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Previewing: SEX DRIVE (2008)

    I don't think I have ever laughed at a teenage movie about "the good guy" who just wants to get laid! Since ... emm... American Pie! With some unforgettable secondary characters like Stiffler's mom! But, that's ancient history! This movie is as good, if not even better than that! It's so damn hilarious!

    Kids, this one is not for you either, it's rated R, so .. head straight to nick don't pass Go, don't collect $200!

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    The Female brain, Explained

    By popular demand, and following in the foot steps of The Male Brain, Explained by the acclaimed author, Laura Schaefer. Along with my personal commentary...

    Disclaimer: Again, for the nosy concerned people who keep thinking I reflect on my blissful marriage when I talk about relationship I like to "assure" you that EVERYTHING is fine. Thank you for your emails!

    Wouldn't it be a relief to finally understand what is happening behind her pretty eyes? Why is it, for example, that the woman in your life is serene one moment, apocalyptic the next? How can she remember details about your life you don't even recall? And what's with her taking everything so personally? Chalk it up to female brain chemistry. Here's how to tailor your courtship to her cortex, hippocampus, etc.

    In other words, it's so damn difficult. Even women themselves to figure out how their brains work. Imagine how much more difficult it is for poor men to figure it out!

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    Not all women, not all men!

    Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with my personal life, in fact, most of my posts have nothing to do with my personal life with my life partner since I really don't need a blog entry to voice any concern or thoughts. So Nosy people who keep emailing me asking if everything is fine. Please rest assured. Everything is FINE and we continue to live the honeymoon. So relax!

    Many people appear to be very concerned with Women's rights in the Arab world, how much justice or injustice women get. How biased the society appears against women or how it appears to have double standards for everything. Well let me say something very clear. Not all women are oppressed. In fact, the vast majority of women is NOT oppressed. They are in control of their lives and destiny and everything happens exactly how they wanted.

    This doesn't mean that ALL women are like that! There are less fortunate women who might be oppressed. Who can't take action nor do they have a say in their own existence!

    But isn't this the case everywhere in the world?

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    The male brain, Explained

    This is a FANTASTIC article by Laura Schaefer author of "Man with Farm Seeks Woman with Tractor: The Best and Worst Personal Ads of All Time"

    Women have puzzled over it for years-why the heck do men do the things they do? Why do they profess their love for you one minute, then ignore you the next (say, when an Attila the Hun special turns up on TV)? Why can they not remember our birthdays? Let science explain some of these conundrums-and help you rev up your relationships!

    Be patient with his memory
    The hippocampus, where initial memories are formed, occupies a smaller percent of the male brain than the female brain. If on your first date he can't remember where you work, even though you told him all about it when you met, just remember that size matters ... hippocampus size, that is. Don't take it personally. (Oh, and don't be surprised when, months down the line, he has no clue you've just changed your hair.)

    In other words, don't expect us to remember all the stupid little occasions that you have neatly organized in your little pink agenda!

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    Google`s Android Materializes as T-Mobile`s Dream!

    Yes, you heard that right! Google's long rumoured phone is coming to T-MOBILE! A phone that I will most likely be the first in line to get.

    The FCC has finally cleared(pdf) the gadget for November 10th release.

    Android is not only a mobile phone architecture as many thought, it's actually an architecture that you will soon see in PDAs, MP3 players and set-top-smart-gadgets.

    HTC Dream Google Android from T-Mobile

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    Kodak Moments

    There are many moments in time that are worth preserving. Worth cherishing for a life time. They serve as a beacon of light and hope to keep us going another day. The remind us of better times. Smiles, giggles and happiness that appear to be too surreal sometimes. Appear to be from an alternate reality or a different dimensions for some happy creatures that are beaming with joy.

    That's what Kodak moments are supposed to be at least! Shining points of happiness in our lives!

    Sadly, this is not always the case, and most of these Kodak moments are simply faking a smile when people can barely tolerate each other's very existence!

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    It truly sucks!

    To travel 10,000 miles in one day to take care of a single item of business!

    It sucks to fly ANYTHING related to RJ

    It sucks to pass through Queen Alia Airport!

    It sucks to DEPART Queen Alia Airport!

    It SUCKS to depend on undependable people

    It sucks to TRUST people in the first place!

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    Jaha 101

    So many people appear to be confused about what Jaha means, or entails, so for the benefit of everyone I decided to help demystify this ritual and point out what it means, how it's performed and most importantly WHY it's performed.

    Jaha, is a traditional ceremony where the official request for the lady's hand in Marriage is performed. It represents the first stage of the long journey leading to Marriage. Although, it's not quite the true first step.

    Jaha is there for three main reasons. Publicising the event, Boasting wealth/hospitality/strength and performing the ceremony where both parties become obligated to fulfill their side of the deal, and I will be giving more details about these and more

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    في هذا الزمان

    في هذا الزمان،
    رجال عبروا و يعبرون
    رجال عبروا كوقع خطى
    في صحراء عجّةُ
    و رجال فجّروا في بطون الأرض
    و جوف الصخر

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    Diamond tears!?

    This girl has baffled doctors in Lebanon!

    You gotta watch this!

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