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Crackdown on cracks!

    Flint, Michigan follows in the footsteps of Jordanian police in cracking down on males with loose saggy pants showing their, ... ehm .. boxers!

    Just to prove that Jordan is truly first! :)

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    The gold-rush theory

    It doesn't take much for anyone to realize that of all the people who travelled the world in search of gold, only a handful that were actually able to make more than their expenses. In fact, some people travelled the world, sold all their belongings and left their families in pursuit of gold and riches.

    But seriously, Only a handful made anything significant. It came a huge expense they paid. A huge sacrifice. But for the majority, they sacrificed way more than what they got.

    But that's not the first, (or last) time in history where you could see the "Gold rush theory" in action, in all is grotesque glory. Just about every society on the face of the planet, have suffered from it, in one form or another.

    Here are some examples!

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    CIA best friend!

    What do you do when you get word from four independent sources that your best friend works for the CIA?

    It will certainly throw the kitchen sink at your relationship! Then you'll spend few sleepless nights trying to remember!

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    The itsy bitsy spider! NOT!

    I came back home to see this guest on my window....

    Huge Spider

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    Making people happy

    Is a total myth, no one can take responsibility or a commitment on making someone else happy. EVEN If they wanted to. Although, happiness in my book is a transient state, it's not the "ever after" kind. But we tend to oscillate between happiness and misery from time to time, but most of the time, we hover around the gray neutral zone.

    But, it's really troubling when you start thinking that there are people who depend on you as a source of happiness, and consequently, blame you in the case of their misery.

    See, the way they're said is "Your happiness", and "Your sadness". They're yours, you need to own up to them. You're responsible for them. You have well within you the capabilities to turn one to the other. It's all a matter of perception!

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    Previewing: Hancock (2008)

    Just when I thought they can't make anything good this Summer. I was pleasantly surprised again that there was yet another AMAZZZING flick to be seen! This is probably the BEST Summer at the movies in History!

    Will Smith, focusing on being at the #1 spot for the 4th of July weekend ended up in one of the most entertaining movies of this year, and in fact, of all times. Hancock!

    The best part, the previews don't show NOTHING from the main story! I was SOOOOOOOO shocked at the twist of events. So Shocked and excited at the same time that producers are finally getting it. Trailers, should NEVER be a condensed version of the movie! They need to be appetizers! If they become the main course, the whole experience becomes worthless!

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    Hacking 2.0

    WEB 2.0, the amazing wonderfully connected world, with services spanning social networks, social tagging and just about anything useful and social.

    The next generation of Hacking, is exactly like the old generation. Based more on Social engineering than actual programming, and algorithmic might. Possibly even less on finding exploits and vulnerabilities and relying more on the tried and tested, the ultimate form of hacking.

    Again, the buzz words seem to always contain social in them.

    Welcome the wonderful world of Hacking 2.0!

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    Nasty BUG! 5000 lost comments

    Back in October I introduced some new cool features to this blog. Little did I know that I was also introducing a bug that is amazingly difficult to detect. See, if thing work, people tend to not notice that there are issues.

    Things did work. In fact, they worked very well, and I didn't give it a moment's notice!

    Until few days back I was adding a little enhancement that will automatically count the number of comments and their types and stores them. So whenever I query for them, they're already ready. But the numbers simply didn't add up!

    I was counting 38 comments in my new code, but only seeing 12 on the article. It was surreal! At first you will suspect the new code. Of course I must have screwed something up over there. I checked, double and triple checked and the code was just fine!

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    As I look at my wedding invitations...

    I read my father's name ...

    I read my mother's name...

    I read how delighted they are to have the pleasure of inviting people to their only son's wedding

    The sad part ... they're not going to make it

    In fact, not a single soul from my biological family is going to make it! I will be all alone, on my own

    Just as I have been for the past 10 years

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    Top Jordanian start-up looking for top hires!

    The new and Amazing start-up (Wasta Online dot com site is actively seeking new hires for their most ambitious project yet. Wastabook®. A free online matching service that will provide you with a wasta for all your legal needs

    Wastabook® goes beyond the traditional phone call to your favorite corrupt cousin and provides detailed statistics on how good the wasta is, how "heavy" they are at their post, and a historical outlook for their rate of success.

    Wastabook® Will also provide premium service for corporate users with big pocket books to allow them, priority handling, and very "heavy" wasta

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