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Never judge a book by its cover!

    When I was a little kid, my mother used to encourage me to try out new things. Even when I would refrain from engaging in a specific activity, or eating something. She would suggest to me that I should "Try it" then judge if I liked it or not.

    No brainer, I know ..

    But as I grew up, many things started judging based on my knowledge, experience and my thought process. Most of the time, it works quite well. But, that doesn't mean I never missed out! In fact, I'm mostly gung-ho about trying out new things but I still find myself reserved on others.

    Long story short, I just discovered few amazing places that I wouldn't have ever tried out. Had I stuck to my conservative reservation...

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    Atheists might be good

    But they don't have to...
    Believers are obligated to be good
    But some aren't!

    Do you see the point?

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    Blogging Disappointments...

    I am starting to think that we [bloggers/readers] are holding other bloggers in such high esteem to the point that we really forget how arrogant, egotistic and stupid they really are.

    Can you think of the negative things about blogging? Let me help you explore the darker side of blogging..

    Mandatory disclaimer!
    Folks, this doesn't mean that EVERYONE as in EVERYONE is like this. However, I can't hide my disappointment in so many

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    When the lady calls the next day for the recipe!

    You can't help by feel so proud of your wife!

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    حملة الرفق بالإنسان

    من أجمل ما رأيت على شاشة التلفاز

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    Myth buster: Like my mother!

    If I got a penny for every time I heard "I get something because my mother had it" I would probably have couple of bucks by now.

    But, I've just had it with this... Women, YOU ARE NOT YOUR MOTHER, and the old idiom "turn the jar on it's mouth and the girl will end up like her mother" doesn't apply to genetics! Well, it applies to only half of your genetic code. The have that you inherit from your mother. But that's not the end of the story...

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    Women and weight

    I wish someone can explain to me why are women so obsessed with their weight! I mean, I'm no neurologist, but I bet you it occupies more gray matter in women's brain than say, gadget interest. (trying to be funny, NOT sexist)

    What is it that is so worrying about women's weight? Why are 2 pounds over your skinnier than a stick too much to worry about?

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    Dubai's bubble... Burst?

    There appears no way you can escape this recession. Except if you run a self sufficient tribe in the Amazon or perhaps own a hut in Tibet. But everywhere else, the losses are tallying.

    There's no escape, stocks are plummeting, commodities are losing, oil price is dropping, real-estate is in the gutter, precious metals are scrap and even foreign currencies are taking a pounding.

    Apparently, only the US treasury and dollars are appreciating. And not by that much.

    The economic boom that appears to resemble Dubai's ever rising skyline seem to have taken a recent turn south. Where many of the greatest companies like Emaar (currently building the tallest skyscraper in the world) have finished almost 80% down since the 52 week high back in January. While other stocks took a pounding, going down to 62.7%. That's almost two thirds of its value.

    That's not all, even real estate prices appear to have fallen as much as 19% in October alone from September. There're are indicators that this might only be the beginning

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    Why is this blogosphere broken?

    There's a major issue plaguing the blogosphere anyway you wish to look at it. We feel it, but defining it might not be that easy.

    People who truly state their minds are brushed away as eccentrics. Or as my liberal next door neighbor would say, It's democracy in its finest glory.

    That crap about opposites is completely rubbish. It works only for Electricity and Magnetism. On the blogosphere (or the real world), people of similar beliefs and perspectives that stick together. Where else could you see it better than the glorious narrow versioned Arab internet?

    Just as we appear to have blindfolds towards our social issues, we are exactly the same online. If someone has an idea it's the ultimate truth and no one else has a clue (unless you're a member of that clan) You're a moron, backward and stupid.

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    I guess hell does freeze over

    Or at least from time to time!

    Today, Hell froze over and Sun is going to bundle MSN Tool bar with its Java virtual machine

    WHAAAT!!? But ... Old enemies... Java wars...? Office Wars!!? 528 MILLION in settlement...

    Yes, exactly! Perplexing!

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