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Bleak end of day results!

    On the eve of the Eid, today was one of the worst days for the technology sector where NO ONE was saved. The results were more than disappointing...

    Apple (down 17%)
    RIMM (Down 12%)
    Google (Down 11.6% Over $50)
    HP (down 7%)
    DELL (down 9%)
    Seagate (down 5%)
    Microsoft (down 8%)
    Intel (down 10%)
    Comcast (down 13%)
    Cisco (down 8%)

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    Eid Mubarak, for the rest of the world!

    I've talked about this a MILLION times already. Ok, here's my pre Eid rant once again...

    While almost half the Arab world celebrates Eid on Tuesday, the rest is going to have it on Wednesday! AGAIN!

    (Of course this is beyond ridiculous)

    It's EID in Qatar, Saudi, UAE, Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine and believe it or not, Libya (who claim it's based on Astronomical calculations) [The list is growing (Arabic)]

    While the Fiqh Council (FCNA) of Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) have presumptively declared Wednesday as the first day of Eid

    Which means, the mosques, cities, states and neighborhoods are going to be divided... Yet again!

    Update: Countries, and date of first day of Eid (Multiple sources)

    September 29, 2008 (Monday) September 30, 2008 (Tuesday) October 1, 2008 (Wednesday) October 2, 2008 (Thursday - not final/waiting sighting):

    Nigeria (Northern)

    1. Bahrain
    2. Jordan
    3. Kuwait
    4. Lebanon
    5. Libya (calculated) 
    6. Saudia Arabia
    7. United Arab Emirates
    8. Yemen
    9. United Kingdom
    10. Turkey (Calculated)
    11. Switzerland
    12. Denmark
    13. Kazakhstan
    14. Greece
    15. Ireland
    16. Russia
    17. Germany
    18. Italy
    19. Norway
    20. Austria
    21. Canary Islands
    22. Bosnia
    23. Sudan
    24. Somalia
    25. Djibouti
    26. Kenya
    27. Uganda
    28. Ethiopia
    29. Tanzania
    30. Afghanistan
    31. Bulgaria
    32. Kosovo
    33. Macedonia
    34. Slovenia
    35. Romania
    36. Serbia
    37. Hungary
    38. Ukraine
    39. China
    40. Brazil.
    1. Egypt
    2. Philippines (corrected)
    3. Australia
    4. Indonesia
    5. Malaysia
    6. Norway
    7. South Africa
    8. Maldives
    9. Singapore
    10. Thailand
    11. France
    12. Algeria
    13. Tunis
    14. USA (contested)
      1. Atlanta, GA Eid on Tuesday
      2. California
        1. Parts of LA
        2. Parts of San Francisco
      3. Alabama (Tuesday)
      4. South Carolina (Tuesday)
      5. Michigan - Tuesday
      6. Texas - Tuesday
      7. New York
      8. Washington - Seattle-Tacoma - Tuesday
    15. Canada (contested)
      1. Toronto - Tuesday
    16. Tajikistan
    17. Uzbekistan
    18. Syria
    19. Spain
    20. Finland
    21. Iceland
    22. Netherlands
    23. Poland
    1. India
    2. Pakistan
    3. New Zealand
    4. Mauritius
    5. Iran
    6. Oman
    7. Sri Lanka
    8. Bangladesh

    Update 2:

    According to Phases of the moon tables by NASA, The new moon is born at SEPT. 29th at 8:12 UTC which is like 10 hours before the sighting took place in Saudi, which gives the idea that someone has actually indeed seen it a lot of credibility (since the moon is almost 10 hours old at the time of the sighting) 

    Update 3:

    Apparently, this has confused the offecials at the Empire state building, so they will be shining thier lights in green for the second year in celebration of Eid al fitr Tuesday AND Wednesday

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    The wrong thing at the worst time

    Muslims everywhere know and understand that they're the target of a relentless campaign to undermine them and their religion. It doesn't matter if you believed the conspiracy theory or not, many would conclude that there are many challenges that face the whole nation of Islam worldwide and the only way around that is for Muslims to unite and join forces to meet these challenges.

    Sadly, we've been plagued with many ideas that forces us to split even further...

    From the dawn of the Islamic State (Aka Khalifate) there were many conflicts. Some were trivial and were extinguished over the ages. But none was more painful or had greater effect than the Sunni-Shiite conflict.

    And today, the flame is passed to another "scholar" who vows to protect Sunna and to expose Shiite by declaring them heretics and later on going back on it. In an attempt to cool the situation down. But, the damage has already been done

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    Alternative audience

    Do you think who else is watching you people watch "Bab el Hara", "Noor", "Sanawat el Daya3" and the rest of the shows that takes the Arab world by storm?

    In addition to media promotion companies, who find their bread and butter in knowing when exactly to target the largest possible population of viewers, there are opportunistic merchants who feed on providing their customers with products that specifically utilize a connection with one of these favorite shows. Be that a perfume, a blouse or a house hold item. The end goal is so lucrative that it will make many companies target these demographics as best they can

    But that's not the end of the story...

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    Smart Answer...

    Innocent newbie: Sir, I need to establish a parameter that tells me the acceptable error rate...

    Arrogant PM#1: Why do you need to know that?
    Arrogant PM#2: Can you give me an example of why you need that information?
    Arrogant PM#3: Can you describe a situation where such data is useful for the customer?
    Jerk Boss#1: Have you finished working on the problem above? Are you done with your virtual model? Did you collect all the data? Why are you asking this now?

    Smart answer: [Don't listen to all these people, they're clueless!]
    Instead, try to figure out WHAT is the error rate, THEN look if it's acceptable. THEN decide how to reduce it if and only if it's part of the goal.

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    Paid for porn!

    You know, if it wasn't Ramadan, and I only recently got married. I would have been so excited about this news. You had to see my face as I heard this on my first day from a fellow at work!

    So, why do we need [X TECHNOLOGY]?

    --Well, we need special permissions to allow us to visit sites that may contain, malware, cracks, PORN, online scams ...etc

    Wait a minute, you said PORN!? AT WORK!?


    And we're being PAID to do that?



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    I'm a PC, really, I AM!

    The new "aggressive" Microsoft ad campaign is really spectacular. Although, not very popular among the Mac fan boys. Check it out..

    I always laughed at the "I'm a PC, and I'm a Mac" commercials because they're so full of crap. Most of the stuff "claimed" can't be even backed up but, Mac folks continue to churn them anyway!

    I guess, someone, somewhere up at Microsoft discovered that hey, that's a dumb lie and whatever the Mac can do now, PC's have been able to do for decades!

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    First day on the job

    Starting a new job is very exciting. Full of joy and anticipating. Everything smells new, everything feels great! But nothing better than your own personal space..

    My new office

    Welcome to my new office...

    In case you're wondering, those are a pair of 22" LCDs, just to give you an idea of the size of this place

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    Previewing: Eagle Eye (2008)

    The start of this fall season in the movies is an awesome one! From the amazing Stephen Spielberg along with his new "apprentice" Shia LaBeouf comes a new action movie to eclipse all other conspiracy theory movies. The "Wanted" of conspiracy theories if I may add.

    The movie is so action packed that you will really need to set a reminder to break in and catch a breath every now and them. While at the same time, tapping at all what the US military and government has in secret defence programs in a very dramatic way. Spielberg cracks the illusive action/drama formula and very successfully, that you would be hoping they really don't choose you next!

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    Force Unleashed

    Games don't impress me much. They're all the same to me. If you've played it once, it doesn't matter how much the graphics change they all appear the same from that point onward....

    Unless you do something profoundly different... like Lucas Arts in this AMAZING Game...

    Oh by the way, what you see in this trailer, is what you actually play. There's nothing pre-rendered here!

    For Graphic designers, this is the game to watch, learn and admire

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