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You're too good for this!

    It hasn't even been 3 weeks, for some "veteran" ladies to start spraying their unsolicited poison advice. It makes me wonder, what really drives these people?! What is it that gives them joy when they try to make a person feel discontent with what they have?!

    I'm sure you too have faced something similar. Ever bought a car and had someone feel pity for you because the glass is not tinted? Or a house where someone would come and make you feel like crap because the carpets needs changing!? You know what I mean. It's a special breed of people who thrive on nothing more than making you feel like crap about the most wonderful thing that ever happened to you.

    If there is any definition to envy, this is certainly it!

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    Homesick, no more!

    It's so weird, but ever since I got married, one thing have disappeared of my list of feelings. The feeling of homesickness!

    I remember spending nights dreaming of going back to Amman, and days crying of how awesome it used to be back home. I went out of my way to find songs that relate to home, and cried to Aziz Maraqa's "The story" where the guys want to go back to Amman!

    Now, it's no longer there! The stranger part is that I really don't miss that feeling!

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    Previewing: Swing Vote (2008)

    Oh my god, this is the first mature political comedy that will deliver a message where it seriously count!

    Swing vote hits a double home run. A political comedy that really doesn't fail to impress you at every moment. You might even catch yourself crying while marvelling at the excellent acting, excellent direction and the amazing storytelling of what-would-happen and every single person in the world would most likely agree that it most likely to happen

    The simplicity of the story, while it reverberates deeply with all the issues that hit near and deep to the American masses and how many people are witnessing democracy failing them while they try to make ends meet. How there are masses of people who just don't care, how they lost hope and faith that their votes count for something...

    Expect so many faces in addition to Kevin Costner. Even bloggerette and writer Arianna Huffington is on it, Bill Maher and many many others. But the true Star is little Molly (Madeline Carroll)

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    The best ad campaign, EVER![UPDATED]

    Ever wanted to grab something from all across the room without moving from your seat? Ever wanted to know how it feels like to "Use the force" and attract objects to your hands from a distance?

    Well, now the amazing folks at Eureka have created this breakthrough gadget that helps you "snatch items" from all across the room! Check this out! "Snatch it™" It's unbelievable! It's like magic only it's not!

    If you liked that, I'm sure you're going to LOVE other devices and gadgets made in Eureka! Trust me, this is going to make it into a bunch of the Arab news papers very soon!

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    Is technology making us dumber?

    Since the 60's, the latest craze of gadgets that makes people's life easier has been sweeping the world. From pocket calculators to PCs to GPS navigation systems. A million and one gadgets to make things easier. But are we growing too dependent on this technology to a tipping point where we actually end up getting dumber due to the lack of mental challenge and exercise?

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    HELP!!! She threw away the house!


    And the pile is RISING!

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    Locally wanted!

    Let me tell you about a recent experience that I had first, then talk about what is really needed.

    I was in LA, away from home. Only to discover that I have forgotten to bring my Aircard (which is the car I use to connect to the Internet on my laptop). After visiting AT&T store and getting asked to spend almost $299 for a new card.  A small light-bulb appeared on my head.

    I went online, searched Craig's list. (I'll explain about Craig's list in a bit), found someone selling an Aircard for $10, went out, met the guy, did the business. Few minutes later I was happily doing my business!

    The moral of the story is that something that combined the ease of use of online services with local availability of merchandise provide a huge opportunity for business. Without bothering with retail stores and paying MSRP for something you might not care if it was in brand new state or not.

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    Extremist Arabs!

    I gave up, many years ago on finding Arabs in the US that are moderate!

    Now, I KNOW moderates exist! But they're completely overrun by the HUGE masses who appear to gravitate one extreme or the other!

    They're either suffocating me with religion!

    Or completely denouncing anything, and EVERYTHING of value or morality!

    Is there a way out!?

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    The business of getting married!

    Marriage, is just like anything else in this life. It's a partnership that has assets, partners, resources, expenses, rights, obligations, expectations, challenges, competition, ethics, rules, standards, planning, customers and profit. Just like any business out there.

    Although this might not be the most romantic thing to say, especially by newlyweds. These are very serious issues that any successful couple need to address for their relationship to flourish and prosper, neglecting the business side and relying completely on chance and spontaneity will usually result in unexpected situations.

    A recent 15 year study concluded that Married people achieve and have better quality of life than if they had remained single taking all other factors as constants. It also concluded that people who get divorced decline to 77% of the achievement of a single person had they not been married (which is quite significant) considering that the sum of the married couple was greater than two single persons.

    But it all boils down to few very important pillars.

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    Previewing: Pineapple Express (2008)

    Alright,! These folks have SERIOUSLY run out of steam and funny ideas. Whatever they script when they're REALLY high, just doesn't cut it in the real world

    I'll be the first to admit that this movie has it's moments. But for the most part, you have to be high on something to even crack a smile, let alone laugh.

    I'll be short and sweet in this review, promise!

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