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Qwaider Planet - Third year

    Today marks the launch of Qwaider Planet. It's been two years already and it's still going strong. Faithful to the original idea of brining readers to blogs, and blogs to readers.

    Many bloggers have achieved star status, mainly because they were great writers and maintained their blogs and readers. With or without Qwaider Planet's help. But I like to think that Qwaider Planet has played a role in that.

    Along with Jordan Blogs, GirlyGator. Qwaider Planet continues to serve this community that is thriving and exploding with vitality.

    Every single day, I wake up, super excited to see what is new. From people all over the blogosphere. Eager to open my mailbox to see who else is requesting to join, it's been one of the most amazing feelings I've had in my life. To have the honor to serve this community and help spread "our" culture to more people.

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    Google's latest target: Yamli

    So far, the "Do no Evil" turned out to be a load of crap! Just like the false advertising of Apple, Google decides to compete against someone new, in the most dirty of ways. Utilizing their own monopoly over the search markets to push their own services over other better, superior and earlier to the market products.

    This time Google is targeting the users of Yami, trying to push their own "crappy" solution called "Transliteration" (or Ta3reeb as they call it). Which is not even ready for prime time or even baked enough to be used as a beta!

    yamli logo

    How do you know you're doing something phenomenally great? You'll find companies like Google taking advantage of their infrastructure to push their own solution.

    Check out these screen captures to see how Google utilizes their monopoly to compete in a sneaky way... You will only see these if you search for Yamli from Arabic Google sites (like,, but not

    Google attacking Yamli

    UPDATE ... UPDATE ...

    GOOGLE HAS RETRACTED THAT AD! Looks like they have felt the mounting pressure and decided to play nice!

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    Chubby cuppy cake boy ... Cute?

    This is a lighthearted Friday morning post, For serious blogging issues, skip this one:)

    But ... It's funnier on speed :)

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    Apple's Elephant in the room

    I'm not going to say much, first enjoy this video

     Updated charts

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    Is Obama the next John Kennedy?

    With the rising star of the charismatic presidential candidate, I can't stop myself from thinking how this is going to end, and if Obama is going to survive it.

    As much as I would like to think Obama is going to have a smooth ride all the way to the elections and beyond, a certain part of my brains is alert to the fact that he's not white, he's got controversial positions on talking with foreign nations currently listed as hostile. But the greatest fear comes from the fact that he's being viewed by many as a "Mozlem" (Muslim), and worse an "Erab" (Arab)!

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    The Micromanaging jerk

    One thing I love about functional teams, and businesses who hold themselves to a higher level of professionalism is the way they conduct work. The way they decide that something is acceptable or not and how they would all stand with the "right thing" regardless of any pretenses, overlooking many things that are highlights inefficient, dysfunctional businesses.

    For example, seniority is only a good thing IF and only IF you're using this experience to do the right thing. Same goes for job titles and "connections".

    The highlight of my day (yesterday) was the position of the team regarding someone who wanted to play the role of my boss! I didn't even have to say anything! The team's allergic reaction reminded me how empowered every person in the team is to actually do their job rather than drowning in a tit-for-tat cycle

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    To get chopped for Facebook

    A year ago, I predicted that the first Facebook based [dis]honor crime is going to happen in the Arab world. Little did I know that dishonor is alive and well elsewhere in the world.

    To die for your facebook status is so sad, it's unbelievable!

    Apparently, a UK husband felt humiliated over his wife's status as "Single". So what does he do? He uses a meat cleaver (Aka Satour/Balta) to chop his wife into pieces.

    This happened after the guy moved out. So they were not even living together, but he'll have 14 years in Jail to think about it.

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    Get the Darwin Award, admit your own crimes, ON CAMERA!

    Stupid criminals amuse me the most! They're so funny it's unbelievable at times. Many think a little Chlorine in the gene pool won't hurt.

    A risk-taker, stunt-maker, bike-rider decided to boast his "skills" on youtube, providing prosecutors with enough evidence to put him behind bars for two -bloody- years!

    Sandor Ferenci, a 28-year-old carer, was spotted riding dangerously in roads around Banbury, Oxfordshire.

    Police said it was later discovered he had posted the footage on the video-sharing website.

    At Oxford Crown Court on Monday, Ferenci, of Fulwell Close, Banbury, was jailed for 12 weeks.

    He was spotted doing wheelies, skids and racing on the opposite side of the road on the A422 Banbury to Brackley road on 10 and 15 June


    Check out this video!

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    Introducing GirlyGator, the world's first all female aggregator

    Almost a year ago, Reuter's Global Voices and Voices without Votes Editor Amira Hussaini, pitched a crazy idea for me. Something in the lines of having an all female website. Lady bloggeretts providing the content, that is not going to be "polluted" by male articles and views.

    It might be a little bit biased. But in a world that is still oppressive towards women, women's issues, and women views, there's nothing wrong with promoting the word that's

    And the idea of GirlyGator, was born... The first all-women aggregator having anyone and everyone who is interested to be hosted.

    GirlyGator Women aggregator

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    I'm back!!

    I know I haven't been writing or even visiting other blogs for a long time, but a lot has happened in my life. I'll briefly give an update.

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