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It's been 18 years!

    But I remember it like it was yesterday. Thursday, August 2nd 1990. When Saddam decided to invade Kuwait and the world completely changed after that!

    The disappointments, the hardships the broken dreams and the rude awakening. The world was no longer simple. The days changed, the whole world changed

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    If you really wanna speak your mind!

    Then don't tell your friends about your blog!

    It's plain and simple, having your friends frequent your blog means one thing. If you want to keep them, you really can't speak your mind.

    I really miss the good old days when we were young and speaking our minds was really an option. Now, there's so much social makeup that needs to be maintained so all the prima donnas don't feel insulted by our original "thoughts"

    Speaking of inflated egos, did anyone stop someone in the middle of praise and said, "actually, I don't deserve that, and you're only trying to fool me into liking you"?

    I doubt anyone ever did that!

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    Previewing: Tropic Thunder!

    Brilliant! Hilarious!

    This is most certainly, "The Dark Night" of comedy this year. Just watch this ...

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