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البحث عن اسراء الأردنية

    سؤال و راودني .. كم سيستغرق البحث عن اسراء اردنية على شاكلة اسراء عبد الفتّاح المصرية؟

    الطريق اصبح معروفا لأجهزة الأمن، تسجييل حساب في فيس بوك و البحث عن منظّمي اضراب الفقراء في الأردن!

    ابكي احيانا عندما اشعر ان بنت كإسراء، ارجل من كذا مليون عربي بشنبات، استوطن الخنوع عقول اشجعهم! صحيح انا في الخارج، لا يجوز لي حتى الشعور مع ابناء بلدي يئنّون تحت وطأة الغلاء، و انعدام الشفافية و ضيق ذات اليد و قلة الحيلة...

    لكنّي اعجب اكثر من ثلة الطابور الخامس، من يحكمون على كل شيء بالفشل حتى قبل ولادته.. شخصيّات تثير الغثيان!

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    No one will know

    If you were in a -satisfactory- relationship, then the person of your dreams materialized right in front of you. The person you fantasized most about, and you had the chance to do whatever you want with that person

    No body will know, no one will get hurt, just you, and that one person away from the whole universe ..


    Would you do it?

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    Yes, I am proud to be Jordanian

    The lows that people stoop to these days!

    I'm just really in so much shock from some of my "friends".

    Everyone know, I'm Jordanian, from a Palestinian origin. I love both, I am both, I can't prefer one to the other. They're both in my bloodstream, they define me. They have my allegiance. Both. Just like the human heart has 4 sections, and we have two eyes. Do you prefer your right eye to your left eye!!?

    My "friend" had the audacity to mock the flag I had in my car...

    Jordanian car flag
    This is the same flag. I had it in my car in Amman.

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    Nothing wrong with Judging!

    People, stop being such babies. OK? Don't use arguments like "Judging" EVER! Don't cry "Don't judge me" to anyone. Grow up!

    Judging is what we do as humans. We are all in a continuous process of JUDGING everything and everyone around us. This is the quintessential human skill that has helped humans become the dominant species on the face of this planet. It's what keeps us safe, because we JUDGE. It's the base of the legal and justice system JUDGIN! Your best friend!

    Here's what's wrong, and SHOULD NEVER be practiced, Prejudging, or prejudice. That's what's WRONG, and that's what people should say when they don't want people to judge them.

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    Love in the Year of the Tiger (虎年之恋)

    I couldn't rest my head to sleep, without talking about Jacek Bromski's master piece, "Love in the year of the Tiger" a Polish/Chinese story about a young Polish Siberia prisoner who escapes the horrors of Siberia across to Manchuria where he finds family, compassion and most oddly Love.

    I found the first 10 minutes on Youtube, so I'll share it instead of the trailer

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    Crazy women: #2 Insecurity

    It doesn't matter if the woman is smart or dumb, pretty or ugly, thin or fat, tall or short, married or single, rich or poor, educated or ignorant. It just doesn't matter, there will always be something that makes a woman insecure

    I'm not venturing too far into generalization when I say that for every woman, there's at least one insecurity

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    Crazy women: #1 Challenge

    Women are nuts. The majority of them at least. Somehow, drawn like a moth to the flame to guy who's already in a relationship.

    boyfriend stealer

    Then they turn around and say, what the hell was I thinking!

    Well, you're CRAZY, that's what's wrong!

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    NO! I'm not selling!

    I got a sleazy phone call at 3AM last night from the most pushy, real estate agent in the universe, calling me all the way from Jordan as he expresses interest in buying a piece of property that I own!

    My Land

    NOTHING I SAID would get this dude off the phone! I mean, I TRIED EVERYTHING although, I still was trying to be as nice as I can because, well, I hate to be rude on the phone with someone half the way across the world!

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    The Husband's Bill of Rights

    This is pretty hilarious


    We, the husbands of America, do not claim to be perfect. We're far from it. While we love being married to the wives of America, we have a few things that we'd like to straighten out. We're not asking for the world here. We understand that things like following our college football team to every away game is out of the question, as are after-dinner cigars. However; there are a few minor things that we'd like to clear up to make our marriage a happy one.

    By Craig Playstead of Msn Lifestyle..

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    Wife's bill of rights

    I found this so funny

    We, the wives of America, love being married to the husbands of America. We know we have our faults, but with our ever-morphing roles these days, there's a lot of pressure on us to be superhuman. We care for our families, manage the home, keep ourselves attractive, and even bring home our shares of the bacon. We know we sometimes lash out, but we really do want to "live happily ever after" with you. Our mutual acknowledgement of these amendments can go a long way toward achieving that.

    By Jill Adler, on MSN lifestyle

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