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How right can actually be wrong

    20 years after the incident and I'm still feeling guilty about what I did. I was trying to be a good noodle. Turned out, being a good "citizen" isn't always guilt free!

    I used to go to this private summer swimming club. It used to be a challenge to get into because of the demand and all. Besides everyone needs to be a member, go through health and "gender check" examination. Which was the weirdest thing ever to go through for young boys. But I guess they wanted to make sure everyone was male enough to join the club

    One day, a kid from my school shows up for the first time. I was naturally surprised to see him... How was he able to get there?

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    Qwaider Movies Beta goes live!

    Remember Qwaider movie widget? Well, now that is being driven by a more elaborate site that has just gone beta. You can check it out here: Qwaider Movies

    But you have to realize this is still beta. It's 100% functional but it's still far from finished

    Qwaider movies will help you pick a movie based on a number of factors. You can select movies that are Kid Safe if you're looking to take your kids to the movies. You can sort by genre. Or if you are looking for a sobbing Chick Flicks you can sort by that.

    You have a choice of

    1. Office Safe
      (Politically correct or sans controversies so that office mates can enjoy a movie without offending anyone)
    2. Date safe
      (if you're trying to take your date to a movie that is not going to ruin your chances of having a second date)
    3. Geeks also have thier say
      (in case your significant other is interested in giving you a treat and sacrifice the night for you to have some fun
    4. ChickFlick
      For the ladies to enjoy and for the dudes to suffer
    5. Kid Safe
      In case someone wants to pick a movie for the kids. But it doesn't mean that it's only suitable for kids

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    On scratching heads!

    Why is it when someone is so busy scratching one's own head becomes such a luxury that they can't really afford!!?

    Is it possible to hire people for the sole purpose of scratching heads?

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    Ten things you just can't blog about!

    I was watching an episode of The Big Bang theory. One of the funniest shows on TV these days. When Penny, the hot sexy neighbor is furious at her boyfriend who has talked about their sex life on his blog. Soon enough, her sister, her mother, and the rest of the people she worked with took notice of her boyfriend's blog and she felt more exposed by that blog than that time she was at Subway.

    Even though it's common sense for many, I still see the same mistake day in day out on people's blogs. It seems it's not that simple after all

    So here's a list of things that really should not be blogged about

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    The [un]real 40 year old virgin!

    You know, it doesn't really matter how nice people appear to be at first glance. A few little conversations later and you can sure find a lot more about them.

    I found myself saying "backward" to someone I only recently met. Just when I heard the interesting word, "She has to be Veiled"

    Now, before anyone claims that I'm against veil, I just want to reassure everyone that I am not with or against, I'm with women making thier own mind about this. So leave me out of it!

    What captured my attention is the notice that "if she's veiled, then she's decent and honorable" and that kind of means that the rest are not!

    What made me burst in frustration was the 40 year old virgin that was saying these words!

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    H-a-c-k-e-r Friendly

    It's funny how every time I write about Palestine, I get a slew of hack attempts ranging from the most primitive to the most complicated scary ones. I won't get into much details, but I've been noticing a huge amount of unnatural activity.

    And, I only occasionally write about Palestine, I wonder the kind of hell bloggers like Sabbah go through to maintain their blogs and their sanity safe against such odds!

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    YAY, it's the weekend, and last minute BBQ

    Just got off the phone with one of my good married friends, and it's BBQ night!!


    I'm so excited on so many different levels today. Certain things I didn't think will work out, WORKED OUT, and next week I will be doing things with them!

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    The hardest part of your new Job!

    I was interviewing someone for a very challenging position. After someone stole my previous employee. We haven't been able to hire anyone from the pool of candidates we got. This time was no exception.

    Anyway, the nice candidate started talking about his projects. The great things he's done, during his fellowship and teaching assistant jobs. The papers he published and so on.

    I know deep inside the job is much simpler than that! But it does require a specific analytical mind set! He didn't have that in specific. Then I thought to myself, the hardest part of this Job is actually the interview!

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    [Blog About Palestine] Palestine, the bloody tearful eye of the nation

    A lot has been said, and will be said, about the most painful gem in the history of world. No single peace of land has been more contested in History. It' even proven that the very same land of Palestine was the same spot where two human species fought for the first time. The Neanderthals and the Cromagnons over 40,000 years ago.

    The bloodshed has not stopped since then...

    Blog about Palestine day

    We are Still here! And we will never forget...
    Blog about Palestine Day يوم التدوين عن فلسطين

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    Tomorrow is the big day ... Lets light this candle!

    Tomorrow, is Blog About Palestine day. A day to remember. A day to share, a day when you dedicate a fraction of your online existence to a worthy cause. The cause of Millions. Millions who have been and continue to be living under the oppression. Or in exile from their historical roots.

    For ever uprooted Soul in the world, this is a day, where you look at the aching heart of the middle east. The root of all conflicts, and share the world with few words, or even a sigh.

    Tomorrow is just another day. Let us light a candle, and shake the foundation of the whole Internet...

    Blog about Palestine day

    We are Still here! And we will never forget...
    Blog about Palestine Day يوم التدوين عن فلسطين

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