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Microsoft political muscle, Reintroducing Surface

    Apparently, Microsoft is on the band wagon for the elections showcasing the highly anticipated Surface. Not only is it cool, but placing it in people's faces throughout the elections might be the first smart advertising step Microsoft does in many years.

    Check out this really awesome video

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    وفاة ابو حاتم في باب الحارة الجزء الرابع

    كعادة بسّام الملّا من المتوقع وفاة ابو حاتم في الجزء القادم بعد ان تحوّل الى "ابو عصام" جديد في باب الحارة جزء 3.  و المتوقّع ان "تدب" خناقة الها اوّل ما الها آخر بين الممثل و المخرج تنتهي بوفاة ابو حاتم!

    لكن الحقيقة .. باب الحارة تغيّرت و تأثير النقد بدأ يتضح اكثر. و اهم نقد موجه للمسلسل هو عملية احتقار المرأة او معاملتها بدونية او بطريقة سي السيّد. مع الإشارة طبعا الى بطولة و شجاعة و شرف الرجال الذين يتعاونون فيما بينهم على حفظ "الحارة" من كل مكروه و يتكافلون لخدمة المجتمع بطريقة مميزة. كما انّهم وطنيّون يساعدون الثوّار و حتى الفلسطينين من قوت يومهم بدون اي تردد.

    في باب الحارة جزء 3 تركيز اقل على اهانة المرأة و ضربها كأنه جزء من المجتمع. او على انه شيء مقبول و اشارات الى انّ المرأة المخطأة فقط هي من تضرب و تهان. و طبعا كله كلام في كلام. لكن المخرج يمهّد بشكل واضح الى سبب عقاب احدى النساء بحيث تجد المشاهد يصل الى مرحة القول انّها "تستاهل". كأن الرجل يتعامل مع طفلة جاهلة او حيوان لا يفقه شيئا و اخطأ و سبب الأذى لصاحبه!

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    The blame game: How Internet service SUCKS in Jordan!

    Couple of days ago, the Internet connection at my parent's house in Jordan went down. My folks are not very technology savvy, and don't know much to get it working again on directions, no matter how many hours I spend on the phone with them.

    So I called the Internet provider [TEDATA], what do I get?
    --Everything is fine from our End, it must be JTC/Orange's fault. If you like, you can swing by and bring the Internet router that you have so that we can take a look at it and fix it if needed
    -Em... it's been working for over a year dude!!

    Having no way of contacting JTC/Orange I went ahead and instructed my folks to call JTC. They tried and the result?
    --Nothing is wrong from our end. It must be the Internet provider
    -But they said it's fine and it has to do with you.
    --No everything is fine!

    And the blame game goes on! No body wants to admit or even bother with the other!

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    How to kill a Firefox, Google's way

    Microsoft, killed Netscape navigator. Eight years later, Google is doing exactly the same thing to the popular browser, Firefox. This time using their own browser -er, excuse me, Application Shell. Relying on it's dominance of the search and services market.

    According to recent amazing statistics from StatCounter, based on 250 Million page views globally, Chrome, is killing Firefox, Safari and Opera.

    Surpassing Safari and Opera in it's first day, and going after Firefox next. Snatching a precious 4% of Firefox's market share in 3 days.

    Surprisingly, IE's share grew 4% also, at who's expense do you think?

    Update 9/17

    As predicted, 10 days after the release of Chrome, it has snatched 1.02% of the global Market, 0.96% in the US, and 1.01 in the UK. While IE's share rose 4.4% in the US. This all came at the expense of Firefox and Safari, both lost 3.95 and 0.78 respectively in favor of IE and Chrome

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    Someone as addicted attached to technology as yours truly, it is really hard to just unplug and take few hours or days off and away from my opium!

    Apparently, technology, networking, computers and the Internet can grow on you to the point that you feel completely clueless the minute you step away from the comfort of the screen.

    You start feeling out of touch, and at time, you feel like jumping up the walls! But with time, you reliaze there was so much that you were missing while your eyes adjusted from the shortsight of the near screen!

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    No one can cap your dreams

    Have they told you you're going to fail?

    Have they affirmed you that it can't be done?

    Has they said it's impossible, you don't have what it takes to do it?

    They lied, they were wrong and most importantly, they knew nothing... Your dreams are yours to make, don't let anyone cap your imagination! After all, it's what distinguish humans from animals (and so far, computers).. Imagination, creativity both come from one simple easy task ... dreaming!

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    Not another Chrome review!

    I've read at least 15 different reviews regarding the new contender, Google Chrome, the new Internet browser. Adding another browser to the already extremely fragmented browser world. With Internet Explorer (6, 7, and now 8) in the lead, followed by FireFox (2.x and 3.x) and finally the rest of the crowd, Opera and Safari, Others barely register to be considered.

    While Google took the world by surprise when it launched the new browser. It comes as no surprise as this is exactly what Google is trying to do, Dominate the world around us. But that's not something bad! Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Sun, Oracle and just about any company you can imagine has the same goal. If they could of course.

    Now here's a deeper look into this amazing new browser... 

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    And, I nailed it!

    The reason I've been very occupied in the past couple of weeks was simply because I was interviewing for my dream job. Doing what you really love for a living is not something that you can take lightly, so I had to focus a lot, and concentrate on one thing. Getting the Job!

    My set of interviews got me worried, I met with 11 different members, from researchers to associates, to professors to partners, and 11 (yes you heard it right, eleven) interviews later, I nailed it!

    Last night, as I was driving home from work to have Iftar, I had the hiring manager email me congratulating me on getting the position

    I guess, good stuff do come in batches. Or maybe it's just a set of fortunate events that progressively get better. It all started the day I got married! It's crazy, I know, but Maioush, has been the rocket fuel that my life has been missing!

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    How -Traitor- missed the point!

    Of course, every movie that touches Arab or Islamic culture is a special interest to me, I have to check it out and to a certain extent, scrutinize it a bit more than the others

    The movie opens to a scene where Samir (the main character) is praying with his father in Sudan, it was clear that he was the victim of violence that seeps through the Middle East wherever you go.

    The movie gets really slow at times, while the characters develop. Which is fine, but that's not the end of it. It actually makes some very compelling points with only one problem. They're presented using the western understanding of how martyr, Jihad and the rest of the Jihadist-101 terms are defined.

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