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Heaven can wait - buckle up!

    I remember how people used to make fun of me when I used to always buckle up back in Jordan. Even when I was riding with a Taxi driver. They would look at me with puzzled eyes and exclaim. I would find an excuse always.

    The real reason was that it became a civilized habit for me. I just couldn't ride in a car without buckling up since the early 1990's

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    Key to lady's happiness!

    My good and very experienced friend just gave me what might be the advice of a lifetime...

    He claims it works with all women and if you're thinking having a great time with any special lady out there. This is the tip for you...

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    Dang Summer flu!

    It's officially a trend with me, I only get the flu at the beginning of the Summer. I'm just so glad I didn't get it last week when I was enjoying few days of vacation!

    What's up with this Summer flu? Why does it pick the most awkward of times to strike!? Maybe my flu shot has worn out? I don't know, what I do know is that I'm sneezing pieces of my brains out every few minutes... and it's ain't good!

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    Previewing: You don't mess with the Zohan (2008)

    I don't recall I was ever more offended than while watching this movie. As an Arab, as a Palestinian, as a human! It was so offensive I just couldn't stomach parts of it!

    And just for the record HUMMUS is something ARABIC not ISRAELI! So put that to rest will you!!?

    Zohan and Palestinian hot chick

    Now with that said, this is one hell of a damn hilarious movie, you will laugh your pipi off! But for an Arab, these are not free laughs. They come with a TON of guilt.

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    Men suffer from it too!

    My friend Ammar is starting the first steps towards getting married. He's been in a relationship with a wonderful lady and decided to tie the knot.

    Piece of cake .. he's the man, right? .....


    Apparently it's much harder than that, no wonder I'm so afraid of marriage!

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    If you think it's a easy Job, think again!

    Yesterday, owner and cufrator of the wonderful site Dwwen, Tareq Abu Zeid, declared that the very esteemed blog aggregator site is going to be shut down due to financial and resource burdens.

    This is not the first time someone throws the towel on the blog aggregating business. Before Tareq, there was Khaled who created Jordan Blogs, and after the amount of pressure escalated through the roof opted to retire, not only from aggregators but from the whole blogging scene (although, he does grace this blog with visits from time to time)

    Even before Khaled, there was Issam, the amazing guy who was behind Jordan Planet(RIP), and again the taxing nature of this kind of business forced Jordan planet to be put to sleep at the peak of it's popularity.

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    Crazy women: #7 Travel

    Alright, due to popular demand and popular protest I will start with a disclaimer...

    Not all women are crazy, and not all women are like the examples I provide. In fact, the majority are fantastic and nice, but who wants to hear about the boring majority?

    Since I just came back from a fantastic trip to an amazing destination, I got the chance to revive my feelings and observations regarding crazy women during travel ... here's the list

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    Batman vs Wolverine

    Is this going to be a smash hit sequel for X-Men and Batman? Check out this exclusive photo taken by my own paparazzi lens

    batman vs wolverine

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    Yamli celebrates Jordan's independence

    Yamli by Language Analytics are showing their support for Arab celebrations and occasions by using an amazing new logo customized specifically to celebrate Jordan's 62nd independence day

    Yamli Jordan

    As a Jordanian, I am so proud of the amazing recognition and support and thank the whole team of the amazing "Best of the web" award winning geniuses behind Yamli

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    Congratulations, Qwaider lost

    Yes, Mohammad Qwaider, the contender in Star Academy hit show has lost. I couldn't be happier or prouder of him. For a bunch of reasons, the most important one of them is that he really achieved a very advance position, but that's not all.

    In recent years, it became apparent that Jordanian singer are forcing their presence on the hostile media landscape around the middle east. Which has been monopolized by certain singers for so long that people almost forgot places like Jordan might in fact, have hidden talent.

    I for one, predict an Amazing success for Mohammad Qwaider. This loss is probably the best thing that happened to him in his career. If I was him, I don't want people to remember me as the guy who succeeded because of Star Academy or Superstar, but the guy who succeeded despite their results. Even if the current result are a blow to Jordanian culture and music.

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