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The greatest assets of any nation

    Some nations are rich with minerals, oil, gold and agriculture. All of these are great assets but that's not the end of it. Many have already claimed humans as the biggest asset of any nation. Including the late King Hussain, but he didn't mention which kind of humans that are the greatest assets.

    Just like mining diamond, to get to the final product, the polished diamond you need to cut off all the impurities and polish away until you get to the diamond inside. Therefore when we say humans, we need to get in more specific. The greatest asset of any nation on the face of this planet is the women.

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    Perspective distortion

    Just about any leader, of any community, be it small or large. Suffers from on form of reality distortion or perspective distortion. This is massively affected by the influenced by the growth of additional senses. Senses that don't rely on direct contact with materials such as touching, hearing but rather depend on the perspective of others around them.

    I picked leaders because it's very clear when they suffer from this distortion in perspective, where they think they're in touch with the feelings of the people when they actually very far from the people and worse, feeling nothing of the people's suffering.

    But this is not limited to leaders. In fact, almost every couple in the world suffer from it. A man and a woman, a man completely distorting the way the woman reacts to the surroundings to the point that she loses proper sensing and starts believing that she's much larger than she really is. Again, it's not restricted to women, but it's more visible in women.

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    PrePreview talk: The forbidden kingdom (2008)

    I am expecting a lot of this movie, I think it's going to be easily the movie of the year. Check out my first impressions, and play this awesome little guitar-hero-style game :)

    Isn't this trailer awesome or what!!?

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    Dear stalkers, thank you

    Recently, many of my good friends have been suffering from a growing trend among blog owners. Stalkers, or lets say, persistent addicts.

    For me, I would like to thank each and every single one of my Stalkers, and hope to provide them with more of what they're seeking.

    (Updated with Top 50)

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    The changing field

    I remember clearly, when not a single guy at school had a single gray hair. I remember when everyone had a full head of hair and everyone talked about hair products that curl, shine and provides wet-looks. I remember the rumours associated with hair gel, I remember how everyone was proud of an amazing hairdo that was their signature. I look back at those and laugh so hard as the pictures say a completely other story.

    One thing is certain in many things I've witnessed, change! Nothing stays the same, things move forward, backward and sometimes sideways, but everything changes... everything!

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    Slash, No Dr Pepper for you!

    Slash, one of the greatest guitar soloists in the world has been denied a free Dr Pepper by the Dr Pepper soda company which pledged to donate a Dr Pepper can to every American if Axl Rose (yes the Guns'N'Roses guy who was raising the kids in the eighties along with Madonna) released his long awaited album!

    One time for old times sake, this is one of the best songs and video clips of old times with Axl and Slash, jamming it to the max! I've not seen a single video clip to top this one.

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    This time, it's WHO against Israel

    The World health organization has lashed out at Israel for the conditions in Gaza. (Remember that place? Gaza?) Even the WHO has found Israel guilty of denying or delaying permits for the critically ill saying that "The right to health appeared to be optional for Palestinians."

    That's not the end of the story, under the weight of the Israeli war machine, the crumbling health system in Gaza is faced with ever growing challenges and difficulties, from obtaining simple supplies to maintaining the power on.

    The sad part? Dozens have lost their lives to this back-door-genocide

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    Do you know this song?

    Listen to this...

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