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Ramadaning .. In the air!

    First of all Ramadan Mubark to everyone...

    This year, is special to me. Ramadan, appears to have a special surprise for me! This is the first time, I will end up spending the first day flying!

    Frankly, I'm too excited to feel upset..

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    Previewing: Disaster Movie (2008)

    This movie is not even worthy of a review, but I'm writing this just as a warning.

    THIS MOVIE IS A PIECE OF CRAP! Don't bother watching it. Not now, NOT EVER!

    Worse than, Meet the Spartans, Worse than Superhero movie.. Worst movie EVER!

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    Meeting Roba...

    Roba is an awesome lady, full of life and energy. Every time I used to see her she would be beaming with smiles, and has a little shy-red-cheeks of joy or something! She would be super excited to chitchat, after all, there aren't a lot of Arabs in my town.

    I was excited to take Maioush to introduce her, after all, they're of the same age, she might potentially be a good friends, especially since I considered her a quality person, she comes from my same original hometown Jaffa so, it's natural to introduce my wife to her.

    Only this time, the happy-go-lucky sweet Roba was replaced by someone angry and pissed off! What the heck is wrong with women!?

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    1 down 77,000 to go!

    One of the most interesting things one of my spammers was doing is actually object to the fact that he's a spammer! A feature I added for legitimate users to be able to unblock themselves in case my Qwaider Shield decided it's a bad user.

    The interesting thing is that this guy was going out of his way to spam. I mean really out of his way. The way he kept objecting (and annoying me) lead me to add a new feature to Qwaider shield not previously available. Specifically for people who abuse accessibility features like the ability to object

    178 spam attempts later... the guy just quit!

    Who said you can't stop spam by making them lose hope?

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    With every second that passes, I find myself getting closer and closer to closing one of the most painful chapters in my life. I was talking about this to an Indian colleague of mine today, and he said that in their Indian mythology, people pass through cycles of good and bad. It's just inevitable, the yin and yang, the rotation of Earth. The world is shifting and everything must change

    Maybe I have just crossed the lean years. Maybe I have many years of happiness and prosperity ahead that I shouldn't waste. One thing is certain, as this chapter winds down, a new one is about to be written

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    Why do atheists care?

    It baffles me at time, of how sensitive some of the people who consider themselves atheists, and I really can't even start to imagine why they care what people think of their beliefs?

    Let me, and for the record, state my position on atheism. I'm a believer, but, I respect people's beliefs. If they choose to believe in God, the trinity, Buddha, Satan or nothing at all that's their own decision. I respect it. I don't really care what people believe in. They can be whatever they want to be! That is fine by me!

    In fact, I don't care if someone in my immediate family was atheist, or too religious. It doesn't bother me in anyway. As long as they don't start projecting ideas and concepts that applies only to them in their belief system and no one else.

    Now, I've known atheists since the 80's (yes, I'm an old timer, I know). I've argued with these folks on every aspects of thought. We agreed, we disagreed and we continued to be friends and relatives. Back in the times when Atheism wasn't such a "cool" trend.

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    Religion and moral values

    Why is it that no matter where I turn my head I find people equating religion to ethics? Or lack of! Just people of any faith look at everyone else as being lacking ethics, morals and all values.

    An interesting comment I got by a recent "revert" to Islam, in which she described her life before Islam as being lived "in sin". While I doubt any person can live 100% in sin even if they wanted to, I'm equally shocked by the way some of the teaching were delivered to the trusting, unsuspecting and open to guidance lady.

    Even the prophets themselves didn't claim the honor of cleansing the history of humanity with their message. So home come some people are thinking along those lines!?

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    The relativity of Honor

    Honor, that illusive ethical concept. It appears to have different meanings depending on the culture. Although many agree on honor being related to honesty, trustworthy, respect worthy, purity and integrity, but it does change from culture to culture, from time to time.

    For example, the Japanese culture define honor as closer to integrity. While Middle Eastern cultures have continued to view chastity as an integral part of Honor, one can not exist without the other.

    In the west for example, honor is really something to be proud of. Not necessarily related to chastity any more but closer to honesty. Again a relatively to the kind of culture that exists there.

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    What do you call a photographer without a camera?


    The most stupid mistake you can ever imagine. On the way to a picnic, and you discover that you forgot all your cameras at home. ALL!

    But it was a fantastic day in the wilderness atop the highest mountain in the area :)

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    Your mileage may vary

    Most people force their unsolicited advice down your thought, whether you like it or not. Whether you asked for it, or not. Most will not even stop no matter how much you ask them to. So what do you do? Just shut your mouth and see if certain things might be applicable to your situation. Who knows...

    But even when I try that, I discover that people usually don't know how to give advice. In fact, even when they have the best of intentions they end up giving you advice that is not necessarily applicable in your case. Either because they really don't know. Or because the circumstances have changed. Either way, what ever they say, doesn't mean anything worth it...

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