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HM King Abdullah II, Doctor of Civil law

    I am so jealous of fellow bloggerette Arima who was invited to the ceremony where King Abdullah received his Doctorate of Civil Law from Oxford University.

    The speech, (echoed through the Huffington Post)


    The speech he gave was one of the best reads about the history of the future of the Middle East, based on the history of events.

    What's really noteworthy is that HM with his calm and composed words have hit the nail on the head on several fronts from the Palestinian-Israeli conflict part and other matters relating to the relationship between Arabs/Muslims and the west.

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    Playing the Terrorism card - Round one

    Right after 9/11, the world changed, the dictionary meaning of the word Terrorism changed. The new dynamics of dialogue changed. People's words are weighed simply by their proximity and affiliations. The closer you are to the Israeli/American side, the farther you are to terrorism.

    Cultures, cross pollinate each other with ideas, fashion, vocabulary and just about everything. Just like the Palestinians gave the Israeli's curse words to enrich their dead Hebrew language and revive it to a modern  national symbol of pride for the Israeli's. They also gave them, the Hummus, Falafel, Couscous, Palestinian Thob, and Jaffa Oranges.

    One thing that the Israeli entity didn't manage to ever assimilate and claim as their own is the Palestinian (and Arabic in general) Kaffiyeh. It became the face of the resistance (or Terrorism for some), Just like the face of Che Guevara and the Red Star became the face of the resistance for some and an icon for leftist ideas for the others.

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    Previewing: Kung Fu Panda (2008)

    This is one of the funniest, cutest movies of this Summer. A delight for children without showing too much violence associated with martial arts in General.

    The quality of the Animation and the amazing flow of motion gives it very high marks, while an all star cast make it even better.

    The story is simple and really really cute, and leaves you with a nice fluffy cuddly feeling afterwards. A must see for families this Summer

    And check out this Amazing widget

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    اتفه من التفاهة

    سألني احد الأخوان (غير المنتمين الى الإخوان ايّاهم) و قال، "قويدر، شو السيرة؟ صارلك فترة عم تكتب اشياء تافهة و شخصية كتير! شو في؟"

    سأرد على الصديق، ببساطة!

    كلّما نشرت شيء اتفه من التفاهة يكون سببه وجع لساني من كثرة العض عليه! لأن "الجمهور" عايز كدة! لأنه ببساطة مطلوب من كل كاتب و كل مدوّن ان يكون بدون ذرة رجولة، و الا "بنعرف شغلنا معه"

    ليس بالجديد طبعا! لكن الجديد استخدام اساليب الضغط الإجتماعية على المدوّنين. شيء لطيف بالفعل! الكلام التافه مطلوب و محبوب و مرغوب... امّا اي شيء خارج عن النص، سترى العيون الحمر من السكر السهر. مع الإحترام لكل سكّير شريف، نطق جواهر في لحظة "زهزهة"

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    The day appears so long, at 6AM

    I made it! Woke up at 6AM (thanks to my faithful Alarm), I was able to plow through my mail, read a ton of blogs and will be getting my coffee ready in a few minutes.

    The day sure feel long enough to finish a bunch of things today, and head out to work early -for a change-

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    Angels in love and demons in hate!

    With extremely very few exceptions, I don't think I ever bad mouthed any "ex". There were cases where I didn't want anything to do with them any more as if they never existed on the face of this planet. But I don't recall consciously bad mouthing them in private or in public...

    However, this is not the case with women, the minute they love, you suddenly become an Angel with absolutely no mistakes. Everything you do is awesome and cute. No matter how horrible you are, it's all forgivable!

    And when they hate, may god have mercy on your soul! They go to the extra mile to make you suffer! Suddenly everything you've done is public domain and no matter how trivial your shortcomings are, they will get amplified and worse exposed to everyone!

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    Midyear resolution!

    I have made my mind! That is it! I will no longer wake up at 9:30 and head out to work at 10:30 or 11:00 AM!

    From now on, I'm waking up at 6AM, come hail, or storm, I'm going to wake up at 6AM!

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    Making your own chicken soup

    This is not about the chicken soup, but rather making your own mainly because there's no one to take care of you. You feel down and sick. You hear the phone ring with distant voices of family and friends wishing you health giving you advice which is all great.

    But there's nothing like having someone to care about you, in sickness and health. But mostly, in sickness!

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    Previewing: Garden Party (2008)

    Very interesting Poster... reads:
    Garden party: Movie about living in Los Angeles; see also Pornography, Marijuana, Rock'n'Roll

    Garden parth, pornography, marijuana and rock'n'roll

    Definitely a must see for people dreaming of the American dream!

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