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Wordpress copies Qwaider!

    Alright, I'm known to adopt things that catch up like wild fires. This time, Wordpress FOLLOWS in my foot steps, sadly, they made such a horrible implementation which may pause some considerable privacy issues.

    Wordpress have decided to enable Identicons. (Similar to the icons you see on my blog instead of people's gravatars).

    Here's why I believe this is such a horrible implementation!

    (Gravatar is owned by Wordpress)

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    No phone day at the office!

    Everything is a celebration here ... I know!

    Today, I had a no phone day, and boy, it feels like crap!

    Now only do my fingers hurt of all the typing, and the HEAVY pounding on the keyboard (instead of yelling on the phone)

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    The answer to life, the universe, and everything is ... 42!

    Nothing new, especially for people familiar with "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". But I have a different reason to think 42 is such a special number.

    Ever wondered what would happen if you dug a tunnel from one side of planet earth, and you dropped inside it. What would happen!?

    Hole through the Earth

    Well, according to some nifty equations that involve gravity inside of a sphere, speed, acceleration it seems that you will emerge from the other side of the planet travelling at the same speed you had when you entered the planet. In other words... 0. Because you started the jump from 0.

    But that's not the impressive part, according to the equation, the time it takes you to travel from one side of the planet to the other side is always equal to the same number. 42 Minutes ... And that's not the end of it!

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    Middle eastern Chinese

    I love to experiment with food, and this last experiment has been so fantastic that I decided I'm going to share it with you.

    Chinese food has it's distinct taste, so does the Middle eastern cousin. Mix the two and you usually don't have something good to eat. But this time it was amazing!

    Just check the results!

    Middle eastern chinese

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    Microsoft, walks away!

    There are very few moments in Microsoft's history where I look at the decisions being made and think, damn, that was smart!

    Today, is one of those -rare- moments.

    After what appears to be marathonic negotiations, Microsoft formally withdrew their offer, while Ballmer declared the new official Policy for Microsoft;

    Ultimately, our goal is to build the industry-leading business in search, online advertising, media, and social networking.

    Apparently, new policy is exactly the same old "rule the world" policy! Maybe they mean it.... this time!

    And Yahoo continues to pimp it!
    Microsoft's Ultimatum to Yahoo, negotiate or else!
    Microsoft - Yahoo deal, predicted development!
    Microsoft - Yahoo deal, my thoughts

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    Cherish the day, the 4th of May

    The long dark night
    Joined by a little star
    Shining so bright
    Tearing through the Dark
    Chasing the night away
    Starting the fourth of May

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    My super-girlfriend!

    Girls ... Stay away!

    Guys ... It's easy and even encouraged to go out with someone prettier than you...

    But what if she was better at something else? Or everything else?!

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    Not Jealous but ...

    Ok .. Jealous!

    How in the world does the guy who didn't even study this field, didn't waste his time getting one degree after another. Scoring one certification after another studying everything along the way .. How come the guy who went to law school and tailed his way out of his poorly achieved bachelors degree end up a big shot manager in one of the largest companies in history!!?

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    Lets Blog about Palestine

    May 15th, has been declared blog about Palestine day...

    Blog about Palestine day

    Memories documented and Qwaider Planet will be observing that date and will supporting this effort which was started by Za3tar.

    Please, Join in

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    Arab Professionalism!?

    So my friend the Imam, who basically leads everyone in prayers. Decided to poach one of my workers. Yes, you heard it right, he stole a worker right under my nose and what do I "the condemned infidel" as some say, do? I decide to let it pass although, I have the law, and the policy on my side and I can do way more than stop the deal..... I can get him fired!

    But I just won't do that...

    That's the tip of the iceberg!

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