, in that sense, Holy books becomes historical testaments on historical events that at least some people saw the hand of God in action. But skeptics who refuse miracles without explanation (like myself) can be satisfied that "God" doesn't just make things happen with no reason. In my view God wouldn't violate the laws of Causality that he himself have created. Or that's what I believe

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    تمخّض الجبل
    فولد فأرا
    ويتمخّض اليوم
    و سيلد فأرا آخر
    و ارتفاع ضغط دم
    دخان سجائر
    و حطام
    ثم نعود الى اسرّتنا الدافئة
    و نحتسي النسكافية
    و ننام مطمئّنين
    انّنا اطفأنا الأضواء
    و فعلنا ما علينا
    من اجل القضية

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    Follow up on Gaza feed

    I understand that Gaza is finally on everyone's mind and conscience, if anyone is interested in following up on live blog feeds on Gaza, here's a quick RSS feed for your convenience.. or follow this link for Gaza related news up to the minute from all over the Blogosphere 

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    ما اشبه اليوم بالأمس

    صحف و جرائد و فضائيّات
    تعلو بالصراخ و الهتافات
    و الدماء
    و الأشلاء
    و بقايا من زكاء نفس
    حفرت شلاّلات دمائها
    في مقائينا
    كوابيس فرحتنا
    و دموع غدنا
    و نقمة على سلامتنا
    و رغدنا
    و عيشنا الاهث
    وراء الدخان

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    On their wedding night - حوارٌ بين زوجين ليلة زفافهما

    On the wedding night of a new couple, the following dialogue took place
    في ليلة الزفاف - دار الحوار التالي بين العروسين

    Husband: It's a dream come true
    Wife: Do you want me to go away?
    Husband:No, don't ever say that again
    Wife: Do you love me?
    Husband: Certainly
    Wife: Would you ever consider leaving me?
    Husband: No way
    Wife: Would you give me a kiss?
    Husband: Yes, and on your cheek
    Wife: Would you ever beat me?
    Husband: NEVER, I'm not that kind of a man
    Wife: Can I trust you?
    Husband: Ah-huh
    Wife: Oh my love
    الزوج : يااااه أخيرا الحلم بيتحقق ..
    الزوجة : عاوزني أبعد عنك .... ؟؟
    الزوج : لاااا.. متقوليش الكلام ده مره ثانيه .
    الزوجة : إنت ... تحبني ؟؟
    الزوج : اكييييييييييييد .
    الزوجة : طيب ممكن تفكر تبعد عني ؟
    الزوج : لا طبعاً ؟
    الزوجة : طيب ممكن تهديني بوسه ؟
    الزوج : طبعا.. و على خدك كمان .
    الزوجة : طيب تعتقد إنك ممكن تضربني في يوم من الأيام ؟
    الزوج : لا طبعا ... انا مش من النوع ده من الرجال .
    الزوجة : ممكن أثق فيك ؟
    الزوج : ايووووه...
    الزوجه : يا حبيبي ...

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    Thanks, but, no thanks!

    Flattered, but ... em ... no thanks

    Thanks, but no thanks

    It's all bakkouz's fault :)

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    White Christmas

    No, we didn't move to Narnia, although, the evil white witch have made sure this Christmas is really white

    white Christmas

    Some icicles


    Waterfall in the snow..


    Few more pix for you

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    My Commenting policy

    Apparently, it has come to this....

    Anyway, in light of recent "personal" comments left on my blog, I have to create this policy, this will be a living article, updated as needed and will be presented before the submit button so people can refer to it.

    I have three major principles to uphold

    • Commenting is open to everyone
    • Everyone is free to say whatever they want on my blog in the form of a comment. Your freedom of expression is cherished and honored on this blog.
    • Your privacy and any personally-identifiable-information will never be revealed to anyone, and would NEVER be used to send you any unsolicited email. It will never be sold, transferred or exposed. This may include your name, email, IP Address among other things
    • Your freedom of expression ends where other's begin

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    Animals and humans

    First, watch this...

    Ever thought Animals could have such emotions?

    Now contrast that with the heartless people who threw their children in dumpsters a year ago.

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