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How to hack public figures

    The recent -successful- hack attack on Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account (bbc|Wired|NetworkWorld) made it very clear how simple if not trivial it is to hack the accounts of public figures. If you're a public figure, and you have an Email account with your name. Be afraid.. Be VERY afraid!

    Sarah Palin Hacked

    The new wave of hacks based on knowledge learned from Google and Wikipedia enough to crack the smartest of the password recovery algorithms. I mean, with stupid simple questions like: "Mother's maiden name", "Name of your first pet", or "Your favorite color", things people figure out just by reading any piece of expose about any public figure!

    Here's a few tips to help you "Mr/Mrs" public figure (or the rest of us) keep our emails secure, especially when there is a "password recovery" mechanism!

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    Porn collection

    A bunch of ideas raced through my head as I was watching the very shocking "Towelhead" movie last night. One of them was "Why do people keep porn collections". I would understand single people wanting to window shop and see what is "out there". But married people with kids! Now that's one sick thought that kept running circles inside my head!

    For some weird reason, every single porn collection is by design destined to be discovered by an inquisitive little teenager, boy or girl. Chances are, it will wreck havoc on their world.

    You know what I'm talking about, you've seen it in numerous sitcoms. from Friends to Sinefield to Everybody loves Raymond They even show that the wives know about them and as long as they're in the Garage/storage they're fine with it.

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    Previewing: Towelhead (2008)

    There are certain movies that make you feel good. There are others that make you feel bad, then there is this movie which makes you feel like shit!

    Pardon my French, I'm not used to saying words like that on my blog. But that's exactly how I felt most of the time while watching this movie. The lady next to me barely saw half the movie due to the extremely explicit content and at least 10% of the audience walked out.

    Towelhead movie poster

    Now, the movie is well made, as good as any great drama you would see, but it's over the top approach to a simple issue is just seriously too much!

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    The most humiliating procedure, EVER!

    Yesterday, I dropped one of my best friends to the hospital. He has been suffering for a while from a Hemorrhoid, so they scheduled him for a surgery yesterday.

    He was laughing and smiling bashfully on the way there. He knew exactly what was going to happen to him, when his doctor stopped using medical terms and started resorting to more "simple" English like "Crack it open", "stretch it", and "scrub the inside"

    Now here's the funny part, my friend is actually a Medical doctor, he just didn't feel like medicine so he switched to the wonderful world of computers (dang after all those years).

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    Fear of change

    Change, the great mystery in our life, we embrace it at times, and we fear it others. Especially when we really don't know what's waiting for us on the other side.

    Change is sometimes great, the best thing that could happen to us, and other times, it's bad. Something really bad.

    There's a certain level of excitement and fearful anticipation that comes with change. This excitement and fear appear to correspond directly to the amount of change, the amount of mystery associated with it.

    One thing is certain throughout this life, Change is inevitable, it's a constant like passing of time. It will come, whether you like it or not. Whether you want it or not. Whether you're prepared for it, or not.

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    Cyber activists, Time to help, but first, some tips!

    Folks, it's the holly month of Ramadan. A great time to give and help the underprivelleged. A simple action is worth way more than millions of words. So take a minute and find a way to help on this really noble cause

    Was, brought this to the attention of everyone here, Action Alert | Ramadan Food Drive! and  Attention! Calling On Jordanian Bloggers For Some Cyber Activism!

    Now, here are some tips to get you the best bang for your buck, Now, and later on for other very worthy causes.

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    Previewing: Burn After reading (2008)

    When a movie has George Clooney, Brad Pitt, John Malkovich and a ton others of the who's who in the Oscar arena it has to be great right?

    ... Wrong!

    I wasn't very excited, or amused when I saw this flick that apparently depends more on the big names packed under it's wings. While lack original laughs or even suspenseful action. Watching this movie was like eating Tofu, completely tasteless and not even coherent most of the time.

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    I still remember, the eleventh of September

    The day that will continue to live in infamy, September 11...

    I remember exactly what I was doing, who I was with, and how we all reacted, that warm September afternoon 7 years ago, as someone rushed into the room to say, you won't believe what's on CNN!

    I was on vacation, in Jordan at the time, so I knew immediately that my vacation is going to be forcibly extended!

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    Folks, I have a decision to make... your help is appreciated...

    Next Tuesday, September 16th. I've been invited to watch two movies, I'm more inclined towards watching Towelhead. I wonder if my readers can help me decide.

    To help you, here are quick notes about the two, let me know what you think

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    Free Speech Hypocrites

    Hypocrisy in the Free speech arena appears to be prevalent. We cry for free speech, yet we deny it to others. How more hypocritical can anyone get?

    Let's assume that I self proclaim myself the custodian of virtue, family values even if these thoughts are the popular ideas of a society that is skimming its own version of the dark ages. How could people who self appoint themselves -also- as  the guardians of "female sexual liberation" and "Gay civil rights" feels it's imperative that they are deal with the rest of the society as if it's a bunch of idiots who don't even know what they're doing while s/he knows it all. Completely missing the point that they're in fact want to improve this society, not make it worse by adding another narrow minded view. Even if they thought that it's right, or progressive.

    The fact that no one appointed me as a curator of virtue, no one appointed anyone else to be the voice of the "oppressed" minority, but it's good to be represent the diversity of the whole society in many ways and in many colors. So that the combinations of these narrow views might end up with a broader vision for the whole society.

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