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Warning: Internet Cafes

    In a country with extreme limited resources like Jordan, the business of Internet Cafes blooms and prospers. In fact, one street in Irbid has the Guinness World Record for having the most Internet cafes in the world.

    Although, this is an impressive record, it has huge issues associated with it. From security, to privacy to malicious attacks directed at the rest of the world due to extremely lax security measure and the extremely low technical abilities of most the Admins who have only recently upgraded from maintaining cell phones to providing services for the public

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    Previewing WALL-E (2008)

    PIXAR studios prove once again that you really don't need to have a huge amount of dialog to convoy a very entertaining message. The movie is just stunning!

    It's a simple story, what will happen if someone forgot to turn the last robot on the face of the planet? How he would spend his days and grow a charming personality.

    The movie is very cute, again, I use the term cute because it gives you that feel good fuzzy feeling inside as it progresses. While remaining light on violence while it remains really entertaining.

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    To forgive is Divine!

    Why can't people forgive? What could someone do to you to hold a grudge against someone for YEARS?

    I remember the good old Arabic movies, "Did someone kill your father"?? How much is too much for forgiveness??

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    What exactly goes through the mind of a guy as he walks down the street with Osama Bin Laden style beard? Especially when they're living in the US!

    Frankly, I don't see any difference between this guy, and the girl who walks down the street in reserved society in Jordan showing off her g-string and bottom back tattoo!

    Both are defying the society, one thinking that he's getting closer to god, and the other is attracting males but also defying the norms in her society.

    Both are wrong!


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    وفاة جورج وسّوف في حادث مروّع

    "باسم الحب الجميل باسم العمر اللي بينا وعشان مليون دليل ما تضيعش اللي بينا"، نداء اوجّهه الى من كان ذات يوم سلطان سلاطين الطرب. و اليوم ينافس عوادم السيّارات في ردائة الصوت! فـ"كلامك يا حبيبي، كلام غير الكلام" و صوتك يا حبيبي اسوأ من النشاز! و من الواضح انّه قد آن الأوان للإعتزال (من عدّة سنين)

    لكن المشكلة لم تعد ردائة الصوت، لكن حتى الكلمات "و اليل في بعدك ليالي"، يعني هل هذا ابعد ما وصل اليه ابداع الكاتب؟ "الليل في بعدك ليالي"؟ لم لم تكن "اليل بعدي عليّة سنة" او "الثانية في بعدك سنة"؟

    رحمة الله عليك يا ابو وديع، و على ايّامك، ايّام الصوت المميز و الأداء الجميل و الطرب الأصيل. و لعنة الله على كل من يروّج صوت "الوزة المزكومة" على انّه طرب!

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    Can you feel the speed!?

    Dear readers!

    I've employed a number of tricks on this blog to enhance the performance (which has not been all that great) but I'm seeing almost 200% increase in performance

    Can you feel it?

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    The annoying brat in the class!

    I've been attending this amazing super expensive training for the past couple of days, rubbing elbows with the smartest people at Google, Amazon, Ebay, Intel and Microsoft. It was such an eye opener class that was so impressive, so amazingly well done and presented by one of the living legends of computer science today!

    But there was this guy, who kept asking questions, adding pointers and three or four people wanted to rise from their seats, walk to him and slap him for all his interruptions!

    Why can't people just shut up during these classes?!

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    The myth of Fast-food!

    There's nothing fast about it! It took me exactly the same amount of time to prepare a steak at home (from scratch) as it takes me to go to a fast-food joint, order, and get my food. It took me less time to cook a steak than it would take to have a Pizza delivered!

    We all love fast food, saturated with Yummy fat, bleached white flower, sugars and tons of sodium! Look these up under the obituary section of your news paper. They are killers. (of course, everything in moderation is OK)

    A single Whopper, is 790Calories! That's almost 4 Steaks! FOUR! FOUR Yummy steaks! Surprisingly, It's costing almost as much as a decent 8oz Top Sirloin steak too! Although, the kind of junk that goes in the making of a burger wouldn't be worth 35c.. But that's how they make their money! From the underdeveloped taste-buds of the taste-challenged young generation!

    And then, it grows as an Addiction

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    Previewing: Wanted 2008

    OH MY GOD! Just when I thought great movies of this Summer will end with  Iron man, along comes Wanted and shatters ALL MY EXPECTATIONS!

    I had goose bumps in this movie, I had so much rush of adrenaline and emotions last when I saw the Matrix! This one is nothing less than exhilarating and breathtaking!

    And I have to say, Angelina Jolie is so freakishly thin, she looks so anorexic it's not even funny or exciting to look at her. She had WAY MORE sexy fat when she did Beowulf

    People, I'm telling you, Fat makes you So sexy! Just don't over do it!

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    Previewing: The love Guru (2008)

    Mike Myers proves again that his style of outrageous comedy is alive and kicking! He doesn't just stop there, he takes it to a totally new level with an Amazing new character that he adds to his long list of -seriously-outrageous- characters. Topping them off with "His holiness" Guru Pitka, bound by a chastity belt and a dilemma of how to love himself

    He seeks out to teach people about love, in a spiritual way, and he just have an answer for anything, and everything that comes your way!

    And for people who don't get the connection between Pizza delivery and Porno, Check what Justin Timberlake! Dang it, even Justin T knows it! You don't need to be a porn Guru to understand it!:wink:

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