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Lina Ejailat featured by Al Jazeera

    Amazing Jordanian bloggerett Lina Ejailat is featured on Aljazeera English as they take her view on the American elections.

    Al Jazeera has been asking a panel of people around the world for their thoughts on the US presidential election and the two candidates; Barack Obama, the Democratic hopeful, and his Republican rival, John McCain. As the election race enters its final hours, we asked them what issues the next occupant of the White House should focus on.


    Many times since I came to New York I'd be walking down Broadway across from Columbia University and an enthusiastic 20-year-old with a registration sheet in hand would stop me and say: "Do you have a minute for Obama?"

    I'd smile and answer: "I wish! But I'm not an American citizen."


    Of course, Lina makes all of us proud, full article here..

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    Homosexuality is Disgusting!

    Is it wrong to feel that way? I feel disgusted when I hear of homosexual acts. I don't fear the acts. Or the people taking part of them.

    Nor do I hate anyone who engages in homosexual acts. I also don't feel they're less of humans or that they need to be prosecuted for their sexual orientation. But I just find the whole matter disgusting!

    Is there something wrong with me?

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    Amazing guests!

    I know, I've been ranting about horrible guests with bad "guest-manners" for a while, but I since I had a wonderful experience, I thought it's mandatory to show the other side. Excellent guests that I hope others can copycat, and a new Qwaiderization for those of you who are keeping track

    We received the most amazing guests, a family with two gorgeous well mannered kids, and we almost cried to see them leave!

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    Let's not meet by accident!

    For people who know Arabic, I apologize for some of the content, for the people who don't... I think you can get the picture without translation...

    This is just a normal scene that the sons and daughters of influential people would routinely take, anywhere around the world. But you can see it more in the spoiled brats of western Amman, or Egypt .. or any other Arab capital

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    I won't be voting Obama, I know too much!

    Those were the exact words the were uttered from a guy who used to work for me few years back. Apparently, he's been reading all over the Internet on how Obama isn't really an American citizen and is going to cause a constitutional catastrophe!

    How Obama is failing to present his original birth certificate to the judge to close this chapter once, and for all...

    How Obama is Anti-Semitic

    And worse, how Obama's wife is Marxist!

    I had to stop him in the middle of the sentence while I attempted to just wrap my head around all this crap that is going on!

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